So December has arrived and it's the month
that suddenly sees me want to adorn myself in every 
shade of red imaginable; from flaming
crimson to blazing cinnabar.

Armani Privé

I don't know what it is, but I suddenly want to
channel my inner Mrs Claus and wear red wherever 
and whenever possible (a color I never wear the rest
of the year).

Christmas dresses, red dresses, Elie Saab, red, sparkles
Elie Saab

The need for red talons and lips become a requirement.
I never wear red lipstick or nail varnish any other time
 until the "month of madness" is upon us, and then I
feel the need to become Cruella deVille

red, red lipstick, Dior lipstick

jimmy choo, red, red shoes, Christmas, red heels
Give me the Choos!

red jewelry, red jewellery, red earrings, chandelier earrings, red chandelier earrings
Have you met Zita? She also come in yellow gold

These beauties are available here

So are you like me when it comes to wearing this season's
feistiest shade, or do you avoid it at all costs?
Or perhaps you wear it all year round?
Would love to hear your thoughts as always



  1. I only ever used to wear red nail polish in December but I started earlier this year x

  2. All I can say is....WOW...absolutely beautiful.
    Have a lovely day, Vanessa xx

  3. Oh Vanessa, what a gorgeous post to see on such a gray, overcast day. It's going to be storming soon and these images make me so happy.

  4. Oh you make me smile, Vanessa. :-) I do so love red. I wear it on my toes in one form or another year round, and accessorize with rings and earrings that are so cheering. :-)


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