Dreamy Cream

I am a firm believer in keeping
things beautifully simple.

Sometimes luxe textures are all you need :-)

Monique L'Hullier

Ralph Lauren (I so need this jacket in my life!)

How gorgeous will these beauties look;
adding a little colour to your cream?

black jade gemstone statement/cocktail rings

A dome of luxuriant quartz gemstone sitting proudly
aloft the sensuous hues of black jade.

black jade gemstone drop earrings

Black jade drop earrings that ooze chicness, sexiness
and a mysterious allure for the woman wearing them.

Do you go for simplicity or are you
more a fashion renegade-mixing colours
and textures to suit your style?

Do you ever wear cream and would you
be brave enough to buy a  milky, creamy coat?

As always I love hearing your thoughts


  1. Living on a farm as I do, there's NO way I could do a creamy coat. :-) But I do love wonderful textures. :-)

  2. I don't live on a farm Krista but I still don't think I could do a cream coat ;-)
    Hope you are well Sweets xx


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