March Means.................

March is definitely one of my favorite months for many reasons; epitomizes the beginning of Spring for me

........of knowing that the feel of sunlight on my skin is not far away

....... the sight of the morning dew instead of frost

........everyone seems to have removed their Winter veils
and are smiling for no reason(unless you are Victoria Beckham ;-)

.........buds are breaking out of their naked branches

........some of my fav flowers are starting to
shove their shiny snouts through the bare earth

.......the realization that my grey roots can no longer be hidden
under customary winter hats!

.......the smell of freshly laundered sheets that were
left to blow in the breeze

........seeing gorgeous pastel colors in the shops and knowing that
the slow banishment of black from my wardrobe must now begin basket of sunglasses taking residence on my hall
stand so that I can grab any pair as I dash out of the door

.........the realization that the feel of sand between my toes is not
far away (maybe 1 more month if you live in Spain)

.......time to start thinking of summer accessories after
months of scarfs and hats tastes to tantalize the taste-buds after months
of having an excuse for eating comfort foods ;-)

........the amazement that the beginning of Spring is always better
than you expect

.........finally, it's the month when I was born. So it's
always a month of reminiscing, new objectives and
appreciation for another wonderful year on this planet

What's your favorite thing about the beginning of Spring/March?

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  1. So many wonderful things to look forward to my friend!!! And do share when you will be celebrating the start of your journey here on earth!! How wonderful to have a birthday the same month that nature begins to come back to life in all its beauty!!! and warmth.. wishing you a wonderful week-end!! Blessings, xo HHL

    1. Hi lovely Celia
      TYSM for your lovely comments.
      Yes, my journey on this planet started on the 17th ;-)

  2. So you're a birthday Girl this month - What date?! I'm glad it's March as well, because to me it finally signals the end of early dark nights!Even I am getting a little tired of shrouding myself in black,so I'm going to try and lighten up! (Caught myself fondling a little pink fluffy cardi the other day!) I've also been buying tons of daffodils because they're my fave flower for their amazing smell and cheery colour.x

    1. The 17th is D-day!
      Me too with regards the black. I've also started to look at really "girly" colors I would never usually contemplate. It's either the start of Spring or I am reverting back to my kindergarten days ;-)

  3. Happy weekend, and happy almost spring. Owe you an e-mail. Things have been so busy lately that I haven't written much. Must catch up soon.


    1. TYSM Leigh. Don't put any unnecessary pressure on yourself. You don't owe me anything; I know how busy you are. Sending you hugs xx

  4. Gorgeous post! I love March's all about new beginnings..Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful! This was the best way to start my morning and this month! I am excited for love being in the air :)
    Spring is a beautiful season!


  6. Like you, i love March for the noticeably greater abundance of sunlight...
    it's Mother Nature's welcome mat to warmer + longer days.
    Even though there are places where winter still lingers...
    March's sunlight seems to gently usher it on its way...
    and in doing so makes a contrasting statement through its brightness + warmth...
    that causes stirring in both soul + garden ;)

    Dickens expressed March's dichotomy well when he penned...
    It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
    ~Charles Dickens

    Thanks again Vanessa for a wonderful post ~xo

  7. Another lovely and inspiring post that welcomes Spring with such warmth! I found it a little sad reading all your wonderful words of the beginning of Spring, because at this time, its the start of Autumn here. Hahaha at the Victoria line!

  8. We are still in the midst of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.. I look for sweet little buds on branches and tulips blooming. Our days our growing longer and I savor those moments when the sun peaks through the Seattle sky-line. I'm starting to add pastels to my wardrobe and maybe if I wear open-toed shoes Mother Nature will get the picture and give us a little spring weather!?


  9. Loved this post, am ready to embrace Spring and like you have my basket of sunglasses out, although I still wear mine everyday (when the suns out)...

    One of the things I always do each year is help the M.I.L with handmaking and wrapping Eggs decoratively for her shop soon... all that chocolate... eeek! Somebody stop me!

    Have a great week V!

  10. March is definitely one of my favorite months ever, since it´s the promise of upcoming Spring, sunny days and warmer weather. It always makes me happy!

    Have a wonderful week sweetie!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  11. Happy March Birthday Month to you Vanessa! It sounds as if Spain is a little ahead of where I am in the warmth flowers-poking-their-heads up stage, but our minds are definitely running along the same wavelength this month, sweetie! I am SO looking forward to spring this year ... and it's almost here!!! Loved your thoughts on spring ~ it's such a magical time of the year! xoSM

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  12. March is spring in Texas, and all the trees are budding; my shrubbery has purple flowers all over it. I am most looking forward to fresh fruit, tulips on the dining table, and those laundered sheets that dry in the breeze. I hung out the wash last weekend, and it was so nice to snuggle down into those lovely, air-dried and pressed pillow cases!

  13. Hi Vanessa! I too am ready for Spring! So looking forward to wearing color....I also feel so cherry when I have on a bight or pastel color. Tired of gray, black and tan. I don't see any buds poking their way through yet, but we are getting there. Happy birthday to you! When is the date? March is a perfect birthday, not to hot or cold....just right. Great post as always.

    Dee xoxo

  14. I love that first photo with all the rays Vanessa. To be honest, I don't look forward to the months of February to April because it gets incredibly windy in southern Italy and the dirt just whirls around in the air and goes absolutely nowhere and only into my eyes and hair. However, I'm sure I would enjoy it if I was living somewhere else with less wind .-))


    p.s. Happy Birthday month!!

  15. Love, love, LOVE these thoughts and photos, Vanessa! :-) In Australia March is heading into Autumn. :-) So I am loving these cooler days, anticipating dark nights cozy with my man, reading books and watching good movies or just visiting on the couch. I'm looking forward to wearing my winter clothes that have sat virtually unused for almost a year. I can't wait to go for frosty treks in the woods and see what Australia looks like in Autumn. I am longing to make stew and hearty meat pies and delectable roasts and be cool enough to want to eat them. :-)


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