Dare You Let Go?

One thing that the season of Autumn always forces me
to do is purge i.e let go.

It's a season when I look at letting go of perhaps
unwanted pounds that have crept on (those fat cells
are STILL living rent-free on my hips; time to evict)

letting go of  old habits that no longer serve me
such as worry (even when there's nothing to worry about),

such as always nurturing others before myself

such as checking e.mails first thing in the morning
(I read that people who delay checking e.mails
until the afternoon, are more productive)

It could even be letting go of friendships I know are toxic
(this is a really hard one for me, and one I am not good at)

Maybe it's letting go of  perfectionism
being the best multi-tasker you know
(is that really how you want to be

Maybe it's just letting go 
of a heavy blogging timetable

Or spending less time on social media

Usually our heart and soul knows exactly what it's time
to let go of.

Maybe it's letting go of the excuses for really not
pursing your dreams.

But it's sometimes our brains that give us reasons to 
not follow our hearts and clamp
our sweaty little fingers even tighter around the thing we 
should be letting go of.

However, sometimes when the seasons change, it's a good 
time to let go and make way for the new.

If we just get quiet, get brave and listen very carefully
our heart will tell us what we need to let go of

What do you really want to let go ? It doesn't have to be something
very deep or profound.

It would be just lovely to hear what new spaces you are making 
in your life this season

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  1. I wish I had siphoned off my fat cells at 21.
    Hmm, I am letting go of a lot of Louboutains ( still can't spell it) I rarely wear high heels now, they are just taking up room, I'm happily middle aged.

    How is your dad? I'll be in London mid December - just saying. ;)

    1. TYSM Tabs. Dad is fine (getting there). TYSM for asking xx

  2. Love this....I absolutely believe in letting go & moving on

  3. I'm letting go of accepting mediocrity for myself.

  4. This is a great post. I've let go of some toxic friendships, but isn't it a shame how as we get older we realize how many dysfunctional people there are?? I'm left with not too many real friends, but the quality of the ones I have far outpass the quantity of unhealthy relationships I used to have. Btw I want everything in that first photo!!

    1. You're exactly right Sharon. That's why I find it hard of letting go of friendships that have turned sour; thinking about how friendships become dysfunctional (or we just outgrow them).

  5. Well Said Vanessa, as I scrolled down..I kept thinking...I need to let go of that too! I've found that just by letting go of even the littlest things that hold me down, it seems like an entire anvil weight has been lifted off. You've inspired me to let go of more!

    1. TYSM Sam. Just let go of something small each week, and take it from them. That's the only way I can handle everything I need to let go of xx

  6. What a great post, Vanessa-you are so wise! I'm in a place right now where I'm realizing some things that I have let steal my time-things that are not important and where I've lacked productivity-the bit on e-mail is a great point! I knew to limit the amount of times I visit my inbox but I think the trick is to not open it first thing-that is going to be very hard for me but I think I need to challenge myself to do that for at least a week and see how much more I can get done.

    Thanks for this post, you've got me thinking about a few different things I need to let go of. :)

    Have a great week, sweetie!

    1. I'm not sure I'm any wiser than anyone else Karla. I've just made lots of mistakes ;-) x

  7. This post is very thought-provoking. I read it earlier today and have been asking myself this big question ever since.
    I would let go of self-doubt. Easier said than done!

    I hope your dad is doing well.
    xoxo, A

    1. Thanks for popping by A. It's a biggie isn't it. But I'm just taking baby steps; it's less overwhelming xx

  8. Letting go, editing, prioritizing.. it's the perfect time of year to think do a little soul searching. Wonderful reminder for us all to be pro active and make things happen.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!


  9. Such a great reminder, Vanessa! It is a great time for letting go. I desperately need to let go of some added pounds and plan to do so as soon as I'm all well. I've also been letting go of some of my old blogging habits which used to seem unfathomable. Answering comments each and every day, being addicted to tumblr, etc. Even though it makes me a bit anxious from time to time, there really isn't room for it in my life at this time and I need to have a more balanced and healthier existance.

    Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week, love! xoxo

    1. TYSM Dawn. Sometimes I know I blow my blogging obligations all out of proportion. So I only ever blog once a week; it eases some of the pressure .Hope you are feeling better Sweets xx

  10. I want to let go of eating bad things like SUGAR!!!! I agree checking emails later is more productive but I am obsessed with the computer first thing in the morning....with a cup of coffee!!! Its my thing to do. Daily ritual

    Great post and love your blog :)

    Are we following each other??? If not, lets do it :)


    1. TYSM for stopping by. I will certainly pop over to check out your blog xx

  11. Hi Vanessa.....love this post. Letting go is so so difficult. Letting go of friends that are toxic was a good because that is just so hard to do. I think we've all had to deal with that one. Making time for ourselves is another difficult one. Wish I could let go of being such a neat freak! LOL I'd have more me time. Really, when I start thinking like this....I could come up with so many things I should let go of. LOL
    great post
    Dee xx

    1. TYSM Dee. Let me tell you my list is quite long too ;-) xx

  12. Time to let go of self-doubt, toxic relationships, unnecessary stress, being a really bad control-freak....little bits at a time! :) Hope you are doing well Vanessa.

    1. TYSM for stopping by. Seems you have similar things on your list as the rest of us xx

  13. I love this Vanessa...great post!
    Have a good week ;-)

  14. I have been letting go of a lot lately. This blog actually makes me want to write one of my own. But for now, I am letting go of the things I cannot change and just letting things happen...in their natural course. I'm letting go of my anger and focusing on things...little or big...that make me smile. I can go on...but I will save it for my blog post. Thanks for making me think!

  15. I'm pleased if this blog inspires you to write a blog of your own and gets you thinking :-)
    Don't be a stranger; pop by whenever you have time xx

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  17. I'm always reading each word and having a good think to myself when you write posts like these V. Gosh, I'm about to make some major changes in my life right now, so letting go of the old is definitely on the cards.

    I hope you're well my angel, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet. I'll let you know if i'm back in town in advance maybe this side of the year.

    Lots of love to you.

  18. Great thoughts, Vanessa. I always wish I wasn't in a rush, and could comment more profoundly, but I"m trying to "let go" of sitting at the computer all the time. Off for some telly. Loved this post.


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