This Christmas I Wish For You……………….

My God, I can't believe how quickly the BIG DAY is 
nearly upon us. I hope you didn't get too
wrapped up in the manic-ness of it all.

This Christmas I really wish for you:

* the joy of being able to really kick
back and enjoy the moment

*the joy of not worrying about perfection, but
instead knowing that it will all turn out
OK in the end (so what
if you forgot the cranberry sauce. That is not
what you will remember most in 5 years time ;-)

*the joy of no more to-do lists

*the joy of being with the ones that really matter
(not necessarily those you feel you have to be with ;-)

*the joy of seeing the happiness YOU give to others

*the joy of  belly laughs, tears of happiness and
child-like wonder

*the joy of making time to steal those kisses and cuddles
with your loved ones

* the joy of making fab memories that will
stay with you long after the wrapping has all been thrown
and your Instagram feed has moved on ;-)

* the joy of  receiving (some of us find it difficult to
receive gifts, compliments, surprises……..anything. 
Sometimes we areso focused on the giving, 
that we forget it is OK to
accept and be pampered also.

*the joy of candle-lit lunches and dinners 
(food always seems to taste better in candle-light).

*the joy of  slushy Christmas films 

*the joy of finding quiet moments to reflect and soak 
it all in

*the joy of "no technology" days

Finally I would like to thank you for always
being at my side in this humble space I call 
my blog. I am not a writer and sometimes
find it difficult to come up with anything of value.

So I appreciate every single one of you who make
time to visit. I know how "time-starved" we all are,
so it means even more to me to think I have people
even reading my ramblings ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and
nothing but the best for 2015.

Year by year it's all unclear, but day
by day we WILL  find a way.



  1. Beautiful post my friend!!! Wishing you and yours a beautiful Merry Christmas ..blessings, C.

  2. Such gorgeous, happy, and peaceful images. Happiest of Christmases to you!! XO

  3. I wish you the same beautiful sentiments. Merry Christmas to you and your family dear friend!

  4. Wonderful post Vanessa. It's the quiet and calm of the season that help me to prioritize what's important. The gathering of friends and family around the table, the act of giving AND receiving, and being okay with what IS and not always having everything perfect. This year has been a HUGE lesson in patience for me with the building of this house. The holiday season started with my annual girls holiday party with my home LESS than perfect as the construction in progress. I was okay with there being imperfections everywhere. I'm also not worrying if I don't get a lot of baking done. It's more important to enjoy the family time:)

    Thank you for such a lovely post and reminder to ME to keep calm and carry on. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and happy and healthy New Year.


  5. Thank you SO much Leslie. So pleased it resonated with you xx

  6. Lovely words, I can't believe that you don't consider yourself a writer.

  7. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 brings lots of wonderful things your way.

  8. Vanessa dear, We were traveling, hosting and traveling again...I'm finally home to catch up on my favorite blog friends. This post is lovely and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your inspiration again and again. Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years!
    Cheers, xx-Heather

  9. your dinner arrangement is lovely.. but i love to sexy dinner..!!

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