Shivering But Shimmering

She was shivering but shimmering at the
BAFTA's in London last night and
she looked gorgeous in a bespoke
Alexander McQueen dress.

I am not a "floral" girl. But I just loved this dress.

In the original collection the dress had spaghetti
straps and a corset top. But Kate's version had been customised
with a flattering Bardot-cut top (which I prefer).

I loved her earrings but Kensington Palace would not confirm whether she was wearing
her own jewellery or whether they had been loaned to her. Either way they were fab!!!

What did you think?
Did you like the dress?
There have been many comments that putting her
hair up ages her. What do you think?

As always I love hearing from you.


All images Daily Mail UK


  1. She's amazing. So physically tiny too, she looks great in everything. I do think that a more youthful version of that hairstyle would suit her better. Something like the elegant ponytail that I've seen Kate Beckinsale wear.

    1. I so agree with you Leslie. The "up-do" does age her quite a bit. But then I suppose it's quite a regal look also xx

  2. I think she could wear just about anything and look fabulous ~ we love anything Royal here in Canada and she is stunning. xo

  3. Thanks for popping by Lori. Hope you are well lovely lady xx


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