Back to Black

There is something very comforting
about the on-set of Autumn/Winter.

Yes, I can crawl back to my love
for black.

I absolutely LOVE all things black

About 20 years ago I had my
colors done at House of Color in London.
Thankfully, black was very much in my spectrum.

However, all the autumnal colors that we are currently
enjoying were not. So you will never find
an orange, brown, beige, cream (and
any variations on a theme) in my wardrobe.

But you will find lots of black.
Dior Darling

Jason Wu

Black does seem to epitomize
luxury, sophistication, power;
most luxury brands have some
kind of black logo thing
going on

The term "new black" is now coined
often to describe a color fashion trend.
Anyone know what the "new black"
is this season?

Black Liquorice Macarons

Black Beluga Caviar

I've always had black cars. 
Apparently if you own a 
black car it is "supposed" to say
you are "empowered, not easily
manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates
Or you just want a car you don't
have to wash too often (which
was my case).

Henry Ford said
"People can have the Model T in any
color so long as it is black"

" I've been 40 years discovering
that the queen of all colors was
black" (Renoir)

"There's something about black.
You feel hidden away in it" (G.O`Keeffe)

black jewelry, black cuff, black bangle


"Black is not a color" (Monet)

So what's your take on black?
Is you wardrobe/closet filled to the
brim with black items?

Have you used black in 
your interiors?

Do you think we all wear
too much black (as my friends
in Spain are always saying
about us Brits). If I ask
a Spanish or Italian
person to describe a Brits style,
"black" and "drab" always seem to
end up in the mix :-(

Would love to hear your thoughts

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  1. I do love black whether in my wardrobe (goes with everything) or in the home (makes it feel opulent). Great post xx

  2. Hi Vannessa, I, like you loved the colour black so much, I have even in fact designed my room around the shade. I find that wearing black is flattering to anyone and it always looks really chic, even if the outfit isn't on trend. Black is always classic and for me, will always be a closet staple. This season I see pastel pink and green taking over and becoming the new black. Love that beautiful cuff.

    1. Thank you as always for your lovely comments Sam. I haven't used black a lot in interiors, but think I will try and be a bit more adventurous on that front x

  3. I think it is the only colour that I know will last the test of time. I have noticed that my wardrobe has gotten blacker as I have grown older and it's upped another notch since my pending move to UK was decided upon.

    1. Ooh! I am sure you will wear more black once you hit these shores. But you are right, it will last the test of time x

  4. I LOVE all things black to Vanessa...stunning images the bangle!

  5. I love your selection of black here! The Tiffany store is divine, and those black macarons are going to stay on my mind for the rest of the weekend...xo Caroline

    1. Ha! I would so love to know which Tiffany's store that it Caroline.

  6. Love this Vanessa and the black caviar pic is so dramatic. I know what you mean about this and that Tiffany store is so cool. I've never seen that!!


  7. When I am here in Southern California... there is almost no black in my wardrobe... but when traveling to NYC... it's almost a solid. It's the light here... that has me usually reaching for various forms of whites and creams all year long.

    Your have once again curated a most magnificent collected of images... and have me appreciating this color all the more.

    1. Thank you so much Tamera. Like you, when I am in Spain I rarely wear black because of the heat. But once I am back in London it seems to be part of my daily attire.

  8. Bon jour mon ami ... your are so right black is FABULOUS! though I have found myself embracing beige/tan, and even some shades of orange over the past couple of years... there is something alluring about black - and a LBD by any other colour just simply is not a LBD ... and I have a few in my closet. Sending you hugs across the miles ..C. (HHL)

  9. Vannessa dear-I never feel more chic than when wearing black. It's my go to add a layer of sophistication. Your images are to die for. That Jason Wu peplum and the Mercedes SL-swoon! Your jewelry is truly stunning by the way. That cuff is magnificent. Do you sell wholesale by chance? I'm constantly on the look out for gorgeous pieces for my boutique (though I do work in small curated collections not bulk orders so much).
    Have a lovely week,
    xx, Heather

  10. Thank you Heather for your lovely comments. I will e:mail you re your questions xx

  11. Yummy post Vanessa!! Here in Seattle there is lots of black going on and it dominates my wardrobe. Black invite home is classic:) and I've heard there should be a black piece in every room.)

  12. I love black, especially black leather for this time of year. It is just so luxe.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. I do not have much black in my wardrobe, but I have a few pieces that I LOVE. :-) And one of my favorite pairs of earrings are glittery black ones. :-) I love black and white photos, black picture frames, and black ink for writing. :-)

  14. Dear Vanessa, I think that black is the epitome of elegance. If you don't know what to wear, go all black and add a touch of colour/sparkle (ask Luxuria Jewellery) depending on the occasion. There is no new black, as also this season black-is colours are going to be a huge trend: see black blue, black green and black grey. Plus black notoriously slims your figure. I love black.
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  15. Vanessa. Loved this post. What luxe photos! Makes me love black even more. I have been catching up on all your posts. Your blog is lovely and so fun to read. Very inspiring!
    Thanks so much for visiting mine too. Have a good week!


  16. I love black! It is the classiest most elegant color!

  17. Wow, that Jason Wu piece is stunning! I love black as well, my closet is full of it. I just think it's so classy; you can NEVER go wrong with black!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?


  18. Great selection of black!! Loved black macarons so much!!

  19. I doNOT wear MUCH you can tell from my POST I am a GAL full of COLOR!YOur photos you have picked are ALL STUNNING!Black is stunning...........I just feel the need to be more VIBRANT most of the time!Heather & Jennifer sent me!

  20. How fun to see this stylish post join our lifestyle linkup today, Vannessa. You look gorgeous in black!! Black is my go to for chic, stylish and creating that long, lean look. Black is effortless...but I do reach for a lint brush. Sadly it's way too hot here in the summer for a black car--but they are chic!
    Thanks for joining us my dear!
    xx, Heather

  21. Gorgeous and delicious images. I adore black but you've captured it at it's most stunning! Thanks for sharing this perfect inspiration with us on STYLEfocus!

  22. This is a stunning post!!! Amazing how the black in the photos pops off the page just as a bright color would!!

  23. Hi Vannessa,
    love this post. I've read not to wear black past age of 50 but I do, it's versatile, slimming, easy, and i feel confident in it. Black is a classic, I will never tire of it!
    love your instagram feed girl, it always is food for thought, visual dessert, or makes me laugh. xx Nancy


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