I Wish For You............


OMG!! Where do I start this year?

I am not sure I even have enough words to wish you 

the best of everything after the year we have all had.

I will write at the end of the year some posts on what this year has taught me,

and also the books that got me through 2020.

But is this madness even finished? I doubt it.

Nonetheless, I am going to pretend we are all going to have a 

"normal-ish" Christmas and with that in mind, here is what I wish for you.

I wish for you:-

*the joy of being with loved ones, even if that means just one person this year.

* the solace of being safe at home. I sincerely hope you have a sanctuary. 

One thing I learned this year was that my home is my sanctuary. 

I  found so much solace in being home and having a beautiful space, consciously

created longe before the pandemic hit, but appreciated more than ever.

* the joy of meals being thrown together in the aftermath of the

big day, as you give up trying to channel Nigella.

*the joy of pj's now becoming your normal daywear (be careful what

you wish for, as they say).

*the joy of being, not doing

*belly laughs

*old school board games with lots of screaming and cheating ;-)

* screen down-time

*quiet moments of reflection, and

* your favourite Christmas films with cocktail in hand.

But more than anything I would like to thank you for 

the joy you give me as you accompany me in this humble space I call 
my blog. I am not a writer and sometimes find it difficult to come up with anything of value.

In fact most days I can't even think of words to string 
a sentence together .

So I appreciate every single one of you who make time to visit. 

I know how "time-starved" we all are, and what a difficult year this has been, 
so it means even more to me to think I have people even reading my ramblings ;-)

Thank you SO much.


  1. A lovely post. The word sanctuary is fitting - that is how i have felt as well this year. Intensely grateful for my lovely home. And for my leisure wear! Xx nancy

    1. Thank you Nanc. You and me both. I've worn a mask more than I have worn a bra!!! LOL


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