Iconic Engagements

Jeweller George Pragnell has created some stunning
info-graphics detailing some of the most iconic engagement
rings and proposals.

JFK kept Jackie Bouvier's known love of Emeralds in mind when
he picked out her yellow gold engagement ring with the help
of his Father. The ring boasts a 288 carat diamond with a 2.84
emerald flanked by 2 baguettes

Grace Kelly's stunning 10.47 carat emerald cut diamond is now valued at 
approximately $4.3 million. The Prince originally popped the question
with a more modest ring but upgraded it when he learned that actresses
of a similar calibre were walking round with much bigger rocks!

Mel Ferrer chose Audrey Hepburn a non-traditonal stacked set of
bezel rings. These are now estimated  at around $10k.

The massive diamond was originally known as The Krupp diamond but later
become known as 'The Elizabeth Taylor' diamond.
It's estimated worth is now around $8.2 million

I guess by now we all know that Prince William proposed to Kate with the beautiful
12 carat blue Ceylon sapphire ring that belonged to his mother Princess Diana.
The ring was originally purchased for $40k which is now estimated to be 
worth around $430k.

So there you have it, some iconic proposals and engagement rings.

Now despite being a lover of all things sparkly, I didn't want
an engagement ring!! Yes you read that correctly. I opted for 
designing my own wedding band with the diamonds incorporated 
into my band. Those of you that know enough about me 
know that I don't do traditional or conventional too well (much to
the anger of my Spanish mother-in-law!!!) Can you imagine?

 I also don't do delicate jewellery well as I don't have lovely
slender fingers (more chubby, little, chipolata sausages;-)
So this was an option that worked really well for me and I still
get stopped by strangers who ask me about my wedding ring some
20 years later. 

What about you? Did you have a traditional engagement ring?
If you had millions to splash would you spend it on jewellery?
Did you veer away from traditional when it came to your

Would love to hear your thoughts as always.

Images courtesy of George Pragnell and Daily Mail (UK)


  1. We were non-traditional as well. :-) My hubs designed a ring - a gold sword wrapped around my finger - and gave that to me first. Then we went to an antiques shop and picked out a lovely gold ring with jade that had belonged to a wonderful elderly couple. After she died he'd brought it into the shop in the hopes that another couple would have as much happiness as they'd had. :-)

  2. You really picked the very best Vanessa! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW FASHION POST

  3. I would love to see your ring! I have sausage fingers on "man hands" but have a traditional engagement ring. Love this post xo

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  5. What a neat post, Vannessa! I enjoyed reading about each classic lady. Jackie O. had such a classic wedding dress and the style has stood the test of time. I love the infographics and how it was presented, what a creative post idea. To be honest, I think I'd be petrified to wear a 7ct. ring, a bauble that large is sure to get knocked around and I'd be afraid of losing it anytime I took it off to sleep, shower, etc. ;)

  6. What fun to read the history of all these glorious gems, Vannessa. Your ring sounds unique and beautiful. My husband gave me a diamond band for our 15th anniversary in September and I'm in love with it (I mean him). Seriously, he got down on one knee to give it to me. The moment was very special. I have smallish hands so I keep my rings pretty delicate.
    Sparkling post! xx, Heather

  7. This blue wedding ring is looking tremendous and showing wonderful creativity! My husband also proposed me with a magnificent rock at my friend’s wedding at wedding venues Los Angeles and later we got married at a same place.

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