Fashion Renegades or Eccentrics?

Sometimes it's so easy when we see someone
"pushing the envelope" in terms of fashion boundaries, to
label them eccentric (I know I have been guilty
of this myself :-(

So were these wonderful women below just
eccentrics or were they really fashion renegades?

You cannot start a discussion about fashion eccentrics
or renegades without talking about the lovely 
Iris Apfel; the US icon renowned for her over-sized
spectacles and maximalist dressing.

If you want to stand out from the crowd for your
original and idiosyncratic style, then look
no further for inspiration.

Iris Apfel, fashion renegades, fashion eccentrics, fashion icons
Iris Apfel

Jacqueline Ribes

 The French aristocrat Countess de Ribes was a muse
to YSL and one of the elite socialites known as the Swans.
She went onto launch her own label and customise her
couture outfits for fancy dress parties.
A new exhibition in her honour opens at the New York
Met this November.

diana vreeland, vogue, fashion icons, fashion renegades
Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland the legendary editor of American Vogue.
She later became the muse for Marc Jacobs' decadent
a/w 2015 collection. He created a show set that mimicked
her apartment.
Her points of view heralded some of the most adventurous
editorials of the time

So eccentrics or renegades?

Do you agree with the lovely Ms Apfel?


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