Keep Calm and...............

The Keep Calm posters have  become one of the
iconic images of the 21st Century.

I bet we all have a couple on our Pinterest boards ;-)

Spend just a quick 3 minutes to see how this image
was started in the UK during the WWII.
It's really quite interesting.

Here are some of my favs:

This last one is dedicated to
all my family + friends in the UK
who are suffering one of the wettest
summers in history :-(

So, did you know the story of these iconic images?
Do you like them or are you sick of seeing them
everywhere + on everything?

Do you have one of your own
that is your fav?
Do share it with us :-)

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p.p.s having lots of problems scheduling posts with Blogger. Is anyone else? Has anyone solved the problem? Would love some advice :-(


  1. Yes, I did, and I am now a bit sick of them- fashion can be a curse.

    1. Yes, they are everywhere ;-)
      I still quite like some of them though x

  2. Vanessa, thank you so much for sharing this. I had no idea of the poster's start or significance. WOW!! It really is all one can do in times of trouble, keep calm and carry on.

    I loved the model train running through the shop! I think the cup cake one is one of my favourites!

    how is your packing going? Sending you hugs and blessings xo C. (HHL)

    1. TYSM Celia. It was a surprise to me too when I first learned of it's history.
      Hope you are well Sweets xx

  3. That is so interesting. Thank you for sharing. I did not know the history behind that. Fascinating piece. Hope your July is going well.

  4. I love that last one too. :-) We're having one of the wettest WINTERS in history. :-)

    1. Krista, it seems Mother Nature is having her own back with this crazy weather everywhere ;-)

  5. I still love them! It just makes me feel like we're all in the same struggle of life!

  6. My favourite, Van....Keep Calm and Stay Classy...I'm going to share that to FB ;-)
    Have a good week.

  7. Hi Vanessa ... funny that you should mention scheduling posts ... I scheduled mine to post at 3 am EST and woke up this morning at 5:30 to find it hadn't posted because I had forgot to hit PUBLISH after scheduling the time. It's so easy to forget that part. So, I just "unscheduled" it and published. But normally when I remember, I don't have a problem, could this be it? I guess we have to keep calm and be patient with blogger? lol

    I do have quite a few on my boards, but there are so many that I'm selective and choose only the ones that speak to me or are too cute to resist! And I did know that the background had something to do with that time period and the war, but didn't really know the details ~ thanks for sharing.

    Weather is so strange, here the UK has had a wet summer and we've had almost a drought .. it's rained very little and we've had the hottest temps we've had in as long as I can remember .. often reaching 100F. Whew! Have a great week, sweets!

    ~ Illustrator SANDY M

    1. Aaaaah! You've solved it Dr Watson. I never press publish after scheduling . TYSM Sandy for solving that me.

  8. I love the Keep Calm posters, though I prefer the original in red with white. I like the posters because of the message they sent during a tumultuous time, and it's a motto I adopted in my life early on before I knew the existence of the posters. I'm not one to fly into passions or react out loud (I'm an introvert, after all). I tend to freak out over a situation after it's been resolved when I realize how class one came to disaster, like my car has slipped off the road due to ice or having near-misses on the highways.

    I'm surprised you haven't made a Keep Calm and Wear Some Jewelry poster! :-)

  9. LOL! You are so funny Rebekah. No I haven't made any posters as there are so many jewelry ones out there ;-) Plus I'm just not artistic enough; might have to have a word with Sandy @oohlafroufrou ;-)

  10. I'm glancing at my walls, because I've seen them everywhere, I couldn't remember if I had one up or not! I do like these but they are everywhere! Friends have bought me cards with Keep calm and carry on shopping/batman.

    I'm giggling away at Sandy's comment because I didn't realise you had to hit publish after you'd scheduled the post! lol! Major Doh!

    I've heard the weather is good this week in London! Suns out!

    Have a brilliant week poptart!

  11. Hi dear, hope you are well! Thanks for sharing this video, I had no idea where the cutesy trend came from and always wondered about it. I loved the last one, because of its literal and figurative meaning! Have a lovely week!

  12. Yes I love these posters! The original is truly iconic - such a simple phrase and yet still so strong in it's meaning. I knew the history behind the original posters, but I didn't know about this bookshop. Thanks for sharing the video - this bookshop could be a school holiday trip out for myself and the children - i'm desperate for ideas to keep them occupied!
    By the way - the rumour is true - it's SUNNY AT LAST in England - Hurrah! My poster today will read;
    Paula xxx

  13. Love all of these, but "and eat cupcakes" is perfect for me!!

  14. I have no idea the story behind these posters, but I want to know!
    The first one is my favorite, and the one about keep calm and sparkle :)


  15. I did know about this... I love those variations... Especially the one about the cupcake... Ha!

  16. thanks for sharing.


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