Guest post: Six Beauty Must-Haves

This is a guest post by my friend the lovely 
Mary Winkenwerder(@BeautePublicist) and
Mary was a make-up artist to the stars for many
years (she still won't give me a clue to who;-)
and now writes for multiple beauty publications.
She is also currently developing the Ultimate
Beauty Channel for the online TV network

Here are her summer recommendations:

Summer opens a myriad of possibilities for great skin care.  
One of the greatest challenges is keeping up with the constant changing 
needs of our skin while slowing individual aging clocks.  
From experience, choosing summer a collection of beauty 
and care products to get through summer has to be a 
decision that works for you everyday.  From topical solutions to 
socially conscious tools, here are my top seven picks 
tried and true to get you through summer with beaming skin.  

Seamless and ultra light with every application, 
Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation goes on to perfection the first time.  
The flawless green formula provides a great base
 for summer color of all hues. Discover just how pretty you 
can be while wearing this!  Vapour Organic Beauty 
has a winner with this foundation, one of many products 
in the award winning line up!  

Sweet and spicy Vanilla Sugar Spice Scrub exfoliates the body 
while providing incredible nourishing moisture.  
I enjoy using this anytime of the day.  
Based on certified organic olive oil and shea butter, 
the spicy chai of this sugar scrub offers hours of enjoyable 
let's-get-lost-in fragrance.  Ohhlala!  

NATOX is where innovative anti-aging science and 
organic ingredients joyfully come together.  
Each use makes my skin incredibly soft, softens any type 
of under eye discoloration while removing the battery from my aging clock.  
I like that this green beauty solution may be worn alone 
or under cosmetic foundation.  The packaging is a gorgeous glass bottle
(resembling a piece of Lalique) that keeps the formula cool enough 
to send a soothing chill sensation through 
the senses with each application!  

Summer moments are best created and preserved with 
Sweet Patchouli.  
The softer side of this ancient potion offers long hours of 
enjoyable wear and enough excitement to lure that special 
someone to come a little closer!  
Created by Krigler in 1955, Sweet Patchouli 
was destined to be a new classic.  

Cafe du Jour is the new red.  If you're not sure about 
wearing an actual red hue on your lips, this interpretation of 
nature's passion may be for you!  The versatile alter ego of classic red, 
Cafe du Jour offers endless wear options with 
just about every shade of hair color and skin tone.  
The formula has been created with an amazing amount of Vitamin C 
and wears for hours on end passing the 
three cocktail or two cups of tea test..  If I had to sum it up Cafe du Jour, 
this lip color can easily be the one you 
have to have and never be without!  

I try to be as socially conscious as possible in selecting cosmetic products.  
The Essentials brush set was a complete win and every vegans dream.  Natrafil®
offers eight highly useable professional makeup brushes unlike all others. 
 Housed in a gorgeous faux obsidian crocodile zipper case, 
this super set offers ergonomic tapered handles and bristles so soft, 
you'd swear they were natural.  Natrafil® bristles are a 
product of DUPONT.  Regular use produces beautiful 
makeup application while preserving a youthful appearance. 

Try one or try them all, these super six are 
bound to have some sort of positive impact on your life.  
They are all simple to use and can be easily worked 
into the busiest schedule.  The best part about using these 
life enhancing elements is that they may be used daily 
and they travel well!  Finish summer with a beautiful bang!  

So there you have it, Mary's 6 summer recommendations.
If you had to recommend ONE beauty product, share with 
us what it would be.

Mine would be coconut oil ;-)


  1. My friend thanks for introducing Mary to us!Great post!! that body scrub sounds brilliant ... with olive and shea.

    One beauty product that I absolutely use and have for years is Olay total effects - eye transforming cream. Fabulous price point and it works. Wishing you a wonderful week! xo HHL

    1. Hi Celia. Yes, Olay seems to come tops in all the beauty reviews year after years. I've never tried it, but am adding it to my list now.
      Hope your summer is going well Sweets xx

  2. A very cheap French product that is unbeatable for sunburn is "Biafine". You can find it in pharmacies and if it's not available abroad, it's worth stocking up on it when you come to France !

  3. Great selection, I like the sound of the foundation. The thing I now can't be without is Clarins Double Fix mascara - what they call "a raincoat for lashes". It waterproofs any mascara and prevents the dreaded panda eyes. Totally brilliant, and not hard to cleanse away. Love it!

    1. Wow! I've never heard of this SK. Certainly going on my list :-)

  4. My beauty product is La Roche Posay sunscreen for the face or Clinique's sunscreen. I'm very sun-adverse!

    1. Yes, LRP is really cheap here in Spain (or at least cheaper than in the US). You should have asked me to send you some over .

  5. The scrub sounds amazing! Can you get it in the UK?

    1. HI Sharon. I'm not sure, but I will contact them via FB and see if they post to Europe xx

  6. That body scrub looks delicious!

    1. It really does. I looked on the website and they have some fab products x

  7. LOVE your pics and I would agree about the coconut ;) The scrub, the red lipstick, the perfume.. it all sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I'm always on the look-out for new products so I loved this post! The body scrub looks particularly decadent!

    1. Yes, the body scrub seems to be the hot fav at the moment ;-)

  9. Thanks for sharing with us V! I'm with you, Coconut oil - when it's organically pressed has such amazing qualities - I bought some for my mum not long ago too!

    Thanks for your comment - my old acupuncturist used to do that too! Tongue and a good look at my eyes - which can't have been easy as they're so dark! I also suffer from dark circles, too but will say it's might be hereditary too. Thank God for concealer!

    I hope the packing is going well and you're ready for the big move lady!

  10. Wow, I love these tips and the Vanilla Sugar Spice scrub looks amazing!!


    1. The scrub seems to be everyones fav ;-) Thanks for stopping by x

  11. Hi Vanessa, Love this post! I love all of it LOL I can never have enough beauty products. I faithfully use a scrub and moisturize. I've used an apricot scrub for yrs and love it. It's gentle not too harsh and my favorite facial moisturizer is "Anew" from Avon of course. Thanks for sharing this....I always enjoy beauty tips.
    Dee xx

  12. What a lovely and luxurious list of products, I am sad to say that we don't get most of them here. Would love the try the vanilla sugar scrub and that shade of red lipstick. The brush set is something I really need to add to my makeup box.

    1. Me too Sam. I can't get most here in Spain either :-(

  13. Oh you know I ate this right on up, don't you? I love reading what products people love. I consider it research :)

    Hope you're having a great week, love! xoxo

    1. LOL! Of course you would love this post ;-) Hope you are well and refreshed after your time at the beach Dawn xx


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