We're a Little Late for the Party!

I know for my American friends and family, summer holidays will be starting to wind down shortly. But here in the Med, the 1st August officially marked the start of the holiday season. Most big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville (where I am) are now like ghost-towns.

When you bid clients and friends farewell in July, they always say "see you next year". For Spanish, the "new year" begins in September;a time when new objectives/goals are set, new diets started etc.

So what does summer mean for this expat?
Heading to the most secluded beach we can find (Hubs and I have found some real gems since living here), away from the madding crowd.

It's time for some real rest and recuperation; catching up on my reading list, setting objectives for Autumn and Winter, which in turn produces lists! And generally trying to just enjoy the silence, broken only by the breaking waves

Summer means more fruit and liquid! Does it matter if the liquid is alcohol? I make a lethal sangria that usually puts everyone into an after-lunch coma!

Summer means casual attire. I don't actually own a pair of flip-flops, but you get the idea.Flip-flops are really popular in the US, but not so much in Europe.What's your "must-own" item for summer?

Summer certainly means not participating in anything that takes too much brain power or physical strength. It really is my time to be lazy, altho' I'm not great at being able to switch-off, and it usually takes me a long time.

So what does/did this summer mean for you? Any new objectives? Perhaps you don't even like summer and prefer the cosiness of Winter. I must admit, by the time September arrives, I really have had enough of the heat, dried hair that is starting to resemble crispy seaweed! I start to look forward to seeing rain, watching an electric thunderstorm from the warmth of my home, and feeling the fresh wind against my face. What about you? Are you a beach babe or more of a little tortoise that is just waiting to go into hibernation?

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  1. I was just about to ask what you're upto for the summer seeing as you're also in a el scorchio situ like me!
    You'll have to share some of your secret locations kitten! I hope you have an amazing time. I'm yet to find out where i'll be off to later this month.

    It's funny, flip flops are very much only for the beach over here too...but i live in my Havaiana's.
    So definitely a beach bunny... hate the winter! Gah!

  2. What a lovely post :)

    We are off to the Cote d'Azur - Villefranche and Beaulieu next week for three weeks, cannot WAIT!!!!

    My must have for summer.....well, the perfect swimsuit - still hunting for that one though!! Books I guess and good sun creams. And cute sandals :)

    I love the idea of the new year starting in Sept after everyone is rested and tanned from the holidays. After years of school/Uni (and now my own children starting school), Sept does always feel like the start of something new I must say.

    I am always happy to see autumn too though I must say, my favourite season :) XX

  3. Oh I wish the American culture had this August/summer/long vacation thing figured out by now. I would love to be on a beach for 3 to 4 weeks. Technically I guess I could drive to one every day if I so desired but it is not quite the same. Enjoy your vacation!!

  4. I am so, so ready for cool weather. I love fall, the crunch of leaves under my boots, and chunky sweaters in dreamy Bronte-like hues.

    My must-have for the summer are polarized sunglasses and a go-anywhere maxi dress. It really is the best purchase I made this year.

  5. I'll be right over for some sangria .. :) ... this summer has been about renewal ... planting in our gardens and enjoying the beauty nature so freely gifts us ~ if we take the time to appreciate it. Autumn has always been my favourite season (though our garden beauties have summer running a close second now) .. and I think in away this year I too am looking at for a change to grow and begin fresh... wishing you a fabulous August summer ..xo HHL

  6. I am an autumn girl. I love sweaters and trench coats and grey skies. Summer has its good points - but I'm really looking forward to October.

    Have a fabulous vacation and try to relax with your honey. xo, A

  7. i'm starting a new activity in a farm holiday with a friend of mine. So to this summer means welcoming a whole new challenge =D
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  8. I don't have flip-flops either, but I do love my sandals. :-) And sundresses. I live in my sundresses. :-) So glad you get to go to the beach! :-)

  9. Thank you so much friends for your lovely comments.
    @BritGreek-thankfully Spain hasn't been as hot as in past years, so bearable. Can't wait to hear where you are going, especially with all the gorgeous islands you have. Santorini is a "must-see" on my list ;-)
    @Simone-Thank you Sim for your comments, and I know from your blog how welcome your hols will be. Have a lovely time. Like you a good swimsuit and books are my favorite companions (aside from Hubs).
    @SteppingMyWay....it is lovely being able to drive to a beach whenever we want I must admit.
    @Rebekah-Like you I LOVE Autumn simply because Summer/heat is so long here. I can't wait to see some rain ;-)
    @Celia-Your garden is too die for. If I had such a gorgeous sanctuary I really don't think I would bother with the beach most days.
    @Adrienne-there's quite a few of us "autumn girls" here.I think those of us that live in very hot climates, crave the opposite ;-)
    @SaraC-Good luck with your new challenge
    @RamblingTart-Yes, I agree sundresses are so simple to make one feel elegant, and so comfortable to wear in the heat. How are the summer temperatures in Holland?

  10. Dear Vanessa, summer in Spain sounds dreamy. My very favourite season is Autumn for the mohair rugs whilst reading, hot tea, cosy days.

    Jandals (flip flops) are an institution in New Zealand.


  11. Yaaaay!! Great to see you her Fiona. Don't be a stranger ;-)


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