Black is Back! Did it Ever go Away?

OK, it seems that all I've been seeing with regards fashion is that "black is back". Well anyone that knows me knows it never left (Hubs says there is more colour in a nuns wardrobe than in mine! Not sure which nuns he's been staking out?)

I'm really not good at doing colour (altho' a little more adventurous in the summer), and can't wait for winter to appear so that I can start wearing black again.

It's a colour I feel safe in. I know it suits me. It always looks classy (well nearly always) and most importantly, I "appear" taller and thinner (everything helps when you get to a certain age) :-)

I hate shopping, so I tend to add items onto a list that I would like each season, and try and stick to it.

Here's my winter "wish list":
I LOVE this leather jacket by Amanda Wakeley

I spend a lot of time on the back of Hubs Vespa, hanging on for dear lifeas we zoom around the
streets of Seville .If you've seen the film Night & Day with Tom Cruise, it was filmed here, and I'm
sure Hubs is channeling his Tom Cruise albeit on his Vespa!
So I think these gorgeous biker boots by Jimmy Choo will more than compensate.
Must have a word with Hubs!

I still have not ventured into skinny jeans yet; just haven't mustered
up the confidence. But I love these straight leg jeans by Australian brand
Neuw (model above is Francoise Straight)

As I spend so much time in black, I "try" to add some colour with my accessories. It's not always successful, but these are on my wish-list.

OMG! I so want this Hobo bag by Ralph Lauren. It's called the
Harbridge Hobo. I love all the elegant, equestrian-inspired accents
(altho' have never been on a horse in my life!)
I think this might have to go on my list for Santa, but I know Santa is
going to make me choose between the bag and the boots.
Which would you choose?

I love this cashmere blend leopard print scarf by Alexander McQueen
This would be perfect to break up all my black. I know Hubs will say
"Does it have to be Alexander McQueen?" And my reply will be..........?

With this kind of casual attire, I keep my jewellery to a minimum.
Here's my "go to" day pieces.

So what do you think?
What's on your winter "wish-list"?
Are you a lover of all thinks black? Or is black boring, safe and unimaginative?
C'mon all you fashionistas, would love to hear your views.


  1. I hardly ever buy black now, a few years ago I vowed to rid my wardrobe of it, I like it at night when it can be broken up with bare legs or arms and brought to life with jewellery but during the day it just makes me feel really depressed. It looks better on olive skin tones rather than my pink white one!

  2. This is me to a T!!! I'm an all black girl as well. It's hard not to be living in NYC. And when I do color it's often burgundy and I spice it up with a little animal print :)

    And that's a good line your hubby has. I'll be sure not to tell J because I'll hear that day in and day out :)

  3. I was scrolling down thinking, I have some of these pieces... looks like we have similar taste!

    I just need a decent bag for now... and i'm also after some deep pink palazzo trousers!


  4. The Jimmy Choo boots are on my lust list also! I do have the LV leopard scarf so at least that is one thing ticked off the list!

  5. I love so much the leather jacket, it's to die for ! I have a leopard scarf and basically like all you put here ! Great blog :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  6. Wow .. the boots and scarf would be great accessories to add to the autumn wardrobe!! That ring is gorgeous .. also loving the ladybug cuff links in your boutique!! xo HHL

  7. All black gal here too! Great picks. I usually choose red, blue, green and violet for pops of colour with my outfits.

  8. via e.mail from VintageDreamer:

    "I love that bag and scarf too...they would go well with all my black (couldn't live without it). Those earrings are darling! Good to know you have post back hoops as they can be hard to find. xxBliss"

    At least you know I am out there reading!

    Have a good one.

  9. I'm always drawn to black items. It's a habbit, I just buy everything in black haha.

    Just bought a scarf like that leopard one though (to give my black a pop) at Old Navy and I am eager to wear it :)

  10. I love that leather jacket, its such a great piece for winter! I want a faux fur jacket for Winter :)

  11. Seriously, did you write this post about me??? I so love black! No matter what they say, black is the most elegant, chic and stylish color! I had a period when I was wearing nothing but black. But one day, I looked into my closet and told myself "wow, it´s so dark in here" :) So now, I´m trying to stay away from black while shopping (so hard!) and add more colors to my ensembles. And I´m totally in love with your selection, especially with the Ralph Lauren bag and Jimmy Choo boots. Amazing!!!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

    Have you already entered my scrapbook giveaway?

  12. What a fun post and I'm usually waiting around for summer to wear bright colors but your post has made me appreciate wearing black more. :) Great post and I would have to say one item I've been craving is a nice black leather jacket. Love these black skinny jeans you showed. Very chic.
    Thanks so much for stoppin by and your thoughts on Amanda Knox case.

  13. No matter how hard I try - I go back to black!
    Have a pretty day!

  14. Thank you lovely friends for all your comments. I can see I am not the only lover of black ;-)

  15. Oh I love the bag, the scarf, and the jeans!

    Black never goes out of style..
    My staple color when it comes to fashion ♥

  16. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here giving all the news, we are following you.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  17. I'd choose the boots every time. :-) Boots make me happy every time I look at them or catch a glimpse of my reflection. :-)

  18. black never goes away... it just takes a break... haha!

  19. I have to admit that I am a fan of black. I think it's because I'm such an accessory addict. At least with a wardrobe of great black staples, I have free reign with my accessories and can choose a different statement colour every day!

    I love that ring also! I love seeing the sort of looks you like to throw together ;)

  20. I'm slow in my dashboard these days. I can barely keep up with writing, reading, commenting, and taking care of children.

    Your "coach" should be pleased here. Very subtle, and appealing.

  21. That's a fantastic scarf. I've developed a bit of an obsession with capes in the last couple of years - camel and cream are to be the next colors I think. Just got some jodhpurs and am trying to muster the courage to wear them ;)

  22. Your list is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially that first leather jacket, that jacket is just perfect, they would all be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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