Happy Birthday VB!!!

OK, so Mrs B celebrates turning 40 today and there
are so many reasons why I have so much respect for this woman.

She faced some of her harshest critics from the UK, and yet she
just kept her head down and kept on keeping on.

Here are some other reasons I respect here so much.
Don't you think she looks so pretty without the scowl? This is my
fav picture of her.

"Most people never become this successful in their second careers.
She is an exception in every sense of the word-in her personality
in everything"
(Karl Largerfeld)

I love that she could have just sat back, become a
footballers wife and nothing else. But she has really had
to strive to get respected in the fashion world, as everyone
was just waiting for her to fail. She plugged away
for years and now she seems to have reached her pinnacle.
That's a lesson in success if ever I saw one.

Cheryl Cole in VB

"She had an amazing potential that only certain women have-
such as Diane von Furstenberg. ………She is not a designer like me, but
she has something that I don't have; a unique sense of wearing what
she creates, images of which go round the world and sell it!"

(Roland Mouret)

"Don't underestimate her" 
(Anna Wintour)

Jennifer Hudson in VB

"She is spontaneous with a great sense of humor; humble
yet at the same time driven by a healthy ambition. She
is a perfectionist, like everyone who is passionate
about their work"

(Emmanuelle Alt-Editor-in-Chief, Vogue, Paris)

"She is a very sweet woman with a great sense of humor.
You can tell she's passionate about her collections"
(Manolo Blahnik)

Miss "Conscious Uncoupling" in VB

What I personally love about her is that the word "humble" comes up
continuously by people that know her. She has to be one of the most photo
graphed women in the world and yet I have never read of any diva
behavior in any shape or form.

Some say that she knows all the right people hence her success.
I don't agree. You have to do more than "know" the right people,
you have to deliver and she has shown she can deliver through
sheer hard work and fiery ambition.

Oprah wearing VB

She always said she wanted all shapes of women to
wear her clothes and she stayed true to her word.
It wasn't just a marketing ploy

"We're close friends. She's just an amazing woman….
I aspire to be like her some day. She is not
just another celebrity trying to have a clothing line.
She IS fashion and definitely knows what she is talking about"
(Eva Longoria)

Her BFF wearing VB

She recently revealed that she collects crystals to
create positive energy, believes in karma
and works out at 6am five days a week!
(now that is someone disciplined!)
German Vogue in 2010

British Vogue in 2008

"I look at people like Victoria Beckham and 
admire them so much……………I don't know how she
can have four kids the perfect brand and an even
more perfect husband".
(Paris Hilton)

She is certainly like Marmite-you either love
her or hate her. I am going with the former.
She doesn't always get things right. She has
had more than her fair share of fashion blunders,
but haven't we all by the time we get to 40.

I would love to hear your views.

Happy Easter Lovelies


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  2. Hello my friend ... this is a beautiful post to celebrate a brilliant person. Ms. VB is truly the real thing... love her fashion!! Wishing you a Happy Easter , hugs, C. (HHL)
    P.S. love!! Love!!! the new blog look..xo

  3. I do love her, always have and always will. As for the Oprah outfit and her "all women, all sizes" thing, I'm not sure that is true, I don't think you can find anything bigger than a 14 online! x

    1. So how did she dress Oprah because there is no way Oprah is a 14? Baffled ;-)

  4. Hi Van, I loved this article about VB. I realised how little I knew about her. The first picture of her is truly cute, I think she scowls to show she is tough. I also appreciate she is defined as humble, I've always wondered about her personality. Well happy birthday to her! Hope you enjoyed a Happy Easter dear, and thank you for everything!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  5. Hi Coco. I too don't get the scowling as she is really pretty when she smiles. Maybe trying to create an "enigma" like Anna Wintour? x

  6. Hi Vannessa, what a wonderful post to celebrate Victoria's birthday. I was quite young when the Spice Girls came out but she was always my favourite because even then she exuded poise and poshness of course. I enjoyed reading these interesting quotes about her. Wish she smiled more too. Thanks for your support over at mine, hope you're having a great week so far!

  7. I have to admit I know very little about Ms. V.B. but a woman who is known for her sense of humor and kind ways is someone I would like. Thanks for reminding me that I shouldn't judge a book by it's impeccably chic, glossy cover.
    And thank you for your recent email! It made me smile.

  8. I remember reading an interview where she said she didn't even realize people thought she was "scowling" and that once they moved stateside she made an effort to smile more in front of the cameras. She considered it her neutral face, not scowling. She said she wasn't angry or unhappy, she just didn't lift her lips up. I thought that was so funny. I love reading about people who excel and are still humble - great post!

  9. I'm afraid I don't know anything about VB, so I was delighted to read what so many of her friends had to say about her. Anyone who plugs along against so much vitriol is someone I admire.


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