Meltdown Over

Hello Lovelies!
First a HUGE thank you for all the heartfelt
comments I got to my previous post.

Right up until yesterday I was receiving
emails from all over the blogosphere
from wonderful women just checking in ;-)

I can't tell you how much strength it has
actually given me.

I also took Dame Taylors advice;
I put on the vampish lipstick and
nail polish and pulled myself together.

However whilst attending my own "pity party" I: 

* learnt my meltdown was more about 
my fear for the people
I love than about my own fears.

*learnt it was more about my anger at someone
disrupting my cosy, happy life

*I learnt that I can lose my head about trivia,
but when it really matters I am "on it"
(as my Hubs so kindly told me)

* I learnt sometimes you just have to
"zap" the toxic people in your life; there is
just no time for discussions. 
You need to move quickly.

*I learnt to not push harder and harder against the problem;
it just gives the issue more energy

*I learnt to continue crafting my life as I wish; in a way that
brings real joy and pleasure

*I remembered not  to rent out my head space
to the gremlins that seem to move in during 
the night. The real estate
in my head is way above their budgets ;-)

*I learnt that sometimes you just have to surrender to what is,
to who people are and to their baggage. You just
don't have to accept their junk in your space

* I remembered just how blessed I am and
that this blip, was merely just that…….a blip.

*I remembered to just trust the wisdom of life, it
always works out as it should.

Happy Weekend Lovelies



  1. So glad that your lovely pecker is well and truly up, you're a very strong and capable woman, but when loved ones are involved it can rattle the strongest of us.
    Keeping other people out of my head is the toughest thing to do, I would love to learn a technique that would enable me to nip that in the bud.

    1. TYSM Tabs (unfortunately you know the gory details ;-)
      Love ya' and thank you so much for all your support x

    2. Elizabeth Taylor technique is so strong...

  2. Awww, so glad to hear things are improving and things are brighter...
    “I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up.”
    ~Tupac Shakur
    PS And super-glad to hear you're keeping ya pretty little head up too~ xo

    1. TY Sweets and for all your support on Twitter; means a lot xx

  3. Vanessa, you need to create a poster based on this blog post. You can title it, "How to Survive Someone Else's Meltdown". I experienced someone's downward spiral this week with me as their chosen victim in front of 20 people. It was humiliating and horrible. I held it together, walked out with dignity, and came home to cry my eyes out for an hour. But the items you illustrated above were some of my own thoughts, too. I especially love that the demons crouching at your mental door can't afford the real estate inside your head. That is brilliant!

    Way to go, Vanessa!

    1. TYSM Rebekah and so lovely to see you here. Missed you xx

  4. Hey Vannessa,
    So happy you found your way out, like you've found the light again ;-)
    I read your previous post to understand the story.
    It's great, you learned a lot of things obviously.
    You know what Christie said about unexpected things happening to us, like the universe is against us while it was going so well? it's more like your soul showing you your baggage so you can let go of it.
    Easier said then done - I admit.

    To Your Infinite & Loving "Beingness" ♥

    Lovely picture with the "chocolat dragée" from Brussels. How funny! (Being from Belgium lol)

    1. Hi Heloise. So lovely to see you here. You know I thought the same about my stirring up my energies. This literally happened after starting to listen to Christie ;-)
      Thank you for your lovely comments Sweets xx

  5. Dear Vannessa,

    So happy that the worst is over! Unfortunately, many of us have certain family members that give us grief, somewhere along our lives and sometimes it's not up to you when they enter your carefully crafted life again. Nonetheless, I'm sure you came out stronger as "what didn't kill you makes you stronger". :-)

    All the blessings to you, my dear friend! Now, finally back to your new year's list again, isn't it? ;-)

    Take care,


  6. You go girl! I'm glad to hear things are settling down for you and these lessons learned are powerful. My friend Adrienne from The Rich Life on a Budget recently shared the pin 'Not my monkeys, not my circus'. I find this to be so true.
    Happy calm and peaceful weekend lovely friend.

    1. TYSM Heather. Yes, I actually used that quote when I was talking about the situation with my Dad (as it's really his monkey, his circus ;-)

  7. Very good advice form Elizabeth Taylor. Beautiful calming images too. Wishing you a relaxing wekend.

  8. Hi Vannessa, sorry to hear about everything, it happens to the best of us. I am glad to know you're feeling better, a strong, poised and confident women like yourself will always find a way to get though anything...I loved reading all the things you have learnt, it made me realize that I still have such a long way to go. Sending you many hugs! Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

    1. TYSM Sam. The lessons come with age (unfortunately ;-) xx

  9. Everything will be ok Vannessa. GOD always provides you angels to get through whatever you're going through. ((Hug))

  10. Maybe the meltdown was worth it if you can now live by these pearls of wisdom. Well done you for pulling yourself together and being the bigger person with the strength to come out the other side with the knowledge the same things won't bring you down again x

  11. Lots of lessons were learned but sometimes we need the meltdown to happen before we can truly step back and take a look at the big picture. Glad things are looking better and that the long distance hug helped a bit. xo

  12. Vanessa, I'm delighted to hear that you swept that troublesome pest under the carpet where it belongs. Your words are giving me the strength I need to deal with my sister over the next several months. Thank you ! I hope you have a wonderful week.


  13. TYSM Bonnie. Email if you need a shoulder xx

  14. Life is too precious to waste on toxic people. We have to learn to let go and move on.

  15. I am so thrilled to hear you're feeling so much better, Vannessa. I've been thinking of you, wishing you strength and courage and wisdom as you dealt with this gutting situation. You are incredibly brave and wise. :-)

  16. Sometimes I need to be told to pull myself together ;)..LOve the quote!

  17. "And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make." – Paul McCartney

    Happy Valentine's day, sweetie!

  18. Vanessa thank you for your wise words. Your emerged from this "situation" even stronger, I admire you for this.
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