Riviera-Chic? How Do I Get It?

Having lived in the Med for nearly 15 years and holidayed
in the places associated with Riviera-chic, I though I would
write about what I think constitutes Riviera-chic.

I am by no means a "fashionista", this is merely
my view of  a style and an era I absolutely love;
it's also where the idea for my boutique originated i.e
"bringing a little Riviera-chic to a woman's day".

Of course the famous Club 55 that epitomises everything that is Riviera-chic
and where my parents first took me when I was about 5 years old :-)

Apart from the Riviera being another playground for the rich and famous
(please note my family didn't fall into either category ;-)
the Riviera also has an "unwritten uniform" that dates back to the 1930's and 
comprises a mix of nautical and Parisian chic.

Here are some of my must-haves even today!!!

i) The Little White Dress

Main pic: Lily Pullitzer Resort Collection
Top Right: Jackie O
Bottom Right: Natalie Wood deciding which spot she is going to take ;-)

The perfect white dress adornment. All available here

ii) Stripes
Where out love of Breton stripes for the Summer all began!!!
Main Image: Riviera 1930's
Bottom Right: Bridgit Bardot

iii) The Straw Hat
Ladies on the Riviera always have the traditional straw hat

iv) Straw Holdall/Basket

Oh yes!!! Don't we all love carrying one of this in the summer
pretending we are channeling our Bridget Bardot?
It never looks quite as chic when I carry one ;-)

Basket Bottom Right: Aspiga

v) Big Shades

vi) Cigarette Pants/cropped pants
Left Image: Grace Kelly (1950's)

vii) Naughty in Nautical
Left Image: Sophia Loren

One of my favourite images from that era.

So is this your style?
Are you more boho-chic than Riviera-chic?
Which elements of Riviera-chic do you adopt
for your summer look?

As always I love to read your views 


(All black and white images-Getty)


  1. I think I'm more boho than Riviera, but I do love a little white dress in Summer. :-)

    1. I think I am both (depends on the mood really ;-) xx

  2. I absolutely adore this post, Vannessa! I'm feeling transported to the style and glamour of one of my favorite areas of the world. I've only had a couple of tastes of this deliciousness-though you started in your childhood-but it made such a stylistic impression on me. The water, the beach, the sky and the flowing dresses, golden chains, sandals and sunhats...pure style. I love to throw a poolside cocktail party here-a white maxi, golden sandals and lots of shine--I feel the Riviera chic vibe (with a California twist!). You are spot on with this stylish post!
    Happy weekend my dear!
    xx, Heather

    1. Thank you SO much lovely lady. It means a lot coming from someone as stylish and "sparkly" as you xx

  3. Lovely post as always Those cuff bracelets are just so fabulous! Hope you are doing well and keeping cool this summer!

    1. Thank you Rosemary. Well, the UK hasn't been as hot as I would have hoped (some really cold and cloudy days/weeks), but I have friends suffering in the Spanish heat, so I am not going to complain too much xx

  4. Vanessa, all of my favorite summer items here;) LWD's, the striped dress or tee, gold bangles or cuffs.. I love it all. I like you style!

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