Make A Statement (without opening your mouth).

Even though Autumn is my favourite season, it
can also be a bit tricky to dress for especially
here in the UK where you don't know from one day 
to the next what to wear (we are 
apparently going to be getting an Indian Summer this week!)
I won't be holding my breath though ;-)

However, one thing that never changes even when the
seasons do is how you can wear your jewellery
to uplift your mood.

Nikki Gewirtz (MD of Lola Rose) says,
make it "about bold designs and shapes; it's all
about what makes you feel confident. Whatever the 
season or climate accessories always work!"

So here are some delicious designs to 
wet your appetite.

Tory Burch
pendants, black Onyx, statement pendants, Fall, black jewellery, jewellery, Luxuria Jewellery,druzy
Gorgeous black onyx; as dark and mysterious as a Tom Ford perfume
Available here

pendants, statement pendants, Fall, black jewellery, jewellery, Lanvin
LANVIN: Altho' I must say it does look very similar to my curtain tie-backs 

pendants, statement pendants, Fall, black jewellery, jewellery, Narciso Rodriguez, statement necklaces
Narciso Rodriguez


The allure of deep, turquoise Mediterranean seas calls to you with this stunning pendant.

Available here

A great little cheat-sheet.
(But hey! if it looks good for you................go with it. Forget the rules). 

So do you think you will embrace the statement necklace
this season or are you SO over big, bold and bodacious?

As always would love to hear your thoughts


  1. Great post my friend!!! ... and what a fabulous chart you have shared with us. So happy that Amy Adams' statement necklace made your list!! Toronto has been all a buzz with the film festival that is here until Sunday. The weather has finally started to cool here - its been a crazy hot / humid summer this year with very little rain. happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you so much C. You now have all the buzz of Wills and Kate to contend with ;-) x

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    Happy Shopping!

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