I wanted to take this week to let all my lovely blog
friends know how much you all mean to me.

We may never have met (yet!), but I feel we have bonded
pre-judgements, assumptions + perceptions.

So this is for every single one of you.

"Dear Amazing Girl

You have done so many things 
that you have forgotten about that make you
spectacular, brave, selfless, kind, intelligent +

You have given so many things back to the world 
that you have forgotten about, 
that have made a difference to so many

I love these as much as I love all of you ;-)

that have changed lives + that no-one could have given
but YOU.

Try to remember right now all you have done,
all of the places you have been too

all the people you have influenced,
taught something to + all
the things you have learned along the way

You are absolutely phenomenal

both in your world +
in my world

Just remember, so many worlds would
not be the same without you

My go-to ring this summer

THANK YOU to each and every one of you
who join me on my blog of random 
ramblings; you've all shown me a new
kind of sisterhood I didn't know existed

Your messages last week re my friend
touched me to my core. How could so many
wonderful messages mean so much even 
though we have never met?

Thank you for each being YOU"

What is it about the "sisterhood" of blogging that
has surprised you?

I would love to hear your thoughts


  1. Happy weekend! Wow, those were some shoes.

    1. Aren't they stunning? Hope your summer continues to be fun in the sun :-)

  2. Aw, this is such a beautiful dedication. I feel similarly about all the lovely blog friends I have made. Its unbelievable that we can form strong bonds with women that we've have never met. Thank you for your constant support and kindness too!

  3. Thanks V, I really hope t meet up with sometime when you're back here.
    Well i think for every pain in the butt anon there are 100 lovely people that drift in and out of my life most days and i rather like that.

    1. Absolutely Tabs! Even just "one" Sweetheart makes up for the pain in the butt anon (touch wood haven't had any yet ;-)

  4. Hey V, I hope your weekend is looking up and your dear friend is ok...

    I'm sooooo appreciative of my blogging buddies or virtual friends, I like Sam can't get over the bond that's been made through blogging, even though I've never met anyone (except the Greek Gals) face to face. What surprises me is that there is a great community of like-minded souls, who are always kind, supportive and inspirational.
    So glad to have met you of course & I really can't wait to meet up sometime September!


  5. Exactly Sandee. It's a bond you can't explain to friends who don't blog; who question how you can possibly make friends with someone you've never met. I've given up trying to convince them of the joys and friendships I have found through blogging.
    p.s My darling friend is making slow progress.....but I'm just so grateful it is progress, however slow.TYSM for checking Sweets xx

  6. How inspiring! This is such a sweet post and the pictures are all so amazing!


  7. Isn´t it amazing how blogland and blogfriends are a total part of our lives now? I never imagined how having a blog would bring so many different friends to my life. So thank YOU too!!

    1. I feel the same as you Tatiana. Just think, even though we are in the same country, I doubt we would have ever met ;-) xx

  8. You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  9. Lovely post V. Its a weird old world but if we have draw some comfort or get some inspiration from friends we have never met, it certainly makes for a better world. I truly believe you can never have enough people who care about you in your life xx

  10. Hi V, glad your friend is making progress - you must be so relieved. I love those shoes too! I'm just so pleased that a lot of fellow bloggers have such a good sense of humour and are so creative and clever. I really do feel that I "know" a few of them, and they make me laugh and think about things in a different way.

    1. You are so right SK. There are so many talented writers out there. Like you, I feel I "know" so many, better sometimes than my "physical" friends ;-) xx

  11. Hi Vanessa, This was a wonderful post! I always feel so blessed that I met you through twitter. Your a wonderful person, you have such a big heart. You blog from your heart. I have met some wonderful people on twitter and have been shocked to see how there are some really sweet caring people out there in this sometimes dog eat dog world. May God bless you in all you do.

    1. Awwwh! TYSM Dee.You've always been such a wonderful supporter of my biz right from the early days, and I love you to bits xx

  12. Love this, Vanessa. :-) I have found the most amazing support and encouragement in this blogging world, secret cheerleaders who have helped me through some very dark times, even moreso than family members who "should" have been there. I'm so grateful for this incredible sisterhood, this lovely world of people who stand up for you, stand by you, and help you along no matter what. :-) XO

    1. You are so right Krista. Sometimes our blogging friends show more compassion than our "physical" friends. I too am so grateful for this lovely sisterhood I have found, which includes you xx

  13. What a wonderful post, Vanessa. I am sharing a sip of that pink cocktail with you in cyberspace, toasting to friendship across the miles and great hope to walk in those gorgeous bejeweled sandals.

  14. Aww this is so sweet and I feel the same way. Thank you for being such a lovely blogger and friend!

    1. Likewise my lovely friend. I hope one day our paths cross ( you were so close when you visited Italy earlier this year ;-)

  15. Vanessa,

    This is wonderful and so touching. I've been blogging for less than a year and cannot believe the positive feelings and friendships that have been created. There IS a feel of sister-hood and is it not amazing how your readers can see through your words.. all the way to what you are feeling?!

    Thank you for your friendship!


    1. Likewise Leslie. So pleased to have found you too xx

  16. oh vanessa Im just so over whelmed by your beautiful post and amazing words. u are a very creative and talented writer. i so agre wit u i have been so touched to by the amazing support i got during my recent mammogram and my breast cancer ordeal i was literally in tears reading them and i really felt all the love and support from so many far of places and this got me through the hard times. it was an unbeleivable feeling to experience and i know it lifted me through it. i am an awful panicker and when i got scared i would read the messages and i would feel calmer. i feel blessed to have met all u amazing and special friends. i hope ur dear friend is doing well. kisses from Dublin xx leonie
    ps those are killer shoes and wow great French manicure to.

  17. Vanessa i am sure it is more than ironic i found my way to your post tonight....yesterday i wrote one of my most revealing posts...just to get it out of my own head...and was amazed by the out pouring of love...connection ....and great advice...What an amazing feeling and unbelievable gift...

    Yes my dear aptly coined it 'a sisterhood of blogging'! It is so very much more than I could have even imagined! Thank you for such a meaningful post my dear!


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