Where Are You?

I actually saw this quote many moons ago (long before Steve Jobs died)
and it seemed to sear a place into my brain that never left.
It haunted me for many years when my pay cheque was much
larger than my desire to keep doing what I was doing.

It's the one quote/perspective that made me make big
career changes when everyone else was telling me I was nuts
(and to be honest I also felt like I had lost the plot).

It's now a question I can answer a resounding YES to every day
(even the days when I am pulling my hair out and over dosing 
on chocolate cake to numb the stress!!!)

Where are you?
Have you just started your journey to YES?
Are you already there?
Do you believe there is no such place?

Would love to hear you views as always
Happy week Lovelies



  1. As always your posts are perfect timing whenever I visit!! And yes, I'm starting my journey of doing what I believe I am meant to be doing - Helping Women go from simply surviving to thriving - inspiring them to make self care a priority in their life and to remind them THEY hold the power to creating the life they want. It's been a lot of "should I" "can I" "who am I to do this" "what am I thinking" and figuring out how it all goes together. I finally have Resilientista.com up and running and now its spreading the word and building a readership ... I look at women like yourself as inspiration to not give up and follow my dream.. Thank you for all you inspire!! hugs and blessings, Celia M.

  2. I am on my journey to yes. I don't think we ever arrive, but I do think we get close, and that's a comfy, lovely feeling. This week I've been rebooting, getting back on track, setting aside the busy stuff to focus on the things that make my heart happy. Thank you for this reminder. XO


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