Gorgeous Gualy

We are so pleased to welcome Gualy brand to our boutique(especially as we have on-line exclusivity).

Gualy is a European jewellery design brand (originally from Portugal) and recognized for its unusual jewellery designs, full of meaning and emotions. Each of Gualy’s unusual jewellery designs goes beyond beautiful contemporary forms and possesses an inherent meaning; products have names such as Simplicity, Lust, Freedom, Care, Belong, Happiness etc revealing a strong attachment towards the roles of women in our society. Their aim is to let women express themselves through jewellery design not driven by fashion, but rather by emotional concepts.

These earrings are minimalist on detail but absolutely gorgeous in form.It's obvious why the name of these earrings are Simplicity

The beauty is in this ring's Simplicity

Gorgeous ring enhanced with orange Topaz, Smokey Quartz and Citrine.Matching earrings also available

Freedom Passion ring

Freedom Sky ring
This ring comes in a multitude of finishes.

There's a reason why this ring is called Lust

This is just a small sneak at some of the lovely items that are now showcased in our boutique.
We are offering a special introductory discount of 20% on all Gualy products. This offer ends on Sunday 8 May.

Would love to hear your views/opinions on these pieces.


  1. Such lovely modern sculptural pieces.
    Just ordered the black swimmie!

  2. Oh! I have never heard of this designer before. So intriguing - I'm in love. Off to check out more pieces!

  3. OMGoodness, I love Lust! So beautiful, seductively curving with the lovely cluster of jewels on top like a cherry on the most delicious of sundaes ... delicious, Vanessa! xoxo Have a wonderful week, sweetie-pie!

  4. Thank you friends for your lovely comments. Yes, these pieces are like architectural, ergonomic delights!
    @Tabitha-you will look divine in that black swimmie. With my hips it looks like my swimmie already has frills, when it doesn't!!
    @Sandy-Lust is beautiful isn't it. But my fav is Simplicity


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