The O's-Get the Look (Jewelry)

So the Oscars have come and gone
in a puff of fashion, hair and gems.

 I like to say live everyday on your
own red carpet (she says as she types
this post in her pj's and fluffy
slippers ;-)

Here are a few pieces that will
help you "translate" the red carpet,
Oscar jewelry look.

Oscar Jewelry-Jennifer Hudson

The lovely Jennifer Hudson went for blue all
around, including her earrings

Oscar jewelry-blue earrings

These gorgeous "blues" will make any girl
feel like a princess. They look fab dressed up "a la 
Hudson", or dressed down with jeans

Oscar Jewelry: Amy Adams

The gorgeous Amy Adams' ruffled gown was the
talk of the night. Her simple Mouawad earrings formed
the perfect companions.

Oscar Jewelry: Swarovski earrings

These stunning Swarovski earrings are simple and classy,
with a gun-metal undertone.

Oscar Jewelry:  Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Aniston displayed a pair of Fred Leighton
chandelier earrings, altho' lets face it we
were all clocking that rock on her third finger ;-)

Oscar Jewelry: Chandelier earrings

These are over the top glamor; sassy
and sexy need apply only ;-)
I think these chandeliers will turn heads at 
any party

Oscar Jewelry: Catherine Zeta Jones, Lorraine Schwartz earrings

Catherine Zeta Jones flaunted her love of opulence
with intricately carved Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

Oscar Jewelry: Gold earrings

These are really going to get you noticed! 
Sassy, sexy and as glamorous as you can get.

Oscar Jewelry: Jane Fonda wearing Chophard earrings

I think Jane Fonda looked fab; the image of grace
in her structured canary yellow gown and
Chophard chandelier earrings

Oscar Jewelry: dangly, turquoise earrings

These are just too stunning to be hidden. 
You need to put your hair up and wear these with pride.

Oscar Jewelry: Nicole Kidman wearing Fred Leighton earrings

Nicole Kidman displayed her love of the
ornate as she paired her sequinned gown
with Fred Leighton earring

Oscar Jewelry: Summer hoop earrings

Chandelier-chic at it's best. Very on-trend . 
C'mon girls channel the Spanish diva in you.

Whose jewelry caught your attention at the Oscars? (for
good or bad taste ;-)


  1. Mon Ami ... you have presented a wonderful interpretation ... these were great choices and your suggestions are equally breathe taking.. Wishing you a fabulous day..Blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. Jennifer Lawrence - when she tripped up wearing that ridiculously wide and heavy dress.I quite liked Jennifer Aniston's dress but was quite underwhelmed by most of them this year.I need to get my ears pierced!

    1. Hi SK. Yes, I thought the same about JL. She does seem quite accident prone at these awards ceremonies (I think at the previous one she tore her dress as she got up?) Maybe it's really time for her to sack her stylist ;-)

  3. Hi Vanessa, sweet! Stunning pieces every one, it would be hard to choose! Hope you are well and surviving this winter ... I for one cannot wait for those first flowers of spring! Have a great weekend, sweetie .. ~S xoxo

    SANDY M Illustration

    1. TYSM Sandy. I am surviving and loving the cold ;-) Madness I know xx

  4. Great post. That is a big rock on Jennifer's hand.

  5. Hey V!
    So many gorgeous looks and so different from previous years too -design wise of dress. Whenever I see the bling on the red carpet, I always imagine what it must be like, being the stylist and going to Cartier, De Beers etc to go through jewellery for the clients, how much fun???

    It was so so good seeing you lovely one!

    1. TYSM Sandee. The pleasure was all mine. Hope we can do it again before "little man" arrives xx


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