What Do You Recommend?

OK, so Summer seems to be the time when we 
lose ourselves in our books. 

For some it's the only time they
really get to indulge in reading.

For others like me, I constantly have my head in a new
book; my Husband is often saying there's not enough room
for both him and my books (but he knows better than to make me choose;-)

Actually the new cottage  I have just bought in the English 
 countryside has a gorgeous summer house in the garden, 
and that is going to be my reading nook. 
It was either "man-cave" or reading nook.
Guess which one won? ;-)

But here's the thing. I tend to only read non-fiction.

Here's what I am reading at the moment-both 
of which I highly recommend

This book it truly terrifying to read especially as it is written by one
of the most prominent Neurologists who watched both his parents
suffer with Alzhiemers. As degenerative brain diseases are one of
my biggest fears (perhaps more than the big C) this book shook
me to my core. Am I following the recommendations? You bet!!!

Has anyone else read this?
What were your thoughts?

I can sit for hours flicking through cookbooks.
I LOVE cooking and so this is a great way for me to relax.
This is a new book I am loving as I explore Middle Eastern

OK, but here's the thing.  In the Summer I do like to indulge
in some fiction and take my foot of the gas a little with the "heavy
stuff" ;-) But I'm a little stuck at what to read.

So I'm reaching out to my lovely friends here and asking,
"what fiction books would you recommend to me?"

I need a book that grabs you from the first few chapters (I'm sure
I have ADD). If I have to read 300 pages to gather what the book is about
I would have probably given up by page 200!!!

I'm open to any recommendations.
My fav genre's are: Psychological thrillers, stories about travel, 
friendship.................anything BUT chic-lit or sloppy romance.
I don't mind some romance if it's got a good meaty story behind it.

So let me have it.
Tell me your faves



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  1. Oh Vanessa. It looks like we have the same taste in books. I was smiling as I read about your affinity for nonfiction and psychological thrillers. I think I've read all of Johathan Kellerman, although his last ones are not as good. I liked his books because he's a clinical psychologist turned suspense writer who injects lots of psych jargon into his stories. You probably know him,. I'm also right with you on your feelings about sloppy romances. I was someone who couldn't even get through 'Shades of Grey' Ugh, awful on so many levels.
    I'm really intrigued by your current books. Boy, I need to read Grain Brain, my paternal grandmother had Alzheimers and it's always in the back of my head. I wish I had some fiction suggestions for you... I finally read The Goldfinch and in retrospect it seemed like a lot of work as a reader, to get to the ending if that makes sense. Also read the final installment in the Odd Thomas series by Dean Kootntz's and was very bummed. Not good. But I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Wake by Erik Larson, the story of the sinking of the Lusitania. Although that's more non-fiction ....
    Congratulations on your move to your new cottage. I can't wait to hear more, I hope you share some pictures. It sounds like another world from the one here in Huntington Beach. How dreamy.

  2. Awwh! Thank you SO much lovely Leslie for your recommendations. Like you I am a non-fiction girl and like you didn't go anywhere near 50 Shades.........I couldn't think of anything worse ;-)
    I will certainly post pics of my new cottage when everything is legally signed and sealed (so frightened to tempt fate ;-) xx

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