To Kindle or not to Kindle?

OK, here's the deal. Like many of you that follow this blog I am an avid reader. My postman delivers Amazon packages so often, he is now part of the family!

I love books; I love waiting for them to arrive (it's always a surprise even though I know they are on their way). I love spending a Saturday afternoon in my favorite bookshop in London (Daunt-the oldest bookshop in the UK). I love the feel of a new book; the smell of the crisp, new pages. (I know I should get out more). And there is always a book in my bag, wrapped in a gorgeous organza black bag the same way IT girls go everywhere with their chihuahua's (I told you I need to get out more!)

She looked gorgeous even reading!

I can find a cosy nook where ever I am to indulge in my passion.

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What I would give to cosy up here on a winter's night

I have been known to make Hubs turn the car back on the way to the beach, and drive 50km in the opposite direction because I had forgotten my books.

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Wow! this would be my ideal spot

However as I start packing up my life in Spain, I've started to box up my books to be shipped back. I have boxed 10 HUGE boxes, and they are only 75% of my books. I see Hubs going a ghastly shade of green everytime he walks past them.

It suddenly occured to me just how much space my books take up.

However I've still resisted buying a Kindle/e-reader ever since they came out, for the above reasons. Tell me :

*Do you have an e/reader?
*Is it the best thing since sliced bread?
*Am I missing out on a wonderful, 21st century invention?
*Is the reading experience just as enjoyable when done electronically?
*But how will we create gorgeous reading havens in the future (as in the images shown), if the way to go is electronic?

I would love to hear your views for and against the wonderful e-readers/Kindle.

Do I ask Santa for one or not?

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I just couldn't resist this. Start 'em young I say!!

p.s this post reminds me of a conversation Hubs and I had a few months ago (which I shared with my Twitter friends), talking at cross-purposes as we usually do. I was talking about reading with a Kindle, and Hubs thought I was talking about reading with a candle! I wish I could have recreated that conversation here. It truly was hysterical!


  1. This is such a great post!! I agree 100% with you - there is nothing like curling up with a REAL book, actually touching the pages with each page turn! I will compare it to a handwritten letter received in the "old fashion mail box" and receiving it via email. Something about touching the handwritten letter, being able to go back and touch/re-read it retrieve it from its safe place of storage is priceless!

    It's amazing how technology was once totted as a way to help us become closer , enable us to spend more time with family and friends... well somewhere along the way we have lost all that more time with family and friends.

    No longer do we take time for spending time with each other ... we communicate via text, email, in a whole new language of abbreviated words and even when a phone (cell or land line) is used, people no longer leave voice messages - depending on call display for the recipient to know they have called...

    Give me the days when people didn't expect me to respond instantly. A friend once mentioned to the Mr. if they send a text and do not receive a response right away .. that person is regarded as rude, in their books and are written off. WOW! ...

    Wishing you a fabulous week-end... and sending you hugs and blessings as you face this change in your life, moving back to UK!! xo HHL

  2. These are fabulous reading areas! Love that second library! Enjoy the lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  3. I love real books too but I think Kindle's would be great for travelling, we can barely lift our suitcases for books when we go on holiday, it's ridiculous. But I love the sensuality of books, the ruffling of the paper, the smell, the way they look, let's hope they never become extinct.

  4. I have thought about getting the "Nook-book" color from Barn's and Noble. But nothing can compare to the feeling of a book in hand. I love the library and book stores, or when a book gets passed down to you. I could spend hours in these places. So I too am tossing with idea of an e-reader. But, I do know nothing electronic can take the place a real book.

    take care,

  5. I am exactly like you, especially now that I'm nowhere near a decent bookshop that sells at good prices, nothing beats Amazon and a smile from the postman struggling with those boxes of books!
    Plus there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands...
    My BFF actually mails me good stuff she's read, bless her. (Now I've got to bring 'em back!)
    Her husband bought her an e/reader last X-mas, it came with loads of free stuff and she also loves it (plus she's the kinda gal who loves a real book). The only thing i've heard her mention is that sometimes the prices for e-books are either more expensive or the same as print version... Hmmm

    When are you back in UK (or London?)

  6. If you have that many books then I really think a kindle would be a worthwhile investment x

  7. Oh, Vanessa, I'm just like YOU! I love books, the bookstore is one of my very FAVORITE places ... love getting a latte and a stack of magazines and some yummy books to look forward to! I know that Kindle fans absolutely love them ... and I can really see how nice it would be in some respects .. having your book within a matter of seconds with a push of a button. Especially with travelling, so much lighter. But I have a fear that if we all turn to Kindles our beloved bookstores will evaporate. And I cannot tell you how sad that would make me :(
    Have a wonderful week reading, darling!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: A Glamorous "Little Black Dress" Halloween Soiree!

  8. Wow! really surprised by the responses. Really thought everyone would be voting for the e-reader, but it seems we all are having that same love affair with our books. As Sandy said, it would be so sad to see some of our favorite bookstores close because of electronic gadgets.
    Also really surprised to read that some Kindle version books are more expensive than the paper version. That has really swayed me I think ;-)

  9. No!!!!!!!! Dont't do it!!!!! Just Say No To The Kindle ;)

    I love books, really love them, love bookstores, receiving them from Amazon, sitting in a coffee shop that has just has to be a real book. Books comfort me, they are my constant.

    I travelled home on the Tube from town daughter & I read our books & the guy next to me had a Kindle. I could never buy one.....but actually I could see my husband with one. He doesn't read as much as me since he doesn't have enough time but I did think he might like a Kindle. If I can bear to have it in the house ;)

    I remember moving to an upstairs flat and nearly dumping all my books after carrying only half of them upstairs & nearly giving myself a hernia!! And every summer I have almost a suitcase full of books....this summer I took 17 books with me!!!!!

    No Kindle!! No Kindle!!

    Great post :)

  10. PS love the photos you have used - and am laughing so hard at the "candle" comment LOL!!

  11. I have both: a passion for real books you can hold - the older and mustier, the better - and my Kindle. The Kindle is great for toting around on public transportation, travel, or any place where you want to decrease the weight you are bringing. Also, if there is a book you want to read but not necessarily maintain in your library, the Kindle is a great choice. However, the Kindle will never, ever replace a classic book.

  12. Love the conversation with your husband. So funny.

    Shamefully, I'm not a reader which is so odd because I love a bookstore, and I love all the books, but then I never make the time to do it.

    With all that said, I think I would have a hard time giving up turning the page, or dog-earing the page when I got distracted by something else. It would be hard for me, I think.

  13. I wasn't really sure about Kindles until I bought one for my boyfriend. We both became hooked. We've got one each! Yes, there is something wonderful about holding a book, sniffing it, hugging it... but look at the size of a Kindle! It fits in a small handbag - and it carries hundreds of books. You want to buy a book - Bang! You've bought a book - there it is. You want a preview, no problem.

    I buy a lot of art books and can't see me ever wanting those to go electronic, but for the sheer space-saving beauty and convenience I wouldn't be without my Kindle!

    Because of space constraints, I've had to give away so many books over the years. Never again... They are always there in your Amazon archive (they don't even have to be on the Kindle) waiting for you to read them again.

    Just think of all that holiday suitcase space you free up for packing more clothes and shoes instead of all those books!

    Why not download the app onto your phone and give it a try!

  14. Another thing we have in common, sweetie: I have a life-long and never ending love affair with books! I´ve been reading since I was five, whenever and wherever (when I was little, my parents used to find me under the table, always with a book :)
    I must have hundreds and hundreds of books at home (and I´m not even talking about my old room at my parents´ apartment, it´s literally submerged in books!). I love the smell of books, new and old, it really makes me happy and it epitomizes calm and good time to me. I could never EVER live in a world without "paper" books.

    This all said, I literally "stole" my boyfriend´s Nook last year (so this year I bought him another one as a birthday present, so we won´t fight over it anymore :) I would never have believed how much I´m in love with that thing! I travel a lot, so now I can actually pack some clothes and cosmetics, instead of a suitcase full of books :) It´s really amazing to have all my favorite books with me all the time. And what´s really important to me is that it´s really hard to get books in English in Slovakia (and it´s always the classics, never the new ones). Ever since I have my Nook, I can read any book I want in original version, and that makes me incredibly happy!

    So, what I´m trying to say in this novel :) is that I love them all: real paper books AND my Nook. An e-book will never replace the spirit books, and the books will never be as practical as I grab and enjoy them both. And I think you would love that too!

    Plus, I have one experience (both personal and from other people): we all "hate" and refuse e-books until we try them for the first time. Then, we fall in love :)
    And the last thing, I´ve never really liked Kindle, and I find Nook much easier to navigate and better made.


    Style in the City

  15. I went through the same quandary when I packed up my life to move to Australia. I had thousands of books, all of them special to me for one reason or another. But in the end I got rid of all of them save for one box of treasures. I decided that starting a new life was more important than hanging onto my books. It was so hard, and very emotional, but once they were gone, knowing they were sent off into the world to be someone else's treasure, I felt so happy. Now I'm in Australia, scouring second hand shops and library sales to rebuild a NEW library. It's been so fun. :-) I've used a Kindle and it has its place, but I'll choose a real book every time. :-) xo

  16. @Simone-Yaaaay! I knew you and I would be on the same page. Like you, books are "my constant" and it's the reason I've resisted so much.It seems most of the comments on this post are for books, and against the Kindle. I know what an avid reader you are and could just imagine the weight of your luggage this summer ;-)

  17. @Rebekah, @WrightStuff
    Yes it's the travelling aspect that got me first thinking about an e-reader as I am sure what I've paid in excess baggage because of my books has bought Iberia Airlines out of the recession

    @Ivana-yes sweets, maybe you are right. We all hate e-readers until we buy one. Maybe that's what I'm frightened of-being addicted! Haven't heard of Nook before. Whose it by?

    @Leigh-I know many parents with children never have the opportunity to read; it's a fact of family life I guess.But I'm sure you can reel off all the best children's authors and stories ;-)

  18. @RamblingTart- you brave girl. I'm not sure I could part with most of mine. Having said that I lost boxes of books that went into storage when I moved to Spain (storage company disappeared with all my wordly goods!) and I can't say I miss one of them.

  19. I love Kindle. I have been using it for over 2 years and since I travel all over the world so much, this is just perfect. Once, I was on the train travelling in Siberia and I had a NY best seller on my kindle in just a seconds. Technology in Amazing! Im for Kindle)

  20. Hey Vanessa! For better or worse, I'm still all about the paper.

    I love holding a book. If it's a business book, I use my highlighters to mark important passages. I have two bookshelves and even though I read tons of blogs online, I hate reading longer things like books on a screen.

    Instead of asking Santa for a Kindle, ask him for another bookshelf ;-)

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