My Favorite Shop in the World (cont'd) !

OK, so in my last post I said I would give you some trivia and tit-bits about my favorite shop in the WHOLE world-Selfridges.
I used to pop in at least three times a week when I lived in London, and now I miss it like crazy. It's so true when they say you don't know what you've got until it's gone!!!I'm sure that phrase wasn't intended for a shop, but never mind.

OK here goes:

*Selfridges opened the world's first ground floor beauty department in 1910. Today, it has the biggest Beauty Hall in the world and sells 7,700 lipsticks, 2,800 mascaras and 1,000 nail polishes every week.Can you believe it is the biggest beauty hall in the world? God, how many times I walked up and down it not being able to find what I wanted. Now I know why?

*In 2007, Hermes created two exclusive Birkin bags in the Selfridges yellow - Pantone 109. More than 1,000 people tried to buy them!

* Years later, the British movie hit, Love Actually, included scenes filmed in the Oxford Street store in 2003.

* By 1966, 'Swinging London' was in the midst of its own youth revolution. Girls wanted short skirts and long false eyelashes - and Selfridges obliged by opening their own in-store boutique, 'Miss Selfridge'. I had no idea Miss Selfidge opened so long ago.

*The store's external décor to celebrate the Coronation of King George V1 in 1937 was said to be the most opulent for any building in Europe. It was certainly the most expensive with a budget of £50,000, which would be £1,250,000 today

*In April 2005, 77 Elvis Presley impersonators sang 'Viva Las Vegas' as part of the store's Vegas Supernova event - earning themselves a place in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most Elvis impersonators gathered in one place.

There you have it, some tit-bits about my favorite shop.
What's your fav shop/shopping experience (because shopping in Selfridges really is an experience!)

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  1. Love all of your tidbits that you give us about so many things!!!

    Never been to Selfridges but it sounds fabulous. I have so many times sorely missed something that I used to be able to go to because it closed or even a destination that I've travelled to and can't drop in to visit on a whim and now when I find something I really love it's always met with "I hope they're always there for me!!" I sometimes even snap pictures of favorite places no matter how simple they are because of that reason.

  2. Wow that is SO interesting! I LOVE Selfridges, too, LOVE!

  3. Oh I just love Selfridges! I always go when I visit London :)

  4. Lots of "lovers" of Selfridges I see. Pleased my obsession wasn't just a problem for me!
    @Sandy-As you have never been, I will buy you a token something when I go in December and post it to you. So you can proudly say you belong to the "club" too. I won't forget!

  5. Oh, hell! (Oops, heck!) Now I want to go to Selfridges! More to the 'piggy bank' for me.

  6. @Bodeci- Wouldn't it be great if we could have done a group excursion together (for research purposes of course!)

    I know many who people prefer Harrods. When I was a little girl and my mum used to "drag" me around Harrods, it was very different. It really had that "old money charm" that many places have. Now, I find it a little tacky. Apart from their Food Hall which I've never seen anything like it in my life. But in general, I much prefer Selfridges.

  7. On my sole trip to London almost ten years ago I couldn't wait to visit the big department stores. In Selfridges I was very restrained (the NZ Dollar to the English pound helped that) and stared (not too openly) at the 400 pound price tag on a flimsy Dior top. My total purchases were two tiny tins of Bag Balm, and I think it's American! I did like Harrods too, but what would I know, I was only a tourist.

  8. Hi Fiona, thank you for popping by.

    Ten years ago Selfridges was deemed quite exclusive, but now I think your money would stretch to much more. Would love to take you around and show you all the "secret corners!"

  9. That is so intersting:)
    I aslo love Selfridges:)
    Have a wonderful day my dear
    See you soon

  10. Thank you Diana for popping by; stay in touch.

    @Bodeci-Yaaaaay to consumer research!!!


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