The Shopping Test I Swear By

I really am not great in the sales.
In fact I am not great shopping. Period.

I still think twice before buying anything for
myself. I guess I still have my Mum's dulcette
tones ringing in my ears when she gave me these
wise words.
" Go home and sleep on it. If you are
still thinking about it 48 hours later, that means
you really want it" (but not necessarily need it of course).

YSL oversized bag. Passed the 48 hour test ;-)

I have used this technique so many times and 
you can be sure 24 hours later, I can't even
remember what it was I wanted to buy ;-)

Something I promise I would never forget in 48 hours (Valentino)

I think it's great to remember that what we 
buy represents how we see ourselves, and how we
wish for others to see us.

You're a smart cookie and let the world know it.

Would love to know your thoughts on shopping.
Are you an impulse buyer?
A throw-away-after-one- season kind of girl?

Do you go armed to the sales knowing exactly what
you want (list in hand, body armor on!) or do you
decide when you see it?

When was the last time you had buyers remorse?
I would love to hear 



  1. Hello!!! How funny that you should write this - as I just got off the phone to the shoe shop. Turns out (24 hours later) that the blue shoes I mentioned in my blog post can be mine! There is one pair left in all the country so clearly that must be 'a sign'!!! Haha. I have no willpower. But what I do have is new shoes!! L x

    1. Ha Lou!!! You are so funny. Clearly the "blue shoes" were meant to be yours Sweets x

  2. This is a great technique! I too have learned to wait before buying that "must have" which is often a want and not a need. Great post mon ami, xo Celia M. (HHL)

  3. I grew up very poor, so when I started earning my own money, I could hardly resist anything. It just felt so lovely to be able to buy things. But now I'm much more careful. I buy what I love, really love, things that I know I will wear a lot or things I can envision a place for. :-)

    1. Hi Krista. I also think it's something that comes with age. I know for me shopping is no longer an activity I do as a "hobby", and so when I do go, I want my "expedition" to be worthwhile.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Day and I am so glad and thankful that you make part of my life!

  5. Good shopping smarts. I find online shopping great for that, leaving things in shopping carts so that you can check back later and see if it's meant to be.


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