Schools Out!!

Well Summer is officially here if you are a student of any kind in Spain. Yes! School officially finished yesterday, and kids all over Spain will now have the privilege of spending the best part of 12 WEEKS at the beach (or on holiday of some kind). 

So to all my Brit friends, count yourself lucky that your nippers only get about 6 weeks. 

 In celebration of school being out I wanted to share this really inspirational video by Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith in the film The Pursuit of Happyness). 

 Whether you are still a student, are parents of students or just reminiscing about 
your own student days, I think we can all relate to this short video.


So what are you memories of school/University etc?
Good or bad?

Were your holidays endless days at the beach?

Did you go to the same place every summer and consequently
make "summer friends" that later became life-long
friends (this is quite common in Spain if families return
to the same beach every year). Some summer friends
later become husbands or wives

I sooooo love this picture

Did you travel to a different destination every year, and
do you still do the same now?

Couldn't resist showing you our
sea-shell pendant which also contains
a real pearl inside

Can't wait to hear about your younger summer days :-)

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  1. My childhood summers were fairly low-key, my parents aren't beach or boat people, although we did use to rent a cabin for a few days at the lake and go fishing most summers. We did go to the States fairly often (we lived 2 hours from the border), and also used to visit my grandparents in BC in the Okanagan Valley. In my 20s, I met my husband and his parents own a cottage at the lake so now that's where we go every's like a mini-Hamptons.

    12 weeks I wish!! :)

  2. I think the school hols started here too yesterday.
    WE had a yellow house in Cannes and apart from that I romped around fields filled with hay - yes it was pretty idyllic.
    We also went away every Easter and September weekend - yep spoiled. Thanks Dad!

  3. Loved the Chris Gardner video. We used to holiday in a little white-washed cottage by the seaside, and I remember donkey rides on the sand and gorging on sticky pink candyfloss. I also remember when it (inevitably) rained non-stop! When I was older, and at university I didn't go anywhere because I was slogging my way through the usual dud jobs trying to get my cocktail & shoe money for the next term! But they were happy,happy days. Have a great week Vanessa! xx

    1. Growing up in the UK I also remember some summers in gorgeous little seaside towns. They hold some of my best holiday memories. Once we were older we always spent 1 month abroad, but I still loved my UK jaunts to places like the Isle of Wight, Littlehampton...........memories ;-)

  4. My holiday were endless days at the beach as I live on an Island so me and my friends used to do the mile walk virtually every single day with a pack lunch. Great memories x

    1. Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of Sharon xx

  5. We get about 12 weeks. Go back August 27, but out way before you.

    1. Wow 12 weeks also Leigh. Do you think it's too long? How do parents that work manage?
      Hope you are having a FAB time though x

  6. I love this time of year, it's my favorite. My family always did a beach vacation on the Jersey Shore and now I live close to the beach and go as much as I can!! It's a magical time for me and now for my kids!

  7. We used to get just over 8 weeks over the long summer/Christmas period and it was the best time ever (probably not for my parents though). Long days at the beach, watching movies on the living room floor and playing cricket until dark... ah to be young again!

    1. I know Meghan. I'm sure they were the best holidays -when we were children. No worrying about logistics, passports, travel, accommodation etc. Just need to turn up ;-)

  8. Ah I so remember those days fondly! I actually always wish that I could go back to them. Carefree summers with nothing to do but frolic about and at the beach constantly. My sister is a teacher so she gets to do that quite often. :)


  9. That necklace is adorable!! Love it. xo

  10. I don´t remember much about school. I went to a few different schools so maybe changing friends wasn´t the best at those ages, BUT, Universty, that´s a different story, I had the time of my life!!! Wonderful memories, wonderful friends, wonderful times..... OMG, I would go through all of that AGAIN with my eyes closed!
    Watch out UCSB, here I come again!!!

  11. yay, have a great vacation sweets and enjoy your free time! xo

  12. High school is kind of a blur however I do recall many days at the beach :)

    Very pretty pendant!

    Enjoy your week!


  13. Oh heck, kids broke for summer two weeks ago here! Nuts right? I loved school, college through to uni - best days of my life! Like some who have commented here - great times, great memories and great friends!

    V - hope you're well love, sorry i've been m.i.a of late!

  14. We used to go to the same campground on the Oregon Coast in the summer and how we loved it!! :-) Cooking over the Coleman stove, long walks on the beach, clam chowder, good books, games by the fire. :-) Such good memories. :-)

  15. Love the summer pics! Wish I could spend my summer in Spain :)



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