Same Old Same Old?

Ok Lovelies, it's usually about this time of year we start
thinking about how the next year is going to be different.

Oh God! I am the biggest culprit; new journals
to write in, new lists of resolutions, new mantra's
to chant, a promise to blog more often, a promise to 
eliminate wheat, carbs, sugar, resolutions next year know how it goes.

But stay with me on this. 2015 was completely different.
One man completely changed my thought processes, my 
business and every aspect of my life.

It was the beginning of 2015. 
Ten days into the New YearI lost my beloved Dad.
The grief and anguish that consumed me
was more than I could have ever anticipated.
I was already ready to give up on 2015 and retreat under 
my duvet for the rest of the year, I didn't want to go on.

As for my business? Sparkles was the last thing on my
mind. I could barely drag myself through the day.

Enter Todd Herman.

You most probably have never heard of him.
He coaches Olympic athletes, billionaires, the
Spanish Royal Family..........the list goes on.

Here's what happened.
Whilst in my grief-ridden  "stupor" I saw a video of
Todd's for his 90 day year programme (call
it serendipity).

It was quite a lengthy video, but having a Psychology
background there was something about what he was saying
that really resonated. So I signed up for the 
4 free launch videos.  I was mesmerised 
by what I was hearing. I would get up to
re-watch the videos when I couldn't sleep and just 
make copious notes on what this man was saying; 
how did this man know the exact mistakes
I was making in my business-I had never
met him?  How did he know about
the same things I kept meaning to change, 
but didn't?

This is when I started to get really intrigued.

Then the doors opened for the 90 day course. 
My Husband was watching the videos with me. So
when the doors opened for this programme I said to
my Husband I couldn't possibly do the programme 
I was too steeped in my grief to care about 
my business right now. My Husband then said 
"have you thought that this could be the 
perfect thing to start moving you out of the emotional quicksand?"

What did he know? He still had both his parents. He couldn't possibly
know what I was going through; how much I
hated the world and my business. What was the point anyway?

But he was right in some respects when
he said "you don't know what you don't know".

So after much pondering and backwards and forwards, I
signed up (let me just tell you it was very reluctantly).

 MAAAAANNNNN! this programme
turned my life and my business upside down.
It was the most incredible programme 
I have ever participated
in (and I don't say this lightly).

My Husband was right, you don't know
what you don't know.

Let me tell you, if you have a blog that you monetize,
are a female entrepreneur, or thinking about making
big changes in your life, then I PROMISE you with 
all my heart, you need to consider this programme.

It's a programme you can keep doing every 90 days
as you watch REAL changes taking place in your life.
It really is a rinse and repeat strategy.
But what was worth it's weight in gold was the 
networking you get to do in the private Facebook group;
other entrepreneurs, millionaires and even billionaires, and
the group coaching calls with Todd. 
What I learnt from my peers in the programme was
more than I can put into words.

As an aside, 2015 saw me lose my Dad,
sort out all of his estate, deal with probate,
deal with a greedy sibling, sell 2 properties,
buy 2 properties, liaise with 3 different
lawyers at any one time, move to the other side 
of the country AND my business revenue
DOUBLED in 90 days which also
included a feature in ELLE magazine!!!!!

Do yourself a favour and just watch Todd's first video,
then if your interest is piqued sign up to watch the other three 
(they are all FREE) and see if you can see why I am 
raving about this man and his programme.
Even if you decide this is not the right time for you,
there is still SO much content in his videos that you 
can take away with you.

As I said before I have NEVER endorsed any programme 
before, but I don't want you to keep making the same mistakes
I was making year in and year out.

Make 2016 REALLY different and don't just give
the New Year lip service.

Here's the link:

Don't delay as the doors close on 17 December.
So if you do nothing else this weekend, just watch
the launch videos and decide for yourself if you are 
prepared to let yet another year pass by achieving only
a fraction of what you had planned too.

My Dad's sudden death made me realise we don't
really have as much time as we think.
So make 2016 count.
Don't invest in empty promises and

If you want to have a more detailed chat about
the programme, feel free to email, tweet me.........
whatever you wish. But don't let 2016 pass you by like
so many other years have.

If you only buy yourself one thing in 2016, let it be this.

Here's the link again:



  1. Hi Vannessa! Firstly, I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've popped by. Motherhood in many ways totally consumes you and then add the rest of life's responsibilities. I seriously admire the women who seem to be doing it all. I remember you sharing about your dad when he was ill and I am so sorry for your loss, my condolences to you. I know that would have been a very busy and difficult time. I'm so glad your husband encouraged you to watch the program and that it has helped you so much. Congrats on the feature in Elle magazine!! I'll be sure to watch the intro videos. While 2015 was pretty good in terms of accomplishing a few things, I really do hope 2016 will be that much greater. 2015 was a hard year in many ways and there is a lot of decisions behind the scenes. I'm hoping to make the right choices and get completely comfortable with all that I'll be doing and see some serious progress. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday and a fabulous start to the New Year! Thank you for sharing this!! XO ~Karla

  2. Hi Karla. Lovely to see you here. Please check out the videos and if you want any further help just shout xx

  3. I'm so, so glad this man and his insights entered your life at such an auspicious time. XO What a comfort to have hope and direction just when you needed both so much. Wishing you a beautiful and prosperous New Year. :-)

  4. Vannessa what an inspiring post. First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your precious father. I know it happened over a year ago but knowing that you went through the anniversary of his death recently makes me realize that grief is such an aching, personal journey. Every time I read your experience of his loss I'm deeply touched. I can't even imagine what that was like for you and reading over all the list of obligations you had to deal with makes me marvel at your inner strength. Congratulations on your feature in Elle magazine! I'm so excited for you and the future of your business---and so intrigued by the videos you watched. I will definitely Google his work and find out more. Happy 2016 dear friend. I KNOW that wonderful things are ahead of you this year.

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