Wonders of This Week

This week has seen the joys of :

*gorgeous, sunny Autumnal days

*long walks in the forest with just
the sound of crunching leaves for

*silence (but knowing you are
not alone)

*the first homemade soup
of the season

*Books and throws
(my perfect combination)

(do check out the lovely
cashmere queen ;-)

*Knowing you are needed

*Finding the perfect gift

*finding that book you've
been searching for and
thought you had given away

*the cake that emerged 
golden and domed and
stayed that way ;-)

* an early morning call that 
wasn't a heart-stopping emergency 
but a close friend from
the other side of the world
(who'd just forgotten the time

*watching TV  when I
knew I should be doing
something more constructive 
with my time, but 
just don't care

*hearing from
someone whose 
e.mail address I'd lost

*feeling suspicious about something
and following my instincts

*the need for jackets but
not for coats

* realising I hadn't thrown
the important phone number
my Husband was looking for

*unconditional love

*the need for sparkles
but not for diamonds

* just having time to exhale slowly

What  wonders have you
found in your week?
However small or big I would
love to hear

p.s a BIG thank you to all those that contacted me re coaching. I was overwhelmed (and terrified) by the response and am working my way through your e.mails. So if you haven't heard from me yet-sit tight ;-)


  1. We can feel the crisp air coming. It's lovely to be outdoors again. I'm loving all of it. Beautiful post, Vanessa.

  2. Hi Vannessa, your wonderful inspiration has made me miss the cooler weather already here! Loved reading your list, especially the feeling of utter relief of finding something you thought you had lost. Being needed is also a wonderful thought. I like that - sparkles but not diamonds!

  3. You write some of the best posts. This is a great post.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. I think we shall def look more for small wonders in life! xo Caroline

  5. A gorgeous post Vanessa...and thank you so much for the mention, I appreciate it...have never thought of myself as a 'cashmere queen' before :)

  6. What a lovely list. Autumn has do much to offer which you have reminded me about here. The crunching sound of the leaves, soft cashmere and home made soup are my favourites too.


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