Risky Business

There are many times in our life when taking a risk is just what we need to shake things up a bit.It helps move us out of our comfort zone without destroying our life. Yes, it often leaves us asking the question, "have I done the right thing?". But usually it's a question that we know the answer too.

If your risks are based on logic and not emotion, you can "usually" rest in the knowledge that it was a calculated risk. I say "usually" because I feel that you need emotion to move you forward when fear starts to grip you in the middle of the night as it usually does.

Here are some of my risks and things I learnt along the way:

Leaving family and friends in the UK to move to Mallorca/Spain

Saying goodbye to family, friends, our homes and two very welcome corporate salaries

There are times it feels like you are never going to reach your destination

Believing in your dream is paramount so that when the going gets tough and friends and family put doubts in your head (which they will), your beliefs in your vision will see you through.

The path isn't always sunshine and flowers, but having faith in your dream, makes the journey much easier.

Starting my jewellery business during the recession was a big risk. Sometimes starting something new when others can't see the opportune moment can pay off, but you have to be really passionate about what you want to do because you will be picking yourself up, and dusting yourself down many, many times.

What risks have you taken that paid off? Would love to hear.


  1. Hmm, none spring to mind, well I did go live abroad in my 20's - not sure that paid off mind you. The last 18 months have been so rough and rocky that I am working on maintaining balance and an even keel, I don't want any more surprises/risks, just a steady boat, even if it does seem boring at times!

  2. Taking risks can be fun and scary all at the same time. I think that is what makes it exciting..most of the time :). If you have a goal in mind and are determined, it's worth the bumps we encounter in the long run.
    I thought moving out of the city to the country with a 10 month old at the time and leaving our jobs in the city was hard...I can't imagine the worry from the UK to Spain must of have been!

  3. Such wise words, my friend! They're so very true. Taking risks can be scary but that's what dreams are made of, right? Status quo doesn't really cut it.


  4. Last year my husband and I took a risk and moved from Seattle to Austin, TX. Although we stayed in the same country, the two cities have very different cultures. My husband lived in Seattle for 30 years, so this was a huge leap of faith for him! The first few months were rough, especially since we didn't know a soul, but now the seeds we planted are starting to bloom and we are very happy with our decision to start life all over in a brand new town!

  5. That's awesome that you've taken risks! I always regret that I don't, and I need to make more of an effort to take chances.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. Thank you so much friends.
    @Tabitha-I think not wanting to rock the boat is something that comes with maturity. I certainly wouldn't do what I did 10 years ago, now!
    @Rebekah- From Seattle to Texas is like moving country if only because of the huge difference in weather
    @Tonic15- It doesn't matter whether we move 10 miles or 1,000 miles, if it is out of our comfort zone then it is a risk. And with a 10 month baby; I take my hat of to you ;-)
    @Dawn-for me my risks were certainly the road to my goals ;-)
    @Leann-thanks for popping by. Don't be a stranger here x

  7. This post feels like you´ve written about me...I left my previous life, my family, my friends in Slovakia, and I moved to Paris to pursue my dreams. I met the love of my life there and just when I thought that life was going to be a little calmer, well, BANG, and we´re moving to Austria in september. So I´ll have to start it all over, but this time, I´ll have the man I love right by my side, and I feel that no matter what, life will still be beautiful.
    Pursuing your dreams is always worth it, you may stumble and fall, but you´ll always learn a lot about yourself...
    Thank you for reminding me of this, Vanessa!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  8. Great story Ivanka. When you have someone you love by your side it makes things a hell of a lot easier ;-) Good luck and how exciting about your move.

  9. I think you already know my story, similar to yours... Moving to a completely different country where the lingo is also different and difficult was a huge risk, but worth it.

    I hope the jewellery biz skyrockets darl!

  10. Moving from Australia, to London, leaving a solid job behind to start a new life as a writer... there are days when it feels so stomach churningly wrong. Then there are others, when you find lovely blogs like yours online during procrastination time, when things seem just grand.


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