Oooh! You Smell Lovely.

"No elegance is possible without perfume". Coco Chanel

Do you agree and do you have a signature scent?

My signature scent has to be Diorella by Christian Dior. Why? My Dad's Accountant's girlfriend used to wear it. She was French, and she just epitomized everything that was gorgeous, glamorous and chic (when I was only 16!). She always smelled wonderful and I vowed I would use this perfume when I could afford too. When you are 16, that was a HUGE milestone.

It was in 1972 when this fragrance came out. Composed from a rather short formula by Edmond Roudnitska, it came as a female counterpart to his extremely successful Eau Sauvage: the masculine cologne that proved to be the most shared scent between the sexes in the 20th century. The heads at Dior soon saw that women who grabbed this magnificent, vivacious specimen from their boyfriends’ bathrooms would want a comparable fragrance to claim their own. And so Diorella was born exactly 6 years later, smelling as fresh as tomorrow.

What's your signature perfume? Do you even have a signature perfume or do you wear what you feel like on the day? Do you wear perfume if you are at home, or only when you go out?

Do tell us all your perfume secrets.

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  1. I have a few scents I wear in different seasons...with my life right now tho I dont often wear big, bold heavy scents...mostly Grace and Heavenly Angels lol

  2. Vanessa,

    I will have to spritz some Diorella on next time I see it. Currently, I have seven fragrances, but only wear three of them consistently:

    Eau des Merveilles by Hermes
    Parisienne by YSL
    Artemisia by Penhaligon's

    I bought Artemisia the first time I went to Paris. Whenever I wear it, I think of my stay. I get many compliments on Parisienne. I think the scent wears nicely on me. And I never tire of Merveilles.

    I don't know if I want to pare down to just one scent. I like when I wear a fragrance I haven't worn in some time, and suddenly I'm transported back to a different time in my life. Does that ever happen anyone else?


  3. I use BVLGARI when I go out and a Joe Malone (Amber and Lavander or Wild Fig Cassis). Sometimes I will add a tiny spray of the Malone to a tiny spray of BVLGARI to make it a bit gentler.
    Adrienne gave me a sample of the Hermes and I must say, when I run out of the BVLGARI that is what I will get!

  4. Great recommendations. I'm busy adding them all to my list of "fragrances to try".
    If you try Diorella, let me know what you think. Perhaps it's more a summer fragrance than winter, but I wear it all year round.
    When I go out in the evening, "sometimes" I might wear something a little heavier, like 'Cinema' by YSL, or Armani Code by Armani (if I'm feeling adventurous!).

  5. How interesting. I love the name of his masculine scent. As far as scents go, as much as I want to only have one, I find that to be impossible because there are too many lovely ones out there. Chanel No. 5 is my go to though, it exudes confidence, assurance, yet just a touch of a mysterious feminine scent.
    Having just discovered Chloe yesterday however, I may have to include that in my daily routine as well. :)
    Love the post. And thank you for including my button and for your visits. I enjoy learning about your life in Spain.

  6. Hi Shannon

    Great to her about your perfume experiences. I must be the only woman on this planet that has never tried Chanel No.5. I really don't know why either. This is definitely going to be my next buy, altho' I had planned to buy Euphoria by Calvin Klein as an alternative. There was a promotion page in a glossy mag, and it smelled gorgeous.Although I must say Calvin Klein fragrances don't seem to have must staying power.

  7. Now I have to go try Diorella. I tend to like scents that are more spicy or citrusy than heavy florals. I wore Opium for a long time and then switched off to a few others for a few years. Then went back to it. I find it's kind of mysterious and spicy. Some really strong floral perfumes give me a headache. I also like classics like Chanel No. 5. I've been feeling like a perfume shopping trip is coming up soon ... in that mood, you know? xo

  8. I am allergic to synthetic fragrance, so most conventional fragrances are off-limits for me.

    I do, however, love selecting the best-smelling natural and organic shower gels, usually ones with citrus notes - and I enjoy some of the natural, essential-oil based fragrances, like the ones by Pacifica.

  9. Hi Vanessa! That sounds like an interesting scent, I'll have to check it out. :)

    I'm allergic to most synthetic soaps and perfumes as Elisa mentioned above, which is why I also use the Pacifica brand. My favorite is Tahitian Gardenia.

    My signature scent for a long time was Allure by Chanel, then several years later I started wearing J'adore by Dior-love them both still to this day. I've never been a fan of heavy scents or really floral fragrances which usually give me a headache.

    I still have a couple of bottles of 'regular' perfume which I way on special occasions. When I'm at home I usually wear none or spritz some of my natural perfume. My hubby has a hard time with fragrances too-his own cologne makes him sneeze. LOL. It smells great but the chemicals really get to him.

    Thanks for always stopping by to say hello. :)


  10. Wow! great comments. Very interesting to see that quite a few of you are allergic to scents.
    I'm finding this post really interesting as it's giving lots of ideas for my "Santa List". I can never think quick enough when someone asks me what I would like.
    @Karla-I love Allure also, but have never tried J'Adore; so will add that to my list.
    @Elisa and Karla-have your tried L'Occitane? I'm not sure natural thy are, but I know they use essential oils etc. I bought a fab one this summer that is so gorgeous and fresh (plus I keep it in the fridge!)
    @Elisa-great to see you here!

  11. Hi Sandy
    Thank you for stopping by sweetie.
    I think you will like it because like you I don't like heavy, spicy scents (it just doesn't work here in the heat). But Diorella has a lovely citrus undertone. What a shame we are not close enough to take our shopping trip together. One day maybe!

  12. My taste in scent seems to change every few years. Currently my favorite scent is Gucci Flora.

  13. I've been using up all my bits and pieces of fragrance and want to focus on one or two. I adore Chanel No. 5 and want that to be one of them.

    I thought the facts you listed about Diorella are fascinating. I used to work in the Dior office where I live and often listen in on the fragrance trainings as they were so interesting. I never knew this about Diorella though. It's such a difference fragrance, it really does have that je ne sais quoi.

    I could swear I left a comment here when you first posted. I've had a few comments disappear recently. What's up with blogger?

  14. Thank you Vanessa for your sweet message on Twitter and best of luck to all your endeavors, which sound very exciting.
    Since you liked my paragraph so much ("Composed by a rather short formula by Edmond fresh as tomorrow") maybe you might put the quote marks and a link? It would be much appreciated.
    Diorella is such an elegant, effortless choice! Enjoy!
    BTW, Van Luxuria is a very cleaver name :-)


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