I'm most creative when................

lying in my bath with only the sound of my
breathing for company

or anywhere I can just enjoy the silence alone

If I were a color, I'd be ........................

PURPLE; a little passion mixed with romance

When I was younger......................

I wanted to be a professional dancer;

not necessarily a ballet dancer, but certainly professional.
I trained in Ballroom and Latin until I was 18 years old

But I had parents who didn't think dancing was a profession-simply a hobby.
So I ended up as Criminal Psychologist instead, until I gave it all up
12 years ago :-)

I often wonder how much influence parents should exert on
children as they choose their path.
I would love your thoughts

(this picture always makes me feel so sad)

I would love to spend a Sunday afternoon......................

walking around the Sunday markets of Paris or Provence
followed by lunch at a quaint bistro.

(St. Paul de Vence-France)

I often imagine....................

Hubs and I taking 6 months off to travel across
the USA in a RV

It's certainly on my wish-list

My secret talent....................

I can play the piano. I finished all my eight grades, but
have never played in the last 25 years :-(

I hope I'm put in the soul, Motown, 70's, Country
or soul-jazz category ;-)

What's your fav music genre? Are we likely to be put together?

I would love to know about my lovely followers/friends.

Answer the 5 statements, and lets learn more
randomness about each other, and embrace
what makes us all so wonderfully different.

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(All images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. Mon Ami! Your images sent me off to dreamland....
    1) I too am most creative when I am alone - no distractions. Now if I just remember to write down my thoughts ... at that time.
    2)My favourite color is a bluish purple, much like the flowers spilling, much like the flowers spilling from the terracotta pot.
    3)I did study ballet to pointe ...
    4)OH yes, roaming around Paris markets, or in the south of France or Tuscany in Italy...perfect!!
    5) Yes , we would be in the same prison section... (Loved that statement)

    Wishing you a most lovely Sunday! Hugs, C. (HHL)

    1. I see we have similar "randomness". Have a lovely week Angel xx
      p.s sent you an e.mail

  2. I want to be in a cell with the soul girls, a bit of Luther is mighty fine!

    1. LOL! Then we will definitely be in the same cell Sweets ;-) xx

  3. Great post! No talents here, secret or otherwise alas.
    Downloading; Kid Rock!

    1. LOL! I don't believe you on the talent front Tabitha. For one you are seriously good cook ;-) xx

  4. Most creative? When I realise I have to actually post something to my own blog!
    Colour? All shades of blue.
    I did a Psychology degree and then a Law degree - but my Grandmother tried to "persuade" me to be a Nun for years. I could have been Sister Sulky!!
    Music? We're gonna be sharing a cell...but don't touch my pics of Tabs on my wall!)
    Secret Talent? None, I'm afraid. (Or it's so deeply buried it cannot be found.)
    That little girl looks like a toddler version of Janet from Gardener's Cottage! She's got the hair, the pose etc!!
    Have a great week Vanessa!

    1. SK-you know you have a talent; you are one of the wittiest writers I know. God help us all if you and Tabs share a cell.
      Not sure who the picture is as it came via PInterest. I'll re-check the source.
      A nun!!! You would have certainly infused your convent with some much needed wicked humor.
      Have a great week Sweetheart xx

  5. Such beautiful pictures!
    I think all those things are on my wish list as well!
    I wonder if I´m being too hard on my oldest son (10 yrs old). He in the Music Conservatory in his third yr. of piano and he wants to quit and we keep telling him not to. I guess when he´s done he won´t play anymore like you did......

    1. Hi Tatiana
      That could be the danger. I can't bear to go near a piano or even listen to piano music anymore. But it's difficult for a parent to know the reasons why a child wants to quit. Is it just a feeling on that day, or a genuine feeling?

  6. Beautiful images sweets....and such a lovely post, I definitely learned some new and wonderful things about you - and I'll happily join you in that music category :)

    It's a real parenting challenge to recognise your children's natural talents and to nurture them while at the same time not imposing your own hopes & dreams on them - consciously or subconsciously. It's a balance I think.

    Great post Xx

    1. TYSM Sims Seems like our prison cell will be quite full.
      I can imagine it's difficult when you have children getting the balance just right and I'm not sure our parents generation focused so much on that; it was just a sign of the times I imagine.
      Thank you as always for your lovely comments

  7. Hi sweetheart, thanks for another inspiring post! I feel I'm also most creative when left alone in silence, and I can just picture Sundays being spent in Paris (sighhh). Wow, you're talented at dancing and piano! Thats a great feat hun, if its your passion, you should really engage in both once again. I like the last phrase in pic...I think I'd be dropped off in the folk or transient genre.

    1. Hi darling Sam.
      I wouldn't say I was talented at either (perhaps dance more than piano), but the latter was truly and effort to keep my parents happy and quiet!

  8. I love this post. It was a mini vacation for me! I'd love to travel to Paris or across the country but I'll settle for a soothing bath too! Have a lovely evening!

  9. I just love the photos you find...they are always so beautiful and thoughtful and take me to a warm happy place.

    I swear I could live in that little vintage RV.

    1. TYSM Bliss. I have to attribute my images to the wonderful Pinterest which has made sourcing images so much easier. Thank you for popping by Sweets xx

  10. What a great post.
    I am my most creative (in terms of writing) in the morning with a cup of tea. I rarely do much in the afternoon. I try, but social media eats away at my creativity.

    I am not sure what color I would be, but I love blue, and I love green.
    I like a lot of colors, but if I were a house, I would be yellow.

    The parenting question is tough. I think we have expectations for our children in some ways. I think it may be something I struggle with, and letting go some of those expectations. For example, I'm not very sporty...so for my son, i would love for him to be, but for my daughter, I would love for her to be a cheerleader, dance, etc. He doesn't seem interested in sports, and she does. I, of course, expect them to go to college.

    Love your travel photos, but have no desire to be in RV. Or what would I talk about on my blog?

    I have now developed a greater appreciation of music than when I was younger. I like mo-town, 50s, today's country, but not really the bluegrass/twangy country, Pop, but not loud, noisy pop...more like Katy Perry, Adele. Not a lot of hip hop, but like some Rhianna and Usher that plays on the adult contemporary stations...aka...people in their 40s listen to it here.

    let's chat soon.

    1. TYSM Leigh. OK as you list Motown as a fav, you and I will definitely be in the same cell xx

  11. These images are gorgeous, Vanessa. Love the first one, maybe since I too do some of my best thinking in my relaxing tub...heavenly!!

  12. Count me in for strolling around Paris!! Gorgeous photos. xoxo

  13. Hi Vanessa! Your pictures are always so beautiful! That is so cool you can play piano. I wonder if it's like riding a bike....you never forget how. I love most colors but my two fav. are pink and yellow. I don't have any hidden talents, I modeled when I was young (from 12-15). Then my dad decided it was too time consuming. I loved it though. I also took tap dancing lessons before that. My taste in music does vary....I like everything from 60's on up. No rap! When driving I listen to Kid Rock, Cher, Adele, Lady Gaga. As for parenting...I would want Amanda to follow her dreams, because they are her dreams not mine. As long as they are somewhat realistic. LOL I love reading your blog it's always fun.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Dee xoxo

    1. TYSM Sweets for your lovely comments. Of course you would allow Amanda to follow her dreams, you are such a wonderfully understanding human-being (as I've told you before) xx

  14. I'm most creative when most of my to-do list is done and I'm just laying around staring at the ceiling.

    If I were a color, I'd be navy blue.

    Regarding parents...I wish I had been mature enough to not be steered into a certain university program that did nothing for my education, or for that matter taken any of my mother's vicarious advice to heart. My instincts turned out better than hers.

    I grew up camping across the U.S. - sometimes in tents, mostly in trailers, and in an RV for the last two years while living at home. I'll take hotels, thank you very much!

    As for music, I am all over the map. Maybe I could sing old standards? I need a mix of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Madonna and Beyonce.

    1. Lovely learning all about you. I never camped as a child, so I think this RV yearning comes from that. I also have a wanderlust/gypsy streak, so the RV idea seems to solve both of those yearnings ;-) x

  15. I come up with the most creative projects and entrepreneurial ideas while in the bathroom. Sometimes it's while drying my hair or soaking in the tub, other times while just taking a shower. One thing I've learned about myself is that I need to do something creative every day. Whether it be baking, writing a blog post or designing something. Part of my feels like I'm dying when I don't.

    As far as parents influence, it's a tough call. I think it's important to encourage children to try new things but I don't think it's ever okay to live vicariously through your children. I see parents do this all the time. They enroll their children in a sport or activity that they weren't as successful as they wanted to be. On the flip side I look at someone like Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters whose parents had a lot of say in their career and they are so successful and seem to enjoy their respective sports also. My mother became a nurse as her parents wanted it for her. A couple years later she left nursing and persued other interests. I think it just makes children resent their parents later on. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Hi Karla-your 2 cents are SO right Sweets. My Mum always wanted to play the piano but never had the opportunity. So what do you know...................

  16. Hi Vanessa! Loved yours - here's mine: Most creative: when either in surroundings that are quiet and peaceful and bring me a sense of joy (as in a walk surrounded by trees and water) or in surroundings that are very busy like a city (find it very inspirational) ... in both scenarios, sunshine is important!; If I were a color: Hot Pink; When I was younger: I was a horsewoman, owned a horse and loved to run & go sailing through the air over jumps; I'd love to spend Sunday afternoon: doing anything with the hubs; I often imagine: having an infinity pool (they're so gorgeous) and travelling the world at the drop of a hat; my secret talent: I've created some incredible holiday door decor on my houses in spring, autumn and Christmas that cause people to stop and knock, take pictures or leave me letters of appreciation in the mail (I met the girls I used to be in a bookclub when one of them left me a gift bag on my porch with a book and said she felt like a stalker standing on the corners watching for my doors and that she was starting a bookclub and would love to meet me and wanted to invite me to be a member ~ I joined and was a member for 7 years ... so glad I met that fabulous group of girls!) and I had a write-up in the newspaper ... I haven't started the door thing back up since I moved last summer simply because when I did it before, people started watching for them and it was a LOT of work!! (tee-hee!)

    1. Wow! Of course creativity is YOUR thing Sandy. The door decor sounds incredible. Did you take photo's of them? Can you start it again and post pictures so we all can swoon? Knowing how gorgeous your blog is, I can't even begin to imagine what your doors were like. What a lovely story about the book club too.
      TYSM for your lovely comments Sweets.xx

  17. I love these images SO much, Vanessa! :-) And your questions/answers made me smile. :-)

    I'm most creative after reading a great book
    If I were a color I'd be turquoise
    When I was younger I wanted to be a companion to a delightful and rich old lady and travel the world
    I would love to spend a Sunday afternoon reading in bed with hot tea, fresh scones and cream, and dark chocolate truffles.
    I often imagine that I live in an English country home with an Italian courtyard garden and a French chef preparing all my meals. :-)

  18. these images are so beautiful... i need to relax so badly. so many things are going on at the same time... so many life altering decision but most definitely i have given myself the only option but to be positive... have a nice one!

  19. Such beautiful images...so enjoy the tone and visuals of your blog. Visiting from Southern California.

  20. amazing..adore the Sparkle quote and Ballerina Baby is so so cute! such wonderful weekend inspirations! Happy Weekend, sweets! xo

  21. how strange to read this blog. i came it across it randomly, i dance ballroom and latin (im 16) but my parents told me that in this day and age, a job is more important than a dream, so my aim is to go into psychological criminology and so forth. could you reply with your career path? how you went into things and progressed? would really interest me (: and the ballerina baby picture is adorable!! (:


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