You've Lost Your Way!

This is what my Business Coach said to me this week, as she sighed whilst looking at my blog. You see my blog was supposed to be an extension of my business, with posts all about jewellery, my pieces etc. It was supposed to be a marketing vehicle.

Instead my blog has become a portal for my spontaneous ramblings; it's become a "love fest" towards all the wonderful friends I've made (which has proved far more valuable to me). Let me tell you, Coach was not impressed.

"It has no direction", she sighed as we had this conversation this week.
"But this is who I AM" I tried to explain to her.
"Even your pictures are sometimes so random", she said clearly exasperated.

Autumn"randomness" from Pinterest (Barbara Lowe)

I want my blog to be an extension of me, my thoughts, my opinions, my mad ramblings etc. I don't want to use my blog as sales pitch. I hate having products rammed down my throat, so I won't do it to my loyal followers either. Apart from my Giveaways or when a new designer comes on board, I don't blog about my business; it's how I like it.I prefer my followers get a feel for who I am; what I sell is secondary.Also my blog is an escape from my business (altho' I didn't say this to Coach ;-)

Coach was not impressed. In fact she was positively peeved.

More Autumn "randomness"-Pinterest (PaulaHamilton)

So I decided to meet her half way and ask my lovely readers what you think.

* Should I do more posts related to jewellery (I'm really not sure I would have enough to say to do a post at least once a week!)

* Do you find my blog a complete mish-mash with no direction?

* What would you like to see more or less of?

* What posts don't you like?

I guess I should have put this in a survey, but I'm hoping you will feel free to be as brutal as you wish (honestly, all comments good or bad are welcome). Anonymous comments are also welcome ;-)

Thank you so much lovelies xx


  1. I really like your blog, you have lots to day - and you say it well. Your posts are current, interesting, personal and (for me) very easy to relate to.

    Not a mish-mash at all!

    As you know, my blog tends to be a bit of everything, whatever is on my mind I'm probabbly not the best person to be advising you. But how about more jewellery posts - or one weekday and one weekend day you blog some of your jewellery?? Would that work - do you want to combine the two?

    Am I helping?! X

  2. Hi Simone. Wow that was quick!
    Thank you so much for you kind comments. Yes, like you, my blog is about whatever happens to be on my mind that day. But your suggestion of maybe a jewellery post at weekends, could be a good compromise.
    Thanks Sim-off to watch Private Practise (which I know you love) xx

  3. I don't find it a miss mash at all - mine could be called a mish mash but to me it's like a a conversation - it's organic and not linear.
    Why not do one post a week that's jewellery related then? That way you can express yourself and still be promoting your business. If you get stuck I'll send you ideas once a week for jewellery related posts!

    I really like your blog, it's deep, you touch on interesting subjects, it's not just borrowed pretty pictures and empty content.

  4. Have you ever looked at Wendy Brandes' blog (i hope I spelled her name correctly)? She sells jewelry and has a blog. I have only popped over there once or twice, so I can't tell you too much about it....but it may be worth a look.

    Maybe you could have, and B & P said, a once a week post on jewelry. Come up with a catchy name like "Friday's Finery" or "Tuesday's Trinket" featuring a piece from your collection and show us how to wear it.

    I love your blog the way it is, but I can see where you are coming from. I don't want to visit a blog that's all about trying to sell, sell, sell. I want to communicate with a real person for genuine reasons.

  5. Vanessa, a personal blog is personal because it's supposed to be about you, your life, your thoughts, your inspirations, and even your ramblings. That's what's beautiful about blogging: you get to know people you would never have met otherwise. I'm not interested in looking at some fashion pictures, I can buy a magazine. I want to see those pictures AND read your opinion, hear what you have to say about it. Or about anything else.
    So my only advice is, stay as you are. If you feel like doing a post about your business, just do it. I love reading your words and opinions on just about any subject.

    Xx Ivana

  6. I really enjoy your personal posts, and I also love seeing your new jewellery designs. I agree with the idea of a regular jewellery feature. I'm like you, I couldn't bear the thought of being pushy and perhaps that is why you're not doing more with the business side of things?


  7. Hey lovely!

    I love your blog and like me, I tend to post whatever's on my mind (general ramblings!) or things i've filed away for a rainy day. I love editorials and all the beautiful fashion related stuff, but i'm here for your voice/opinion/take on things girl!

    If your blog is an extension of your work, then I'm with Simone on perhaps posting about Jewellery (or jewellery inspiration) on a weekend at least once a week? I'm just remembering what Ari Goldberg said at the IFB conference about 'your blog being a resume'...etc

    I do know what you're saying about using your blog as a sales pitch too...tricky, unless you want this blog to be completely separate from work?
    I've just realised I'm not being overly helpful! BUT Vahni of Grit&Glamour has some awesome tips on building a better blog if you want inspiration:


  8. Vanessa,

    Go back to your company website, and read what you have written.

    "Since being in Spain one thing that always caught her attention was that Spanish women knew how to accessorise, whether it be to go to the supermarket, to a wedding or to the beach (yes, they really do accessorise to go to the beach!) ; jewellery was an important part of getting dressed, in the same way wearing a wedding ring or a watch was to women in the UK.

    Despite a worldwide recession she noticed that women in Spain still bought beautiful fashion jewellery. They were spending less on their clothes, but still buying wonderful pieces to change the look of what they were wearing. At a time when the economic crisis was taking a grip, it now seemed really vulgar and inappropriate to be drippping in diamonds and “in your face” jewellery .

    Vanessa decided she wanted to bring chic, European glamour to her friends and clients. More and more of her British friends and business clients were asking her about some of the pieces she had acquired since living in Spain, which is how the idea of showcasing Riveria-inspired, Mediterranean designers came about (also after much pleading from her friends)."

    From someone who has a background in marketing, it may be time for you to branch out and refocus. You could do either two things....keep this blog, and the friendships you made, and try to grow the blog by doing some posts on what your lovely website says. Pick a schedule, and do at least one post a month doing exactly what your original statement says you have talent to do. You don't necessarily have to sell in your face, but go back to your original statement. Show in your posts what can be done. How are these women "doing it". What does an inexpensive outfit pop with the right accessories. Teach us how. What would be great would not be showing piece after piece of jewelry, but how to change outfits with jewelry. How to make different statements with your jewelry. Perhaps, partner with a local boutique so you have some outfits to showcase your jewelry. Or look to magazines for inspiration or "how to copy look". How do we become Mediterrean chic?

    Your business has a niche, and for your business to grow, you've got to incorporate somehow.

    You could try that or you could do two blogs. You really only have to post once a week if you wanted for the business side.

    I hope that helps. Leigh

  9. The jewelry designs are gorgeous, and it may be good to also do some features on some of these designers, and their talent.

    Best wishes. Leigh

  10. Hi Vanessa! I like your blog just the way it is. It's a warm and cozy place to come. It's a reflection of you. I'm sure you could add some of your beautiful jewelry pieces to it, but people like a little mix of business with warmth. You have to write about what feels right to you or it won't feel right at all. I think it's perfect.

    Dee xx

  11. Ditto the comments made above with featuring a once a week jewelry post. That would be perfect. Just started following your blog and I enjoy the posts I've read so far! :)

  12. @Tabitha aka Bourbon and Pearls. You are too sweet for words. Thank you so much for your comments. Being the kind of writer I can only aspire to be in my dreams, your words mean so much to me. I would love to take you up on your offer for jewellery related posts, maybe once a month (I don't want to take advantage of your kindness). That would be such a help as structured/planned writing doesn't come that easily to me. TYSM xx

  13. @Adrienne-TYSM for the comments. I've made a note of the blog you mentioned.
    @Ivanka-like you, I hate blogs with just magazine spreads and nothing else, and that it what I have veered away from. Pleased so many of you agree with me on that front.

  14. @ABritGreek-Thanks Sweetie for all the links which I will read today.I'm not sure I want my blog to me like a cyber resume though ;-) But I know that's a tact many people take. I think moreso if you are offering a service or info products.

  15. @Leigh- TYSM for your "expert" advice. Everything you say is exactly what my coach has been saying (she will be happy). You are so right. I think once a month I can manage; two blogs, no way! I just about manage this one at a push ;-) Leigh thank you so much and would love to see your views when I do start posting these jewellery posts.

  16. @Dee-Thank you Sweets. I think you said exactly what I was feeling; getting the balance right without losing authenticity was what I've been having problems with.

  17. @LR-thank you Sweets. It's so lovely to see new followers.

  18. Vanessa in my past life I was an avid consumer. I lived in a small country town for a long time, the bulk of my expenditure was online. I have no background in marketing or the like, but let's just say I have a strong background in shopping ;) So please take my 2 cents as such.

    Your jewellery is gorgeous. But out there in cyber space there are a lot of gorgeous things to be tempted by. Your blog and the snippets of your amazing life and passion towards so many things within it would inspire me as a purchaser, just as your wonderful posts inspire me to follow your blog and check in to read your updates.

    For me, I see beautiful pieces in your boutique and go "oh gosh that's glorious"... but the real test of will power would be to see you show case some of these beautiful pieces yourself and to sell me the story of how it could complete an outfit or set a mood etc. That's the sort of marketing that my vivid (and wishful) imagination has always responded to.

    Take for example your gorgeous button cuff/bangle. I loved this from the moment I saw it. It's beautiful, unique and distinctive. When I look at it, I see it worn with a fitted white shirt with bracelet length sleeves and a tight pencil skirt. A modern, statement accent with a nod to the vintage style I love and slinking between the masculine and the feminine. It's these sort of little imaginary escapades that would see me go from seeing something pretty to convincing myself that a piece is something I can't live without... and parting with the $$$.

    For me an example of this done very well is and seeing Mai Tai's own outfits and ensembles inspired me so much as a follower, that I buckled and purchased some of her accessories. If I had just seen perfectly shot professional pics of them, I don't think they would have endeared themselves as much as seeing her accessorize with them in her own candid shots.

    Even if you don't intend to become your very own house model, discreet snippets of your pieces/outfits in a discreet manner could still work brilliantly.

    To answer your questions though...

    - Yes, I think some posts showcasing your jewellery (however you wish to), would be wonderful! It would also be interesting for you to see if sales correlate to being featured on here :) That could be a great motivation!

    - I don't think your blog is a mish mash at all. If I want an editorial, I'll read a magazine. If I want a chapter by chapter story, I'll read a book. I LOVE the fact that blogs are fluid and evolving and allow little insights into people's lives, homes, careers, wardrobes etc. I wouldn't follow a blog that was written to a predictable formula. Reading a new blog post from my favourite bloggers is always exciting, because you never know what it will be about or what you will see, or learn or think about. I love that about your blog too :)

  19. I like your mish-mash blog! I've thought to myself several times: "I love that Vanessa is so real. She's truly the only online business I feel I matter to." Your personality and care for all of us as your readers makes me want to buy from you (when I have money again :-)) and recommend you to others. I think a once weekly jewelry feature would be great. :-) But other than that, please keep being you. :-)

  20. Have a look at Wendy Brandes blog, she manages to combine promoting her product and her own personal stuff on her blog and she always says it works really well.

  21. I like it, really. My blog is unrelated to my business and, although they operate under different names, I do still have quite a bit of crossover. I think people like to get to know the people behind the shops. If it's not working for you, change and if it is... well, then don't!

    Best of luck whatever the decision!

  22. I love your blog the way it is now. I firmly and solidly agree with YOU.

    I wouldn't mind your mentioning your jewelry and providing regular (weekly) links or photos.

  23. Vanessa,
    I too love your blog and I love your website; I like visiting both. Both are well linked within each other and both are easy to access depending on what one is needing, a 'jewellery pick' or a life's 'pearl-of-wisdom' pick.
    I like visiting your jewellery galleries and I like reading your stories + musing on your thoughts... getting to know Vanessa. You offer the best of both worlds to your readers and all one has to do is navigate to where they want to go.
    Personally, I don't see your blog as a mish-mash at all. I think you provide a lovely balance of business and personal and I always enjoy my visits to both.
    PS Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls. ~Melody Beattie

  24. I agree with others' comments regarding a once weekly or bi-monthly post on jewelry trends, how to wear jewelry properly, jewelry personalities, etc. I've never been "into" jewelry because my mother didn't like jewelry. I have a couple of nice pieces but wouldn't mind learning how to s-l-o-w-l-y incorporate understated pieces.

    Then you can spend the rest of your time waxing on about topics close to your heart.

    I really appreciate the European perspective on style, fashion, good taste, and general lifestyle pursuits those of us in the U.S./Canada/Australia try to incorporate in our lives!

  25. @Lillian Harlow
    TYSM Sweetie for taking the time to give me such great advice. I know everyone's time is precious, so when I see so many of you stop my and give your advice, it means the world to me (especially as I am still a bit of a blogging novice). My coach will be licking her lips ready to devour me, as you have literally said everything she's been trying to say to me for some time now. I guess I owe her dinner ;-)
    Thank you again Lillian; your comments and link, truly inspire me to "pull my finger out!"

  26. @RamblingTart
    Oooh! trying desperately to hold the tears back. What a lovely comment. Thank you so much Darling. And yes you are right, some of my blog friends have become really good friends, and people (like yourself) that I really care about x

  27. @LookingFabinyourForties-yes someone else mentioned Wendy Brags blog, so definitely off to peruse. Thank you xx
    @Amateurian-great to see you here Sweets; it seems like a very long time. Haven't seen you much on Twitter
    @Robin-TYSM for your comments x
    @Fashionassist-I know you've always been a great supporter of mine, so your thoughts really mean alot. Love the quote at the end ;-)
    @Rebekah-Yes, the European fashion posts really seem to be the most popular. So perhaps that's where I need to direct my energies. Thanks for stopping by xx

  28. Vanessa *HUGS* Whatever you do in the future, you know that there are a lot of us who can't wait to see what's next! ;) I think that speaks volumes.

    And just remember... we WANT to see your pretties, don't be shy about tempting us with them ;)

  29. Wow sounds like she was sending you some serious tough love! I love the blog as it is--its an extension of your fab personality! Go with your gut

  30. A nice mix is just plain fabulous...a little bit about jewelry, a little bit about you, after all that's what your business is composed of! Love ya sweetie!

  31. Do not change a thing, V! Seriously I love your blog and all the topics you write about. I'm always enthralled and interested. I wouldn't mind seeing something about jewellery but I have to tell you that I completely understand how your blog is an escape from your job. I rarely ever write about beauty and that's what I do day in and day out. It's not that I don't love what I do, I just need some diversion.

    Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

  32. A bit of both is fine. We bloggers like the random ramblings I think (well I do anyway!). We get to learn more about you as a person and we are far more likely to buy arty stuff from someone we have got to know in some way. Then you can see how creation comes from your heart and what has influenced you. It's not just a piece you came up with - there's a part of you in it. Keep your lovely blog the way it is I say! Throw in a post every now again about your jewellery - it's another part of you!

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