What Have You Asked Santa For?

OK Lovelies.
Thought it would be nice to share what is
on our Santa list.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not
"expecting" all of these, but I
like to give Santa a clear idea ;-)

Quick but authentic Italian cooking by the lovely
Gino D'Acampo

I am not a great Nigella fan (even more so after 
reading all about her cocaine escapades).
BUT Hubs has been watching
her cooking series and making a list of 
which recipes he wants me to try (maybe I should
just buy the damn book for him!)

I love Tom Kerridge's food and love going
to his gastro-pub in Buckinghamshire
even more, especially as it is
the only gastro-pub to be awarded 2 Michelin stars

Jimmy Choo bag.
I've promised Santa I will never 
ask for another bag if he brings me this ;-)

My favorite Winter perfume- Zen by Shiseido

A Jimmy Choo passport holder. 

A new camera for taking product photos.
OK, I know it's not the most sophisticated camera
but I've only just about mastered working the microwave,
(don't even ask me how the Sky Box works).
So lets not push my technical 
mental  capacity and
keep it simple-eh?

NARS Velvet Lip Crayon

I just LOVE this gorgeous cushion

Bulgari White Gold Ring

OK, now I know I am "pushing it" a bit, but let me explain.
Santa bought me this white gold Bulgari ring a few years ago.
I LOVED it and it never left my hand…..except it did.
Last year I accidentally left it in a hotel bathroom.
I took it off to wash my hands, then was so
busy moisturizing with the lush cream I walked 
out without the ring. I didn't even realize
until I got home much later that night :-(
Santa's helper was not happy with me, which is why
I say I am "pushing it" asking for another-but you never know ;-)

So would love to hear what's on your Santa list,
whether it be what you really must have, or
just your wishful thinking.
However small, however ridiculous, however
big, do share ;-)


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  1. You are the second friend to recommend Tom Kerridge's book!! It sounds fantastic. :-) On my wish list would have to be: seasons of Rosemary and Thyme, Miss Fisher Mysteries and Dr. Blake Mysteries, I'm ridiculously fond of murder mysteries. :-) I'd like a rock polisher, classes for metal-working, and a trip to Italy. :-)

  2. All reasonable requests I think Krista. I hope you get all your wishes xx

  3. Hi dearest Vannessa, so happy to hear from you. How is your holiday preps going? What an amazing list, I hope you receive them all. So sorry to hear about the ring, a similar experience happened to me some time ago. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so anything to do with cookbooks is the perfect gift. Fab bag and love that sparkly passport holder.

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  5. Dear Vanessa, I officially invite you to my Christmas lunch. I will be cooking lasagna (vegetarian), all sorts of appetizers and panettone with crema al mascarpone. Seriously. What I want for Christmas is tons of self-confidence. Huge hugs dear!
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