Posh in Pearls

If you were born in June, then you are probably
already aware that pearls are your birthstone.

Pearls are symbolic for it's so-called enchanting powers.
In many cultures there is also a very strong link with love
and marriage, hence the reason that June is a popular month
for marriages in which brides adorn themselves with 

In the 1920's and 30's Coco Chanel became the 
poster girl for pearls.

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls
Coco Chanel and Serge Lifa, the principal dancer of Diaghilev's Ballet Russes during it's final years in the late 1920's

"I think pearls are understated and slightly
reticent and for that reason they really are very effective"-

Coco Chanel

In the 1950's Grace Kelly took over the helm
 and is quoted as saying 
"I favour pearls on screen and in my private life".

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls-Grace Kelly

Style icons Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O then carried on
the tradition through the 50's and 60's.

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls
Rare photo of Audrey Hepburn photographed in 1959 by
Henry Wolf via

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls -Audrey Hepburn
Elfin-faced beauty

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls
Jackie O relaxing in pearls (well you can when  you are
First Lady) via

Jackie Kennedy, pearls, pearl necklace

Jackie O wore her triple strand pearl necklace
designed by American jeweller Kenneth Jay Lane frequently.
It became her signature piece during here time as First Lady.

In 1981, pearls ruled again when Princess Diana married 
Prince Charles.

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls
The Queen presented Diana with this diamond and
pearl tiara as a wedding gift.

This diamond and sapphire brooch was also a wedding 
gift from the Queen and Diana had the brooch made into
a stunning pearl choker using the brooch as a centrepiece.

Pearl chokers then became fashionable again.

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls
At the MET in December 1996

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls

Bringing pearls right up to date and coming 
full circle again with Chanel

Luxuria Blog: Posh in Pearls

So are you a pearl girl?
Funnily enough the pearls I have
only ever worn are my rings above.
(not sure why). 

I didn't even wear them on my wedding
day. Am I the only person that hasn't?

What gems did you wear on your wedding day?

As always would love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Vanessa, how are you? How's the new cottage going? I did wear little pearl drop earrings on my wedding. And I love the classic look of pearls...all these photos are wonderful, but I've gotten away from pearls now.... They don't really fit my lifestyle anymore.

    1. Hi lovely Leslie. The cottage is coming on nicely.
      Like you, pearls just don't fit my style (mind you I don't think they ever did ;-)
      Hope all is well your end xx

  2. My wedding was tiny and simple, I just wore my jade wedding ring. :-) I do love ropes of pearls with varying sizes and lengths. :-)

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  4. There’s so many influential style icons who have continued to favor pearls and I tend to agree. They are such a refined and elegant type of jewellery to wear. They have continued to be worn throughout the years, and there are so many beautiful modern takes to the classic string of pearls.

  5. Pearl definitely adds a royal touch to any ensemble and has certain level of glamour attached to it. Nothings as classy as pearl. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My birthstone is diamond and I'd rather have pearls. I've always favored pearls and have even worn them while riding the tractor while mowing fields. Granted, they weren't my "best" pearls but they were still pearls...lol. I think I wore pearls on my wedding day...but really cannot remember. We were married on the front lawn of this farm and there was a LOT going on that day.

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  9. Pearls are timeless and the royal era depicts the fascination gracefully. I recently purchased diamond drop earrings from one of my favorite jewelers which is my pearl purchase of the last year.


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