Jubilant June

OK Lovelies. June arrived in the UK and what
FAB weather we are having. As I laze in the sun
all thoughts turn to the beach.

star-fish pendant, summer jewelry

NEW: This gorgeous starfish pendant is the epitome of "beach-glam". 
It is gold-plated with crystals adorning both star-fish, 
and also has a small pearl attached to the chain. 
The chain is a DOUBLE chain (with back fastening) 
and is approximately 55cm in length. 

NEW: These gold plated star-fish earrings are the epitome of Riviera beach-glamour.
The star-fish is adorned with small crystals and is on a 5cm chain, with stud fastening.

sea-shell pendant, summer jewelry

A summer-must-have! 
A gorgeous gold vermeil shell pendant (cast from a real shell) 
which contains a real pearl inside ;
you can choose between a white or grey pearl.
This will set off any summer outfit to perfection.
Chain length 76cm

Reserved for friends

OK glam-bunnies here's the deal. 
I made a limited number of the star-fish designs 
(which are also available in silver). 
They were supposed to remain "limited edition" pieces only. 
I then tweeted about it on Monday evening 
and put some pictures on my Facebook page and guess what? 
They were all sold out by Wednesday (didn't plan for that at all). 
So I am having to take -pre-orders whilst more pieces are made. 
As a "special"bonus if you pre-order your star-fish pieces 
this month I am offering 15% off the retail price (as a thank you). 
This offer will end on 31 June 2013.

Just drop me an e.mail at:

and I will organise your discount. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those that scooped 

up the new designs this week. 
They went so quickly 
I don't even have a set for myself yet 
(and my friends who had their eyes 
on them are now cursing me ;-)

Happy Weekend Lovelies


  1. Me too...Vanessa, gorgeous images.
    Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine ;-)

  2. I love this post! Those pink flip-flops should be mine. And, the jewelry is fabulous for summer. Really really lovely, V. I know you will sell through quickly. Happy June!

  3. Gorgeous pics! The jewellery fits that setting perfectly! Can't wait for my summer holiday!

  4. Wishing you a fabulous week-end! Your post has brighten my day ~ we are rain, rain, and more rain here... everything is green but damp. Your pieces are lovely and will be swimming out the door ... Hugs, and Blessings, C. (HHL)

    1. Thank you Celia. Funnily enough since I left Spain they've had nothing but rain and the UK has been fab. I'm a lucky bunny x

  5. HaHa All of my British readers are excited about the weather. Enjoy it! You create some gorgeous pieces! I can see why they sell out.

    1. Thank you so much Kim. Yes, it's not often we can bask in sun in the UK (that's why I moved to Spain ;-) But since being back I've been very lucky :-)

  6. So happy to here summer has arrived for you! I love those gorgeous starfish earrings, so unusual and pretty. Have a wonderful weekend sweety.

  7. Yes, it's beach weather now. Love your new lines. Great and so stylish.

  8. Since I'm actually looking out the window on the overcast skies, beach is probably the last thing on my mind :) But you've changed that, Vannessa, and now you have me daydreaming about lazy days under the parasol, with a stack of books nearby and a constant stream of fresh drinks on hand :)
    And congratulations on those successful starfish pieces, they are so beautiful!

    Hope you're having a lovely start to the new week!

    Sending you lots of love,

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  9. Ohhh, how I love these wishes and images! :-) It is winter here, so summer seems far, far away, but you've given me a little piece of it today. Thank you! XOXO I do hope to go to the beach this weekend anyways, even if I need to bundle up. :-)

  10. Such beautiful images, if i close my eyes i could be transported to somewhere sunny & gorgeous. Love the starfish necklace-good to hear they're in demand! I hope all is well with you darling!

  11. I can definitely understand why your pieces went so fast... they are beautiful! I always know I can stop by here for a great dose of visual beauty!

  12. I regularly visit your blog as I often get something out of it however this is the first time I have posted any comment (I'm more of a reader than a poster) but I just had to comment on the Starfish Pendant with the double chain - it is absolutely gorgeous!!, eye-catchingly fabulous!!

    Jewellery Online

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