I Didn't Know Her But……………..

OK, I had planned   a different post for my blog this week. But some
how talking about sparkles and frivolity just didn't feel right for me
this week.

So instead I just want to share 3 minutes
of profound wisdom from one of
my  inspirations.

Two of my favorite quotes ever are below.

The first was  told to me by my Mum when 
she realized her days were becoming fewer (even
though she was only 48!)
I had no idea who the author of this quote was (I'm
not sure she did either) until
long afterwards.

Maya Angelou, quotes

A great reminder that sometimes we are striving
for something that is much closer than we 

Maya Angelou, quotes

Happy Weekend Lovelies


  1. Vanessa dear,
    I've been thinking of you this week. Just a couple of weeks ago you reminded me of that inspiring 'every woman' piece by Maya Angelou. On the morning of her passing (dashing out to work) I posted a pin with the same words. I just looked back at your gorgeous post (definitely my aesthetic) and pinned it to my 'blog crushes' board on Pinterest. Both of these are inspiring posts. She was such wisdom and I light. I know you and I are both feeling it. Wishing you a happy weekend my inspiring friend. xx, Heather

    1. Awwwh! Thank you so much lovely lady. Who would have thought when I posted that earlier Maya Angelou poem, a few weeks later she would have passed on :-( Thank you so much for including me as one of your "blog crushes". I'm off to find you on PInterest now ;-) xx

  2. Thank you for the beautiful post. It was such a delight to read this first thing this morning sitting down at the computer. I hope that I can carry some of her wisdom with me.
    xo Mary Jo

    1. TYSM Mary Jo. I hope I can carry some of her wisdom with me also ;-) xx

  3. Lovely Vanessa, This was a treat. I too was so sad to hear about her passing. She has inspired me so much. I love the video. Her goodness just radiates from her. What a positive role model she was for all women. She came so far in her life. I am going to share this. Don't you love the quote about people remember how you make them feel?
    She was a gift to humanity. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hope you are well and enjoying June! xx Kim

  4. I loved this post so much and it's so weird how I you can read quotes like that and suddenly feel so inspired or happier instantly and she really was an amazing woman with wise words. It's beautiful your mom told you those too. :)

    Thank you again for sharing,

  5. Your tribute is beautiful! She was an amazing woman ... who inspired many not only with her words but by how she embraced and lived life. The world is definitely a better place because Maya was here. Blessings my friend..xo Celia M. (HHL)


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