If you live in the UK as I do, things are looking a "little" brighter.
I am  trying not to get too excited at this point. 
But I feel ready to escape the grey.

I still can't believe it is nearly a year since this craziness all began.
What a year!
We learnt to Zoom.
We learnt to dress the top half of  our bodies without giving away 
what was really going on under the desk LOL
We put on lipstick.
We ditched the lipstick.
We put on  fancy dresses.
We ditched them for loungewear.
We forgot how to walk in heels (at least I did).
I wore a mask more than I wore a bra!!!

Charm necklaces here

Our bags became like little first-aid kits;
Masks? Check.
Hand sanitiser? Check.
Extra masks because the Hubby will lose or forget his? Check.
Rubber gloves for the supermarket? Check

We finally nailed loungewear without looking like we just rolled
out of bed.
We started to really appreciate the most important our hairdresser.

You Tube became my new friend as I tried to trim my own hair before I started to
scare the neighbours small children and pets!

It's been such a rollercoaster. But maybe we are slowly getting
ready for some colour.
Maybe we will re-discover the joy of getting dressed up.

Choker here

Maybe we are starting to think of Spring and pretty pastels.
Maybe we are ready to escape the grey.
Maybe we are looking forward to "real" parties and not Zoom parties
(I am SO over this Zoom malarkey!)
Maybe we are scared to admit we loved lockdown and don't want
to go back to how everything was before.

Earrings here

Maybe we are starting to realise that there's no saving anything for best.
No saving for far-flung adventures or places.
Maybe we've realised that everyday can be our runway (supermarket aisle
if you are that way inclined). 

Maybe we are realising that we should dress in a way that makes us smile every day
Maybe we are daring to dream again.

Maybe we are reminiscing of adventures past.

Maybe we are dreaming of trips to come.
They will come. We just need to remember that.

Maybe we are ready for colour again.

The gorgeous Tamera wearing this ring 

Maybe we are finally on our way out of this very long tunnel.
We don't know exactly when, but hope is keeping us going.

Continue to stay safe.


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  1. I hope this comment sticks because I keep getting this wrong! This was a great post about looking back and now able to see some light. There is some light coming through. I am trying not to get down about the way the virus is keeping many countries still on lockdown. In vancouver, we have been able to have our services remain open, and until recently, our inside-dining was available. (But our cases across Canada continue to surge, so this was recently pulled back). I feel for young people so much. My daughters should be out with friends in bars and on the beach, enjoying life, flirting with whomever. Instead, it seems a dull summer is ahead of them - the vaccine for their age group will not be until fall. I am still not wearing makeup, or a bra. With covid, it all seems so much of an effort at times, and I am choosing to float. I do like thinking about the The Windmill Pub and Hotel in Clapham where I stayed in my visit to London, and it makes me smile to think that people are once again able to gather at the patio tables outside this week beside the beautiful and hopefully sunny commons. That is a good thought. xx Nancy


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