It's Not Just About The Money

"Money won't buy happiness, unless we exchange it for the things
that will bring happiness.

If we don't know how to get happiness out of five dollars, 
we won't know how to get it out of five hundred,
or five thousand, or five hundred thousand".

How true is this?
How many people do you know who "seem"
to have everything but are just never happy? :-(

What things (that don't cost a lot of money)
make you feel really happy?

Wishing you ALL a week full of happiness

Extract: Eleanor H Porter

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  1. You know what? I bought a dozen white roses last week for $10. I have babied these flowers X10, and they have rewarded all my fussing over them by giving me such joy and happiness. Just looking at them makes me smile and they're in my kitchen so I see them all day long. $10. Put to the best use for me this week when I NEEDED to smile about something as life has been throwing sticks and stones at me. xx's

    1. You have summed it up in one Marsha. Hope you are surviving the sticks and stones Sweets xx

  2. So true...a lovely post, Vanessa...wishing you a week full of happiness too xx

  3. Little things that make me happy: cuddling with my cat, baking something delicious, a good cup of coffee and a magazine.

  4. Sunrises and sunsets make me happy, Spring mornings, Winter evenings, Autumn afternoons, fresh veggies from my garden, flowering fruit trees, my dogs happy to see me, baby chicks. :-)

    1. Absolutely Krista, especially the sunrises and sunsets ;-)
      Hope you are well Sweets xx

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