The Bag Lady

The 'Vaseline Life in a Bag' exhibition was held a few
years ago in Selfridges (London).

Prior to the exhibition a survey was carried out to find out
what women really carried in their bags; an intriguing
picture of the 21st woman

I love this clutch by C.Wonder

Condoms,contraceptive pills and donor cards 
spelt responsibility

I so LOVE this bag + color 

Filofaxes,electronic organisers + laptops
implied organized women

The 1.2 million diamond-encrusted Birkin

21% of women carried cigarettes in their bag


Indigestion tablets outweighed health supplements

Stella McCartney

In comparison, 50's women may have carried a tube map........

Needs no explanation!

.......painkillers, stockings and make-up.
I love this Cath Kidston satchel

So what unusual thing do you always carry in your bag?

In mine is always a ring sizer (you will be surprised
how many people suddenly ask you to tell them what size 
their fingers are!) and disinfectant hand wash (did
I tell you before what a germ-a-phobe I was?)

So c'mon girls, give us a peek at what's in your bag; something
unusual ;-)

Is there a special bag on your wish-list this season?
Mine is the white Chanel shown above (a girl
can fantasize can't she?)

All images via Pinterest


  1. Vanessa! WOW, what a fun post this is and how lovely to hear from you! You came via Catherine Robinson? She is MARVELOUS. I just met her about two weeks ago when I started my Paris Link Party invitations! She will be joining me and many others on this link party. You are most certainly welcomed for I see you really know how to be creative!

    Well let's see....what unusual thing do I carry in my pocketbook? LITTLE SCRAPS OF PAPER with BLOG POST IDEAS WRITTEN ON THEM!!


    1. Darling Anita, so wonderful to meet you too. I've been a "lurker" on your blog for some time; it's my daily dose of house envy ;-)
      So pleased to see you over here, and hope you won't be a stranger xx

  2. That's such an interesting post! I rarely carry a bag, I put my cash in a pocket and carry my keys in my hand. I carry one if I'm going into company because I'm quite shy and it gives me something to do with my hands but it has often been empty inside!

    1. I always imagined you as a bag-lady Tabs. How very "street-wise " you are ;-) xx

  3. Mmm, I really love that green bag!! I usually go for small purses but that green one is FAB!! :)

    1. I love it too Maragarita. I'm a "sack" girl. I have everything except the kitchen sink in my bag ;-) xx

  4. Replies
    1. TYSM for visiting. I will pop over to yours too x

  5. Hi Vanessa...a swiss army pen-knife and lipsticks (usually about 5)!

  6. Oh how I love that white Chanel bag! I don't think I carry anything unusual, just the normal crap!

  7. Another enjoyable post Vanessa...
    gotta say like "Looking Fab in your forties", I too carry pretty much what every other girl carries but here's a funny story...
    use to always carry safety pins and then for some reason stopped...
    the other day on a client appointment, the entire hem of one leg of my pants came down :( and boy was I wishing for those safety pins...
    so guess what's back in my handbag???

    1. LOL! I imagine you need an emergency kit with the work you do. Safety pins will now be your best-friend, going with you everywhere! xx

  8. Great theme on this post dear. Is it strange that everything mentioned - I don't carry in my bag (besides makeup). I like the floral satchel you featured...I really wish for a bright Proenza Schouler bag right now.

  9. That white Chanel is pretty; I'm trying to figure out how to purchase a pre-owned brown Kelly (or Birkin, but that's a fantasty) for my ultimate bag.

    The following can always be found in my bag: powder compact, lip gloss, wallet, iPhone, car keys, and a vinyl envelope containing pen, pencil, post-its, binder clips and paper clips. I flit to and from meetings, and I find having a small quantity of office supplies to be most helpful!

  10. Hi Vanessa, This is fun....well besides the usual: change purse, mirror, lip gloss, I always carry this little acorn that me and Amanda found a few yrs ago. Sounds silly, but it's a perfectly round acorn and holds a great memory of us finding this. I also carry a very tiny bible in my purse that I have had since I was a kid. When ever I change my purse I always put these two items in the new purse. This is a fun post and love the pics.
    Dee xoxo

    1. That's so sweet Dee. Sometimes it's these little trinkets that mean so much. I have a tiny little guardian angel made from terra-cotta which is always in my bag.

  11. Vanessa,

    I hope you are well. Love, Love purses. My purse gets overwhelmed with receipts. It's terrible. I so need to clean it out, but I have two diapers in my mine, some baby wipes, and lots of tampons that just keep growing from month to month.

    1. LOL! A typical Mummy's bag. Why didn't I guess? Hope you are having wonderful summer Sweets

  12. A desinfectant is a staple in my bag as well, it's an old habit from when I was living in Paris: it's Parisian metro that made me germ-phobic :) Another unusual thing is my Chinese keychain that is supposed to keep me wealthy (and keep my wallet full: that doesn't seem to work that well :)

    Have a lovely day sweetie!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  13. Love this post Van, you always have an unusual twist... I also carry a hand-sanitzer too, so not too strange, plus my inhaler for emergencies and strange things... snack/waters? Gotta have both in mine!
    I always seem to have lip-glosses accumulating by the truck load in my bags too!

    I adore that green bag... beautiful colour love! Hope all is good with you darl!

  14. I love the Valentino bags with the roses I just think they are so girly and wonderful Of course Chanel is classic and if I ever come into money, that would be the first bag of choice asap!

  15. Woooow I´ll take the green one for sure!!!

  16. That clutch is so cute. I carry a tape measure. You never know when you are going to be out shopping and need measurements to see if a table, etc. will fit into your space! I always have about 2 or 3 lipsticks/glosses... (got a bit of a problem collecting them)! xo

  17. Hmmm... I don't know if these are unusual but I always have a tiny artist's sketch pad for those have-to-sketch-right-now moments and a lipstick pen ... it looks like a lipstick till you take off the pink lipstick portion and it reveals a pen! These bags are gorge! xoxo

    Sandy M Illustration ~
    Ooh La Frou Frou

  18. I love, love, love that gorgeous orange one at the bottom. :-) Hmm, I don't know about unusual, but I carry an extra pair of purple tights (you never know when you'll snag the pair you've got on!) and my passport. I always carry my passport. You never know when you might suddenly "have" to fly somewhere. :-)

  19. A diamond-encrusted Birkin! Well, now I know what to ask Santa for next Christmas... ;) xox


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