Save Your Haggling For Morocco

OK, here's the thing that's been bugging
me for some time.

Many of my wonderful friends are creatives
of some shape or form.
We are all creatives in some way I think.

So it really bugs me when people feel they have a right
to try and barter our prices down, or haggle
over a product they want.

Hey! I love a good bargain, but I would never
barter with small businesses or creatives.

In the same way if I was having something bespoke
made, I would never haggle. I know that the reason
the price is higher than Target or Walmart is because
I am buying into the whole "process" of something 
being created just for me.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Hayden Williams

Even if you are a stylist, people are paying to tap into
your knowledge and for you to create a look for them.
Therefore, we should respect that and NOT haggle or
negotiate over the price.

I find it really offensive sometimes.
You see I get between 5-10 emails a week from
bloggers asking me for FREE products!

Some of these "influencers" have NEVER even read my
blog, certainly never commented. So never having taken the
time to build a relationship with me, but then they feel
they have the "right" to ask for a free product as they
are a "fashion influencer"? Am I missing something here?

Some have blog stats that you can count on one hand!
But that's not really the issue for me. It's the fact that they
feel I should be "privileged" that they "found me" on the

I was always astounded by their audacity.
A couple of times I turned the tables and said
they could have a product if they show me
their stats, or they can have a product
if they pay the trade price.

Of course you never see them again for dust!
They just wanted the freebie.

Here's the thing. When you give someone something for free
 (and it's not given as a gift from you), you de-value
your product/service/time.

People never appreciate something they are
given for free. Even if they have to pay a
nominal amount, they will value the object/
service/person MORE than if they pay nothing.

Other times I have had customers who contact
me saying they like a particular piece, but THEY think
the price should be X!!!

Whooooooa! Hold on Tiger!
 Are you serious?
Would they walk into Neiman Marcus or
Selfridges in the UK and say to the store manager
they would like to purchase X but only if the price is
what they think it should be?

C'mon people get a grip!
If you want to haggle then go to your local market
or ebay (Morocco is also a good place if you like
haggling ;-)

But if you are buying from an artist who is selling their 
product or service that they live, sleep and breathe through,
then don't haggle.

If you want cheap and mass-produced, then there
are places where you can buy such products with
prices that reflect this.

So this holiday season my wonderful friends,
don't let customers negotiate your worth.

You have set your price for a reason, and if
that sets you apart from the mass--produced
tat that some of the bigger stores sell, then
be proud about it. 

The RIGHT customers
who know value, and who know your worth
WILL find you and they will never negotiate with you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this (whether you are a creative
or a even "professional haggler ;-"- 
I know they exist. My sister is one of them ;-)


  1. How strange,a part of the culture of entitlement I suppose, I think fair enough for someone with 50,000 followers but aside from that...erm.

  2. People really need to be educated ... quality over quantity - yes you will pay a bit more. And they need to learn that an object which is hand crafted has been made with exceptional attention to detail and materials. Great post mon ami!!! Hugs Celia M. (High Heeled Life)

  3. I am shocked that bloggers actually contact and ask anyone for stuff. I get offered free stuff to review on occasion but am always approached by the brand and not the other way round! I remember my husband haggled over my engagement ring in a well known jewellers and I was mortified then even more shocked when they gave a discount! x

    1. I can haggle with the best of them Sharron. For example when I bought my Mini I haggled all the extras, BUT I would never do it to small businesses or artisans.

  4. I hear you, sister! Blog stat means nothing when it's not the right audience, wouldn't you agree? It's like you don't need attention from men from all over the world. You only need THAT ONE, that's the right one to be spending the rest of life with you. Only one... ;-)

    Plus, when buying from individual creatives, people are buying the opportunity to be/look unique, right?

  5. Very elegantly said, Vanessa...I agree with you and thank you so much for the mention ;)
    I hope your husband doesn't mind his relegation.... xx

  6. Firstly, I cannot believe people actually ask you for merchandise. This is hideous. I have offered certain bloggers something as I already know they have an audience who will appreciate my wares.
    Anyway, our merchandise costs us $$$. I put a very very fair price on all of my merchandise, as I know there are 100's or 1000's or other pieces of merchandise they could choose. I curate all of it myself, and carry and/or wear it too. If I wear/carry something you can be certain it's great. I know exactly how you feel, V. Just FYI, years ago at Sak's 5th Avenue when I worked in the very rarified air of the Fashion Salon, a man wanted to buy a St. John suit and actually wanted to haggle. Didn't work. We all laughed out loud when he left.

    1. I hear you Marsha. I too won't sell anything I wouldn't wear or pay the price for.
      You would be surprised how many people contact me. I am always astounded :-(

  7. I am staggered that people do this to you, though I shouldn't be, for they hit me up to donate my photos/writing all the time. This stuns me. Like you, I could never do that. Ever. I value and respect their work and expect them to do the same for me. Well done calling them out!!

    1. I know some bloggers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to getting publicity, but it's usually never them that contact you. It's usually those just starting out, who think if they call themselves a "fashionista" or "fashion blogger" that automatically makes them entitled ;-)

  8. I agree that it's worth it to pay a little more for quality.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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