This December I Wish For You………..(part 2):

This month I continue to wish
for you………….sparkles.

That sparkle in your eye when you catch that
camera-less moment you didn't expect.

The courage to be bold and to sparkle
wherever and whenever you wish

NEW: Gorgeous Cara

So how are you about sparkling?
Do you shy away from sequins?
Do you like to go BOLD and make a statement 
with what you wear this holiday season, or do you
prefer to just blend into the atmosphere?

What's your statement piece going to be this 
holiday season?
Will it be sparkly?

As always love hearing your views


  1. Oh I love a bit of sparkle! Shine on honey xx

  2. Oh yes my dear I LOVE a sparkle...a shimmer....a glimmer. This post just filled my soul with sparkly beauty. Your jewelry is just so beautiful. That cara-a stunner. Thanks for sharing. Biz is booming so I'm crazy busy this season but I'm loving it.Cheers love! Yes to London some day. ;)
    xx, Heather

  3. Oh luv, I kept catching my breath as I scrolled through these gorgeous, shimmering images. :-) I do so love shimmer, though I have next to nothing in my wardrobe to reveal that. I have no idea what I'll wear for Christmas, though probably a sundress since it will be far too hot for anything else. :-)

    1. Yes you lucky bunny.You are of course in the sun whilst the rest of us are in the cold and snow ;-) Whatever you decide to wear I am sure you will look gorgeous xx

  4. What a lovely selection of sparkly images but the first one is certainly my favourite - magical! This time of year is a good excuse to add a touch of glitter.

  5. PS-added a link to my post about some lovely links for holiday shopping-including yours! xx

  6. Beautiful SPARKLES, Vanessa...the perfect time of year to Twinkle :)
    Have a Happy Weekend xx

  7. Those ring are truly amazing, in Finland i seen a jewelry shop and i seen a gold ring too and some bracelet and just like this at first seen i am also amaze.

  8. I have been really impressed by going through this awesome blog. what does bubblegum casting do ?


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