Jewellery: Long neck? Lucky you!

OK, here's the follow on from the previous thread. In the last post we talked about how no neck = no necklace (in most cases).

Today, we are talking about those who are blessed with a lovely long neck.
If you are lucky enough to have a long giraffe-like neck, then you can really make a bold statement with your neck- wear

Long necks look weak if circled by a thin choker, whereas these work perfectly for our no-neck friends. Women with long necks can carry off something much grander and over the top (without looking over the top). Just don't wear all your statement pieces together i.e big earrings, statement necklace etc, otherwise you will start looking like a walking Christmas tree!

A long neck coming out of a round neck top looks fabulous with a big chunky necklace at the collarbone.

Flat chests are also wonderful boards on which to rest a huge show-stopping piece that can reach as low as your belly button.

However, don't get too bold and wear lots of gold chains together; unless you are a rap star!

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  1. Vanessa! Thanks for finding me in the big old blogosphere and commenting on my jealousy post. It is true-it can be hard to create genuine friendships when you feel that the other person is more concerned with what you do/don't have to offer than who you are as a person.

    I love statement necklaces! Growing up I was called exactly that-giraffe neck. It's funny how often what you were made fun of as a child turns into a great asset when you're an adult. LOL. I agree with everything you said here. Like you, I firmly believe that it is best to steer clear of wearig the contents of one's jewelry box at one time. ;)

    I'm now following your blog!



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