I'm Sure You Don't Agree (or maybe you do!)

I've always loved Christie Brinkley.

London-Summer 2011

London-Summer 2011

I was so excited to be seeing her in the London showing of Chicago when I returned to the UK for my hols (read previous post as to why it didn't happen).Her body and beauty is quite mystifying. Maybe she has had plastic surgery (I really can't tell), but if she has she must have one of the best surgeons in the world!

Chicago-London 2011

However, I read a magazine interview of hers this weekend, and was surprised to see her say,
"I try to read my news in the paper because online can lead you into the blogosphere, which can be one of the ugliest places in the world".

She's obviously talking about some of the hurtful things she read when she went through her last, very acrimonious divorce. But I am sure if you are reading this post you far from believe that the blogsophere is one of the ugliest places.

I would love to hear from you about:

*why you started blogging
*how (if at all) blogging has changed you in any small way
*what has surprised you most about blogging
* any observations you have about blogging

Please feel free to leave a link to your own blog with your comment, as a way of spreading the "blog love".

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  1. Can't seem to get my picture labels/titles under the picture. Any help would be appreciated x

  2. I think when celebrities refer to the blogosphere, they immediately think of gossip sites like Perez Hilton where they stand to be criticized and ridiculed. If they got around to some of our "amateur" sites, written by people who blog as a creative outlet, they may change their tune as most blogs I've come across are overwhelmingly positive. That's one of the things i LIKE about blogging--how supportive and kind the community tends to be!

  3. She looks amazing but i think she's a bit too thin and I'm sure she's nipped and tucked to the hilt, no one has a jawline like that after 45!

    Blogging, well...
    1. I started because I was in the depths of misery and it gave me a focus, even if I cried the rest of the day, I had to knock out a blog post. No full time job and no kids - so nothing to motivate me!

    2. It has show me that I have more discipline and focus than I ever thought I had.

    3. The comfort I get from "belonging" and participating within our online niche.

    4. Hmm, it's harder than it looks!

  4. I think she was most likely talking about negative celebrity blogging. It can be a really vicious world to be in. Here are my answers...:)

    1 - I started my blog as I was planning my wedding. It was a creative outlet for me.

    2 - It has changed me in so many ways! Maybe not completely change...more like helped me evolve. I'm happier and more inspired than ever. Also I'm more disciplined than ever :)

    3 - I never realized what an amazing community the blogosphere could be. I've made so many new friends and it's enriched my life in so many ways!

  5. Blogging has been a safe, healing, and enriching experience for me. I entered this world during the darkest moments of my life, and the friendships I have forged here have saved and strengthened me in more ways than I can count. I'm so glad you have found it beautiful too. :-)

  6. If surgery could make me look like Christie at her age (or any age) I'd certainly consider it ;)

    To answer your questions...

    1. I started blogging (very recently) because I wanted to find a way to make myself accountable. I need to lose weight, reduce our debts and also try to plan a wedding. I didn't really think that anyone would read my blog in all honesty, I suppose for me it started out as an online diary of sorts. I hoped that it would just keep me on track if I had to record how things were progressing.

    2. Blogging has been full of surprises for me! The biggest surprise thus far has been the fact that people actually DO read my blog and each and every one of them has been SO warm and supportive and encouraging! It still amazes me when I see people commenting on my blog and sharing their thoughts with me. I never realised how much anonymous kindness and friendship could be found via a little blog. It has also worked in the sense of making me feel accountable. Now I feel accountable not only to myself, but to the people who have offered me encouragement also :)

    3. My biggest surprise is along the same lines as the comments above.

    Coupled with this though, I would say that it's been a surprise to me to see just how "interactive" the blogging world is. For probably 18 months now I've had a number of blogs bookmarked on my computer (I didn't know how to "follow") and would regularly read them. It was like reading magazines to me. I never even looked at the comments sections because I didn't know how to post comments. Now I see that the posts themselves really are almost secondary to the wonderful little communities that blogs become for like-minded people. It's fantastic and now I totally understand the purpose of blogging, way beyond sharing recipes, outfits or stories.

    4. I'm only very new to this. My biggest observation thus far though is how blogging really does sort of seem like real life - amplified. I'm a big believer that for the most part you will "get what you give". Some of the lovely bloggers out there who are so thoughtful and generous of spirit really do seem to inspire that in return from their readers. I realise there are some bad eggs out there too, but they certainly seem to be in the minority.

  7. Like most of the commenters, I started blogging as a creative outlet. None of my girlfriends were interested in living a "chic", European-influenced life as an American, and blogging has been an arena where I can declare, "This is how I live the life to which I aspire!"

    The most surprising thing for me is discovering my voice - I didn't know I could articulate the whirring thoughts in my head. And I'm still growing as a writer, but I'm even more humbled by the photography skills of the people whose blogs I follow.

    The other delightfully surprising aspect to blogging has been the real, genuine, fun, thoughtful people I have "met". That cyber veil allows us to express friendly feelings to people we may never meet in person, and yet those feelings of friendship, commraderie, and joy are just as real (and sometimes better - which is a little sad) than many of the relationships I have with people with whom I interact three-dimensionally.

    How has blogging changed me...In a weird way, I feel more accountable to live the life I profess to live.

  8. She has SO had surgery, plenty of it!! She looks great...BUT I do find it odd when women want to look younger than their own children. She looks like a bimbo quite honestly very 80s,, when with her figure she could pull off "chic" so easily.

    Like someone else has said, I think that she probably sites/blogs like Perez Hilton in mind - she didn't come out of her most recent divorce exactly smelling of roses & I've heard she's not the nicest person in the world. Not sure why she is blaming blogs tho!!

    To answer your questions:
    I started blogging after a US friend wrote a blog & I liked the idea of it. I had no idea what I would write about tho!

    I think that blogging has brought out a side of me that was probably there but just hidden away somewhere! It's given me a place to put together all my loves & interests and somewhere to articulate it all. It's brought out a creativity that I definitely didn't think I had. It's given me a voice for sure & also through it I've some great new experiences & opportunities - never thought I'd be at London Fashion Week!

    I have found people so supportive in the blog-world. My only surprise is maybe how much I have enjoyed it all & how much a part of my life it has become.

    I try to behave in blogging as I would in my everyday life...be honest, be supportive, be nice.

    Great post honey, hope you are enjoying your hols! X

  9. Have you mastered mind-reading, honey? I´ve been thinking about these questions for some time, and now you´ve inspired my latest post!

    Blogging has made my life much more fun, interesting and beautiful. It inspired me to set off on the journey towards the happiness and self-confidence. It´s made me discover so many new and interesting people and blogs (like yours). And most of all, it´s made me take little steps outside my comfort zone.

    Happy Tuesday sweetie!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  10. The "blogosphere" that I know is nothing but fabulous, full of creative, beautiful, smart, passionate, kind people. BUT, I think I knot what she's talking about. Most of the time when I'm reading new articles online I am beyond horrified to read the comments below. There are cruel people out there with nothing better to do I suppose. I don't blame her for reaching for the paper. She should spend more time on my side of the blogosphere :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  11. Dear friends, great reading all your comments. It seems that we all feel very similar things about blogging and our blogging experiences; it all came to us at an important time, we all feel accountable, we have been over-whelmed by the "blog love" we have experienced, we didn't realise how disciplined you have to be to blog.....
    @Simone-loving your holiday series, getting to know some of your friends.The questions are brilliant! How's the hols?
    @ThatGirlinPearls-welcome to my humble blog. Hope you won't be a stranger ;-)

  12. Not entirely sure what i have to say about Ms. Brinkley, but i couldn't care less for her remark.
    I was reading so many design/interiors and food blogs around the time when I had just moved to Greece. I also found there was a lack of ex-pat style blogs - but clearly I've discovered so many amazing ones over the past year who have shared the same journey as myself!

    I love the blogging community and blogger buddies i've come to know well.
    My blog has definitely changed from the beginning as i tend to use it as a creative outlet or for sharing hot news and info, be it fashion, art, photography love or even food love!

  13. Hmm, let me think about this one for a moment. Two of my friends who live quite a distance away began blogging and I loved reading their posts. After sometime, I couldn't help myself but to try it out, if for nothing else but curiosity. Now that I blog, I'm addicted to reading everyone elses! I love that there are no rules and so it allows for a creative outlet. It's so rewarding when your own blog inspires you to do something new. Someone else mentioned it above, that blogging is harder than it looks. Agreed! I definitely wish I had paid more attention in my graphic design classes!


  14. Welcome Rosy! Thank you for your comments x

  15. Hi Vanessa, I've been a fan of Christie since the 80s. I admire the way she's never let herself go. Even if she's had work, I bet she leads a healthy life. She is an inspiration to me!

    I was a blog reader only for many years, and like another commenter found they were like magazines tailored to me. I also loved having a nosy look into other peoples lives. Once or twice I've even dreamed I've flown to another country to meet them!

    I started my blog just for me. I decided to try and write a blog that I would like to read. Meeting many other like-minded souls was such a bonus. And you really can get a feeling for people through their blogs and emails. I love the creativity of writing too.



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