A Weekend of Improvisation.

This week was a very sad and disappointing week for me. The riots in the UK were startling to say the least. I feet so sad and embarrassed to say I am British. Here in Spain, as a country, they look up to anything that represents the UK. And I've always felt really patriotic . However after recent events I just wanted to hide under the biggest stone as videos of the anarchy were zoomed at lightening speed all over the world.

I'm tired of hearing people saying the riots were caused by dis-enfranchised youths. It wasn't! Teachers, a millionaires daughter, a postman, a care worker were amongst those involved. That just makes things more frightening and despairing for me.

I was also due to fly to the UK for my summer break, and with the situation at it's worse on the day I was due to fly, I decided to cancel everything.

I have no right to complain just because my holiday was cancelled, especially when I think of the people who lost homes, businesses and family in the fires started during the anarchy.

So instead of being with family and friends as was planned for this weekend, it's a weekend of improvisation.Life is all about adapting, so I'm just grateful I can still have a wonderful weekend without getting on a plane.

This is how I plan to spend some days; relaxing and reflecting.

What about you? What plans do you have?


  1. Sorry to hear about all the rioting, I saw a lot of the footage on the news and it was sad to watch. I hope you enjoy your weekend of relaxing and reflecting. Those pics make me want to do that too :)


  2. Your weekend is going to be very relaxing with gorgeous surroundings! Enjoy, try to forget about back home for a little while. Hopefully things will settle down. :)

  3. That is unfortunate your plans were cancelled because of the chaos in UK. The footage of the activity makes me sad, and I start questioning if people hold anything sacred anymore that doesn't belong to them.

  4. I really feel for you. Even from the other side of the world (Australia), seeing things unravel in the UK has been very upsetting. It has been wonderful to see so many in the UK community volunteering to help clean up and assist others though. In times of madness and disaster (both natural and man-made) you often do see the worst AND the best of human nature.

    I'm sorry that you had to cancel your plans, but your alternatives look FABULOUS!

    I will be spending my weekend in my robe, watching movies with my broken foot elevated. Yours looks slightly more glamorous ;)

  5. Im so sorry for the unfortunate things thats has happened. Hope things go back to normal very soon.

    If I had the time I would also spend some days relaxing and reflecting, but sadly i have to work, move to a new place alone and start at new studies at the same time. I would also try to spend time with family and boyfriend in between all this before sunday evening! Hah, i have some stressful days ahead of me i guess :P

  6. I always enjoy your blog, but this made me sad. I do hope you get back to London soon. When things calm down and are safer. Relax and enjoy your summer. :)

  7. I love your beautiful pictures of peace and reflection after such devastation. I hope your heart and mind find rest once again and that you can take heart that YOU are a shining light for your home country, spreading so much love and kindness to so many. :-)

  8. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    As a Londoner I share your sorrow, our beautiful city being trampled and wrecked. But it's been wonderful to see our community coming together to clean up and reclaim our streets.


  9. Dear friends thank you for your wonderful comments, they always lift my heart.
    A special to some new friends that have joined :
    @Dee-pleased to see you finally here sweetheart ;-)
    @Glitterish Allsorts-lovely seeing a fellow Londoner here x
    @MissDelirium-lovely to meet you and will pop over to your blog too.
    @Diane at Tonic15-Welcome sweetheart x

  10. Oh my sweet friend ... I'm sorry to read that you had to cancel visit to see family and the emotions that you are feeling. I'm happy that you are safe where you are and will keep your family in our prayers that they too remain safe during this unsettling time in England.

    Your post Risking Business below was just what I needed to read ... thank you for motivating me to keep going forward..xo many blessings, HHL

  11. Oh, this is such a sad business! I´m really sorry for your country and for all those innocents who lost the fruit of their labor, or even worse, their family members to these delinquents.
    I really hope that even though you could enjoy your weekend!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City


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