Guest post: Christmas with Looking Fab In Your 40's

OK, our fourth guest post is from the lovely Sharron who writes the sassy blog Looking Fab in your 40's

Admittedly, Sharron and I haven't been following each other as long as some of my other "guests", but I just love her sassy blog; written for 40-somethings who don't want to start dressing like their spinister aunt of 70!

Also, she hails from my part of the world, and often her posts remind me just why I want to return ;-)

Here's a peep through Sharron's window on Christmas Day in the UK.

What does Christmas mean to you, or can you take it or leave it?
Christmas is very important but if I didn't have four children it might not be!

What are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas?
I have asked for lots of new make-up, so I am really hoping to get that and try out some new products

Flats or heels on Christmas Day?
Flats, I can't cook in heels!

What will be your Christmas outfit be this year?
A jersey or knitted dress, something nice and comfortable

Do you serve anything unusual for Christmas Day lunch other than the traditional turkey and Christmas pud?
Just the traditional Christmas lunch , nothing unusual

Nat King Cole, Michael Bublé, Handel's Messiah or Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite?
Michael Bublé

What one book do you hope to receive this year?
There are no books on my Christmas list this year

The beauty product you can't live without over the festive season?
I can't live without a decent hand cream

What do you buy the girlfriend who has everything?
A Diptique scented candle

If you could spend Christmas somewhere else other than the UK, where would you choose?
New York; it's a no-brainer!

How are you hoping that this Christmas will be different from previous ones?
I'm not hoping it will be different from previous years. All I ever want is for my kids to be healthy and happy. I have enjoyed every Christmas the same since first becoming a parent 22.5 years ago!

Thank you SO much Sharron for giving us this peep into your Christmas Day. I wish you a wonderfully "chic" festive period, and hope that 2012 brings you everything that you wish for (and if that includes another pair of Jimmy Choos or a Chanel bag, so be it!).


  1. I've enjoyed getting to know your friends. It's so funny when I hear about a reader that is probably close to my age, and they have a 22 year old. I wouldn't change a thing, but I do get a little jealous of someone being able to be so carefree at this stage in their life, but then again, I'm sure their 20's were very difficult.

  2. @Leah-Imagine me Leah. I am a similar age and have no children (still behaving like a young 20-something!) I have a friend I was at school with who is the same age as me, and now a grandmother!! I just can't get me head around that one ;-) Thank you Sweets for popping by at this busy time xx

  3. So lovely hearing from different bloggers, Sharron included. Although she sounds like she has her hands full with her kids! I hope she has a wonderful Christmas too! Not long now!


  4. Hi guys, my twenties were wonderful by the way and I had my three daughters all within 3 years and worked full time, although now I wonder where I got the energy from! I am grateful to have had Little Man in my late thirties, I think he and the school runs keep me feeling young! My kids are my life and they are what Christmas is all about, even though I will sulk a little when there is no 2.55 under the tree!

  5. I love how all the Brits are dying to go to America and all the Americans are dying to go to Europe!

  6. HI Vanessa!

    This is one blog I relate to now that I'm in my middle forties. Having my daughter 15 yrs ago has changed Christmas for me in so many ways, she has made them so much more meaning full. Seeing the joy of Christmas morning on her face, is the greatest Christmas gift I could ever receive.
    It's been great getting to know your guest.

    Dee xx

  7. It's so funny that we Americans want to go to England for Christmas, and Brits want to visit NYC. We should have "Freaky 2012" where we can exchange homes and cultures for an entire year.

  8. I need to subscribe to her blog. Her answers are similar to mine! :D Great interview!

  9. I agree with almost everything she wrote :) Thanks Vanessa for making me discover another great fellow blogger :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas weekend sweetie! And thanks for all your amazing comments, they mean a world to me :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  10. I know I'm a little late on this, but Merry Christmas! Such a fun post! Xo, Katie


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