Furrrrrrrrr! It's Cold Outside.

Well this first week of Jan
has seen horrible weather 
just about everywhere, and I'm blaming
the weather on the "funk" I've felt all week.

London has seen gales and storms.
The US is experiencing a polar freeze which is making
its way (apparently) to the UK
next week.

Spain has seen really horrible weather too.
However, whenever I am there I am 
overwhelmed by the number of women
who are proud to wear their fur.
Carolina Herrera
Even just going to the food markets for their
fresh bread and they are all adorned in fur.
Tom Ford

My late Mum has her few furs in storage.
"I'm keeping them for my daughters" she always said.

However her daughters are too frightened to wear them.
You see in the UK animal activists are "active".

Ralph Lauren

I was accosted once in Regents Street (London)
when I inadvertently walked past a demonstration
outside a fur shop . I had a coat that had fur around the
hood, and I was spotted.


Thankfully I was not on my own and after a growl
from my Husband I was released.
But it has since put me off wearing anything that resembles
fur when I am in the UK.

I SO want this

However, when I am in Spain I don't have that fear.
OK, I do understand that Spain is a country that
considers bull-fighting an "art", but that's another
discussion for another day ;-)

Fur & Camel

So what's your thoughts?
To "fur or not to fur, that
is the question".
Mink anyone

As always I love hearing your opinions and views
and hope the first week of the year has been good to you all

p.s If anyone is interested in upping their
social media strategy (as I did in December), may
I recommend the lovely Julie from www.sociallyaligned.com
She's an absolute doll and has the patience of a saint.
She also really knows her stuff. Just drop her line and
tell her Van sent you ;-)


  1. Hi Vannessa, very interesting topic and no offense to you or anyone else, but I am completely against fur, I have watched far too many horrific clips of the fur farms in China and how animals are beaten and electrocuted for their fur, live in detestable uncleaned cages and barely fed. Its a nightmare thats too painful to forget, fashion is not worth torturing animals. I am all for animal anti-cruelty. Sorry, I had to share that, still adore you and your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!

    1. Completely get where you are coming from Sam. I don't wear fur either but do love looking at it.

  2. Hello dear, I think that any form of extremism is unhealthy. While I don't buy real fur items, I own a scarf that I received as a gift a few years ago and as it is beautiful and keeps me warm, why on earth shouldn't I wear it. And what about leather? Go and wear faux leather shoes and your feet will hurt as hell. I don't say it's fair or right, it's just what I do. Thank you Van for the postcard, I finally got it!! I was moved reading your handwriting :-) my daughter was ecstatic about the lady 20s style on the cover, she kept asking if she was my friend Vannessa or who else she was!! Love,
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    1. Better late than never V. So pleased it finally arrived.
      It's a really difficult one. Like you say, why wear leather and eat meat-they all involve terrible torture to animals. I'm still a little on the fence on this one ;-)

  3. I live near the seaside just up the road from the beach but for some crazy reason we have a fox in our area who comes out as soon as it gets dark and howls and bleats it's way through my evening and night time. If he don't shut up soon I will have a new coat trust me! Only joking but he is driving me round the twist! Lack of sleep equals crazy woman! I must say after all this Angora malarky I clicked off a blog just minutes ago where the writer said her jumper was Angora, it is now banned from my wardrobe. I saw a woman with the most gorgeous real fur gilet in Harvey Nic's yesterday - stunning it was but what can you do, if I could afford it, I know I wouldn't buy it, why can't they just get the fur off of dead animals instead of damn well killing them for it? I'm no activist but I don't agree with what they do. x

    1. It's a difficult one Sharon. At least your fox comes out at night. Our one hangs around in broad daylight and I am now terrified to leave the kitchen door open as he has come right up to the door before. I would have a heart attack if I turned round and saw him looking at me.

  4. fur is always a touchy topic. in the end, i don't think anyone wants to see animals slaughtered for it. except for a really "cold" person. i believe in faux fur. it's come a long way. i live in a very warm climate, so we never need fur. thank god. i heard about the demonstrations in the uk. i bet you were frightened. i would've been. excellent post vannessa.

  5. I'm wearing the fur I own, but am not purchasing any more. My favorite combination is gray fur on camel - such an elegant look and very "Gosford Park".

  6. Happy New Year Vannessa! These images are so stylish. In California I rarely find the need to dress in anything super heavy duty for cold. We are having such a warm spell that I would love to need any coat about now. My mom has a full length coat which she wore all over Europe on our holidays there last year. Glad she didn't run into any trouble with it in London now that I know more about the issues. I tend to go with faux fur for collars and touches.
    Glad to be back in touch now that I'm on the mend.
    xx, Heather

  7. Happy NEw Year!!!!! I have a mink from my mother in law and never get to wear it because it never gets cold where I live.

    I cannot believe that someone would attack a person walking down the street, thankfully your husband was with you.

  8. Hi Vanessa!

    We have lots of animal activists in Seattle too and they've done some crazy things to express their point of view. Perhaps some folks living in very cold climates believe the fur is the warmest clothing to wear. New materials have allowed us to stay warm without fur supposedly, although I don't live in a climate that experiences below freezing temps so it's not an issue for me. The idea of fur is luxurious and sometimes if that's the look you are going for there is always faux fur I guess.

    Fun conversation! Enjoy the rest of your week:) xxleslie

  9. Another stunning round up my dear! This one especially takes my breath away … and has me salivating with delight over such a beautifully curated collection! Definitely mark me down ... TO FUR.


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