Luxuria Facebook Competition!

OK friends up for grabs are these GORGEOUS Swarovski crystal earrings by Dutch designer Mieke. These are just perfect for the forthcoming party season and are in a beautiful gun-metal grey (Night Shade is the name!).
Can't you just imagine these dangling from your ears this Christmas or New Years Eve?

OK, all you have to do is go to our Fan page on Facebook and:
i) become a Fan (and leave a comment saying you are a new Fan).To become a Fan now all you have to do is click the "Like" button on our Page, or
ii) if you are already a Fan get your friends to become fans.
We need to reach 250 Fans on our Page by 23 November for a name to be drawn for the prize. If we don't reach 250 by this date, the earrings will be mine (and I know you prefer to have them dangling from your earlobes). We already have 99 Fans so we are nearly there; not many more to go.

So good luck and I hope I have the pleasure of sending the earrings to one of my faithful blog followers.


  1. Hi sweetness ... unfair of me to enter THIS competition, since I already have beauties dangling from my ears from you, but I am a facebook fan and will see what I can do to bring more your way!!! Hope your week is going beautifully, Vanessa, doll. xoxo

  2. Hi Sandy! No darling, feel free to enter. You have every right as a FB Fan as anybody else. If you are lucky enough to win again-so be it!

  3. Hi Vanessa,

    I wish you well with your competition - the earrings are beautiful. I am not a Facebook member however so I won't be entering.


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