Missing In Action + Leopard Lust

OK, so where do I begin?
It seems I have been away from blogging a long time 
(and I have certainly missed my wonderful
blogging friends).

So what happened?

Some good; new website, new blog (still in
progress as not 100% in love with it yet), 
lots of new products, re-connecting
with some old friends, being a support for
others and a "general"
feeling of gratitude and well-being.

Also some stressful things happening
(which I am learning is inevitable when
you are caring for an elderly parent
who is determined to hang onto his 
independence, and can be as 
stubborn as  a mule).

The last few weeks have been challenging,
rewarding, exciting, frustrating, overwhelming,
scary………..you name it, I've been there.
I've run the gamut of emotions, but managed
to come out the other side-lipstick in tact!

 I am STILL here trying my best to march
along, head held high, heels clicking with attitude,
waterproof mascara on tap
and still lusting after "leopard" .

What is it about animal print that makes
me go ga-ga?

leopard print, leopard design, leopard shoes, leopard print heels

Is it just me?

Does that feeling wane as the months get hotter?

Great styling

Is it just an addiction that grips one during the
cold months?

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design bag , Jimmy Choo
I so need this bag in my life right now. I am sure it will solve all my problems ;-)

I'm thinking not as I see more and more wonderful
interiors using animal print.

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design interiors, leopard print runner, leopard rug

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design interiors

And then there are of course our wonderful
new rings out this week.

leopard print, leopard design jewelry, leopard rings, leopard jewellery

These gorgeous pieces are designed by a wonderful
Spanish designer from Madrid (Belén Bajos),
and I can't wait to show you even more of her
gorgeous pieces in the coming months.

But first, shall we just lust after these together?

For my blogging friends only, I am offering a 15%
discount on any of the above rings.
Your discount code is: BLOG15
And the offer expires on 17 March
(St Paddy's Day + my birthday).
If  you any queries just
drop me an email.

I would love to know your thoughts
on my new pieces, on my new website and of course
on animal prints in general.

Happy weekend you little "tigers" ;-)


  1. I'm SO thrilled with all the good and inspiring changes in your life!!! :-) Your blog looks great and your website is wonderfully clean and bright, really showcasing your beautiful jewels. :-) I'm glad you're back. I've truly missed you. :-) XO

  2. Hi Vannessa, so good to hear from you, hope all has been well on your side, I can imagine how hectic things are. The blog design is looking spectacular! So chic and modern. I think you would love all the leopard inspirations on my PFW post, I desperately need a pair of leopard heels. It looks pretty great in decor too. Have an awesome weekend babe!

  3. Hi
    This is the first time I have seen your blog and it is clean simple and stylish which makes it easy to read and the photographs are great
    I love the animal prints and you have combined them in your jewellery designs the rings look great.
    I like the copper in the use of the rings it compliments the print beautifully and gives and option from the plain silver. Lovely jewellery designs I am sure that I will be back to have a look soon

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. The rings are not actually copper but gold ;-) But so pleased you stopped by :-)

  4. The blog looks wonderful, as does this post, I love the juxtaposition of the rings with the decor. It's great to be busy with life away from the bog, so healthy.

  5. My niece would love everything about this post! I too have been absent but I think I will have a post up by tomorrow. Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Lori. I know you have been busy cruising the South Pacific; very jealous ;-) xx

  6. Beautiful blog, and the leopard... is my favourite! Love it!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to visit...May your week be creatively composed.

  8. Vannessa, keep hanging in there! Life at times can be so easy and then so hard. We all go through our periods of time. It won't always be this way. I love that leopard chair and those heels. A little goes a long way. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  9. the furniture is gorgeous. i want it!

    hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. Animal prints make me go ga-ga too. Especially a good leopard print.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  11. Hello darling friend! Your blog looks sensational! I'm going through a change in platforms in my blog to Wordpress.org and it's all a new adventure too so I'm feeling your transitional space. Animal print always makes me feel 'fierce' so thanks for sharing. Your new pieces are gorgeous-so chic-just like you!

  12. I fully agree with you Vanessa, that is the most hideous sweater and collection, sometimes we follow fashion far too blindly, but I definitely say no to this one, its one step too far.

  13. Your blog is beautiful and leopard is a must for me... even my phone cover is leopard. I'm new to your blog. I'm excited to follow

  14. Just popping by to say hello my dear! Kudos for navigating all of life's challenges … lipstick in tack and heels clicking! I sign of a life pro to be sure!


  15. Love the new look sweets!! Meow! I love animal prints. Ooh, you use Shopify?! How do you like it? I'm thinking of moving over there. Happy First Day of Spring!! Mwah! Mwah!!

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