Get In The Arena

Lately I've heard friends who are striving
to do their best being criticized (by the very 
people that never put their heads about the parapet).

I've seen lovely blogging friends receive spiteful
and annoymous comments (funny how they
are always anonymous ;-)

I've seen loved ones trying their best and
still being criticized

Then this quote serendipitously appeared
(don't you love when that happens)

"It is not the critic that counts;
not the man who points out how
the strong man stumbles, or where the
doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is
actually in the arena, whose face is marred
by dust and sweat and blood; who strives
valiantly; who errs......(And) if he fails,
at least fails while daring greatly"

Anonymous comments?
Criticising those that are 
trying their hardest (be they friends, people
in caring professions etc)

Man, if you "ain't" even in the arena

getting your butt kicked on occasion
don't bother giving your view.
Your feedback doesn't count for anything!

To all those in the arena getting their butt kicked least you are
"daring greatly".

Happy Weekend Lovelies 



  1. I so wish there a "like" button, Vannessa! :-)

    Those that criticize always stay anonymous. It takes courage to ignore those people that don't mean well. I'm sure as we mature, we gain the ability to only give attention to people that are meaningful. :-)

    Another great post, Vennessa!


  2. Brilliant quote.
    All the anon comments on my blog are wearing me down, not towards me per se very often but even about pics of the odd celeb I post, there are so many bitchy women out there, I just don't get the need to make catty comments like that and it's always anonymously isn't it?

  3. Really interesting topic, I find that those who are the source of criticism are usually really jealous and insecure. I think we have all been victim to this some or other times in our lives. I do think that constructive criticism can build us up into being better, however the other nasty type of critique is only meant to bring us down. We have to rise above it and dust small-minded people under the rug.

  4. Over the last three years of blogging, I have received my fair share of nasty comments. Yes, they certainly hurt but they also taught me to develop a tougher skin and to see that it's not really me they are angry with (how could they be, really, they don't know me). I have never understood why some people feel the need to be cruel with their words to bloggers. It must be difficult to be them.

    1. I agree Adrienne. I just don't understand that they are always anonymous; speak volumes I say ;-)

  5. Loving that quote!! (I had not seen before). I have come to believe that when people are criticizing others it is often how they see or feel about them self ... send love and peace and keep doing all the great work you do. Great photos to accompany your article. Wishing you a happy Thursday .. hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  6. Lovely post, Vanessa...I LOVE the very true...I've had my fair share, like us all, I'm sure of negative comments over the years...all the more hurtful when received from friends who are generally feeling insecure themselves at the time...all goes to making us stronger, don't you think?
    Thanks for popping by this week it's always lovely to hear from you.

  7. Good post! I must complement you on your jewellery! I pinned my fave Francesca earrings I believe. I might include them later on in a post! xo Caroline

    1. Thank you so much Caroline; really appreciated xx

  8. There does seem to be tremendous bravery in anonymous quotes! If they had the backbone to leave their name and a link back to them, they might not be so cruel. Rudeness is rampant in the blogging community and society in general theses days. It's a shame but a fact of life.
    Thought provoking post!!

  9. Vanessa, you are so right! One of my blog buddies received a horrible comment attack by a person. I was so livid, I laid into them! hahahaha Hardly anybody messes with me.

    1. I've blocked anonymous comments having seen what has been written on other blogs. I just don't "get it".

  10. Hi Vanessa, I love that quote! Yes, there is way too much "nasty" in this world. I don't have a blog, but have seen how mean people can be to others. I only hope that all you wonderful bloggers ignore those people and remember....your haters make you famous. LOL I heard that somewhere.
    I always love what you have to say Vanessa. xoxo

  11. I read and save that quote too. It was so powerful! Thanks so much for sharing!! Stay in the arena and do what you dream!

  12. I changed my comments so that I could approve them. I got one very judgmental comment when I shared something very painful and personal. I ended up emailing her and telling her the facts on why I shared and that she would not understand unless she walked in my shoes. She ended up apologizing. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it. xoxo

    1. Absolutely Debby. It's just a shame we have to remind people about your last sentence :-(

  13. I teach and perform aerial fabric in my spare time. I feel the judgment from some other aerialists and I don't understand that. We are doing a beautiful and dangerous art form. Sending love in the air to that person is the only way to be. I just don't get it.

    Thanks for your post. And thanks from stopping by my blog and saying hello. Lovely to meet you.


  14. Absolutely loved this post! So true and so inspiring :) really enjoyed reading! Xxx

  15. I'm so glad I saw this post Vanessa. Those that criticize or make negative, rude, or hurtful comments are simply expressing their own need to be heard and recognized. Bring it on .. let them spew, and then brush it away ~ they don't matter. They are the ones that are stagnant and unable to see what's right in front of them. I've learned in my 50 plus years to take a deep breath when someone hurts me. It's not worth taking to heart. To hurt another in attempt to raise up one's self is pathetic. Wonderful quote:)



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